The Girlfriend Experience (TG AP)

Mitch was frustrated. All of his friends were hanging out with their girlfriends this weekend, while he was stuck at home babysitting his little brother, Ben. Truth be told, Mitch wasn’t very good at the dating game. He had yet to even kiss a girl and was always too nervous to ask anyone out. 

“Hey, bro, did you want to watch a movie with me? The new Jurassic Park is streaming now!”

“Nah, I’m good, Ben. There’s popcorn in the pantry if you want. I’m gonna lay down for a bit.”

The young kid shrugged his shoulders and turned on the TV while his older brother sulked in his bedroom. Mitch laid there daydreaming about having a girlfriend, silently wishing he had someone to cuddle. Little did he know that something unexplainable was about to grant his wish.

Ben was about 15 minutes into the movie when he began to feel a strange tingling spreading across his body. He looked down at his arms and stood up in a panic, knocking over his bowl of popcorn as he noticed soft patches of olive colored skin spreading up his limbs. He looked down in shock as his viewpoint rose, his legs growing and pushing him up to just under his brother’s height. He grimaced as his growing frame cracked and popped, his joints sliding around as his skeleton took on an aggressively feminine shape. His collarbone protruded as his hips widened with another sickening sound, tearing his shorts open. His broadening shoulders ripped his shirt clean off, leaving him nearly naked as he continued to age into the wrong gender. 

“Uh, Mitch, something’s wron- AHHCK” He grunted as his spine cracked inwards, leaving him with a feminine curve while his ass jutted out. He began to run towards his brother’s bedroom in a panic as he felt his lower half beginning to fill out. His ass jiggled more with each step, and his thighs were beginning to squeeze his prepubescent boyhood more with every passing second. He wanted to cover up his exposed body, his darkened skin glowing more as he aged into his prime, but he could only focus on alerting his older brother. “Mitch *cough* please…” he squealed as his voice cracked, becoming sultry and feminine as his diaphragm finished changing. He banged on his brother’s door, trembling as he felt more sensations building in his chest. He barely noticed his elongating hair tickling his back.

“What’s all the noise abou- BEN?!” Mitch screamed as he opened the door to his little brother’s transforming body. He looked in horror at the rapidly feminizing boy as Ben looked up at him desperately. 

“Bro, please help. I don’t know what’s happening to meeEEEoOOoOH!” Ben began to moan in a mix of confusion and pleasure as his chest began to inflate. His older brother watched, paralyzed by the sight of his little brother sprouting a gorgeous pair of tits. He’d never seen a pair in person before, causing even more confused feelings to surge through his mind. 

Ben’s moans grew more alluring as his new breasts continued to grow. His mind wasn’t mature enough yet to realize that the noises he was making were turning his older brother on. He didn’t want to be a girl and was always grossed out by them in school, but he couldn’t deny how pleasurable his growing breasts felt. As alien pleasures emanated from his hardening nipples, he felt a desire to be groped and teased growing in his mind. He reached forward and grabbed his brother in a panic.

“Mitch, I don’t wanna be a girl! How do we stop this?!” Ben said, not realizing how entranced his brother was with his curvy new assets. Mitch just stared in shock as Ben’s boobs continued to grow and sway right in front of his face. 

“Bro, please! Do something! I can feel myself changing…more…” Ben trailed off as he felt a warmth growing in his abdomen. His knees suddenly buckled as another wave of changes hit him all at once. He flexed his new core as his innards slid  around, making room for what his boyhood would become. He closed his eyes in panic as he felt his member get pulled up into his abdomen, leaving behind a tight, moist pussy. He moved his hands down to his groin as his sparks of orgasmic pleasure jumped between the new gap in his legs. He swayed his hips uncomfortable as he felt his old junk settling into its new place as a female reproductive system. His new ovaries began pumping estrogen through his bloodstream as his body approached the final stages of its transformation. 

He looked at his brother and noticed the throbbing bulge in his pants, only growing more intense as his moans grew louder and breaths grew deeper. Mitch didn’t want to admit it, but he was hornier than ever watching his brother transform into a feminine goddess. Ben didn’t want to admit it either, but as his new hormones entered his mind, he could feel new desires growing rapidly. Mitch watched as his little brother’s face finally began to change, growing soft, petite, and seductive. Ben’s eyes widened as his lips grew petite, his teeth moving around his mouth until he had a perfect smile. His tongue grew more mobile from years of use, and he instinctively curled it as if he wanted to wrap it around something. The sight of the gorgeous girl swirling her tongue around was driving Mitch crazy, nearly making him forget that the specimen in front of him was his little bro. 

Ben tried to resist the growing urges coursing through his body, but his childish mind was no match for the feelings his sensual new form was forcing through his brain. He…liked how it felt. He liked having boobs. He liked…how his older brother was looking at him. With a sudden surge of memories, Ben embraced his new life. He felt every orgasm this body had ever felt all at once, rushing through puberty and becoming endowed with knowledge of pleasing a boy with every aspect of his…her body. The name BEN began to fade away…BEN…BE…BECCA. She screamed in ecstasy as her new life took root in reality, her eyes turning a deep golden brown color. 

She looked at Mitch and smiled, the last thoughts of him as her brother fading away as new memories of him as her boyfriend set in. Mitch looked at the new girl in front of him as she cupped her breasts teasingly, wondering if his little brother was in there anywhere. It didn’t seem like it, and he suddenly didn’t want to call her “Ben” anymore. She was Becca, his girlfriend of just over a year, and he couldn’t believe he’d been lucky enough to be dating a goddess like her. His concern over his little brother rapidly began to dissipate as he saw Becca smiling at him, spreading her legs seductively. He didn’t care what his wish cost anymore, and he was about to show his brother…girlfriend a great time in bed. 

“Oh babe, I’m so glad your parents aren’t home. Let’s have some fun this weekend…” Becca purred as she watched her boyfriend strip down. She was glad nobody else was home to hear her screams. As the couple cooled down from their exercise, they got cleaned up and dressed. Mitch and Becca walked out of the bedroom, ready to lounge around the living room, when Becca twirled around and looked up at her boyfriend to ask him a question.

“Hey, wanna watch a movie? I think that new Jurassic Park movie is streaming now.”

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  1. Your stories are great. Have you ever thought about doing more than one transformation in a story?

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