Awakening Anew (TG AP)

I still don’t know how this happened. I was having a sleepover with my friend, Peter, and we had gone to bed relatively early. I didn’t eat or drink anything weird, and I wasn’t sick, but when I woke up in the morning I thought I was hallucinating. I woke up to the sight of Peter’s dad buttoning his shirt and tightening a tie as he prepared for work. He noticed me waking up and came over to kiss me on the forehead.

“Morning, honey. I hope I didn’t wake you. I’m heading to the office early. The boys are still asleep in Peter’s room and they’ll probably want breakfast when they wake up. Okay, I’m off. Love you.”

I was so confused and scared at this point I simply looked up at him and nodded. He stood up and left after running his hand through my hair. That’s when I became aware of my body. I felt everything at once, soft breasts hanging off my chest, my elongated limbs, my soft new hands. I began to hyperventilate as I ran a hand through my long, red hair. My ass jiggled with each shift of my weight, and most horrifying of all, I couldn’t feel my junk anymore. I ran a hand down my slim abdomen and into my new pajama pants, feeling my new undergarments and the warm lips they were concealing. 

“Oh god…” I said, my heart dropping as I heard my new voice. It was Peter’s mother’s voice coming out of my mouth. My eyes widened in terror as the realization set in. I didn’t know what was happening, or what Freaky Friday nonsense had occurred overnight, but I knew that I didn’t want to be my best friend’s mother. I hopped out of bed, stumbling at my new height and proportions. I waked over to the mirror, sauntering as my hips swayed dramatically. What I saw confirmed what I already knew. I had my best friend’s mother’s body. I was Stacy Monroe. 

I heard the boys beginning to wake up down the hall and wondered if the real Stacy was in my body now, and if she knew what was going on. I suddenly had the urge to make breakfast for everyone and ran downstairs, preparing eggs and pancakes as if I’d been doing this for years. Sure enough, Peter and the old me ran down once the smell reached their room. 

“G…good morning. Peter, Jake, how did you sleep?” I nervously asked as they sat down, still not used to my voice. 

“Good morning, Mrs. Monroe!” I heard my old self say as if nothing was wrong. 

“Morning, mom!” Peter said with a smile. Hearing Peter call me mom triggered something in my mind. It felt good…comforting to hear him call me that. Oh god, that meant my mind was changing too. I watched the boys scarf their breakfast down, my mind racing in a panic as I thought about what was happening. Peter finished first and ran back upstairs to get dressed, but Jake stayed behind and stared at me, finally acknowledging that something was wrong. 

“Hey Jake, sorry about the rude awakening. I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.” My old body said. 

“What IS happening, Mrs. Monroe?” I asked desperately.

“Well, last night, I made a wish to be your age again after hearing how much fun you two kids were having. Something must’ve granted it, but not in a way that either of us were expecting, I think.”

“Can you wish again? I don’t want to be you, and I definitely don’t want to be a girl.”

“I don’t know. I was just as confused as you when I woke up. I’ll try wishing again tonight, okay? I just want one day to be you, to play with my Peter like his friend instead of his mother.”

“Please, Mrs. Monroe. I don’t like being a girl, especially a mom. I don’t know how to do mom things!”

“I mean, you made a pretty good breakfast. Just give it a day, we’ll try to fix this after school. I hope you know how to drive.” He said with a smirk. 

I quickly got dressed, afraid to look at myself without any clothes on. I tried to ignore the weird sensations coming from my new assets, but it was getting harder by the minute. I corralled the boys into the car and nervously turned it on. To my surprise, and my worry, I knew how to drive just fine. I dropped the boys off and drove back home, hoping to just sleep until tonight and hope that this was all just a bad dream. I got home and felt another wifely urge growing in my mind. Mr. Monroe would be home for lunch soon, and I had to prepare something for us to eat. I grabbed an apron from the pantry and searched my mind for what I could cook now. Garlic herb chicken felt like a good idea. I began cooking again like I’d been doing it for years, the smells filling the kitchen almost making me nostalgic. 

Suddenly, I heard the front door open. It was my hus…Mr. Monroe. He kicked off his shoes and walked over to me, embracing me and taking a big whiff of the cooking food. I reactively wanted to break out of his hug, but as I smelled his cologne and felt his muscles tightening around me, I instead felt relaxed. I even let out a soft coo as he kissed me on the cheek, much to my disgust. I turned off the oven and looked at him, resisting the urge to tell him what was happening. I could feel him looking over my body as I reluctantly blushed. Why was I feeling like this? Why was Peter’s dad giving me stomach butterflies? It was at that point that I noticed the wedding band on my finger, harshly reminding me who’s body I had now. 

“Hey, honey, I’ve got an extra long lunch break today. Do you think we have time for some fun?” The man said in his gruff, handsome voice. He loosened his tie as a tent began to pitch itself in his pants. I watched his crotch, horrified by how mesmerized I was by his growing member. I felt an alien dampness growing in my crotch, the desire to be filled growing by the second. My breathing hastened as he grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bedroom. I wanted to run and hide, but my body only grew hotter and more excited as he closed the door behind us. He looked at me and I suddenly knew what to do. I nervously removed my top, revealing my jiggling breasts. 

He slowly walked towards me, removing his shirt as well. He unbuckled his pants and slid them down, kicking them away as he looked down at my swaying hips. I knew what he wanted. I tried to fight it, to remind myself who I really was, but the heat and desire from my body was bleeding into my mind. I didn’t want to admit it, but I wanted this more than anything I’d ever desired in my old body. I bent down as I slid my jeans down my smooth legs, giving Mr. Monroe a perfect view of my cleavage. 

The man walked behind me and grabbed my ass, sending more alien pleasures coursing through my body as memories and desires to be spanked flooded my mind. He teased my clit with a finger, running it up and down my ass crack as I began to sweat. He ran a hand up my spine and grabbed my bra strap, unclipping it with ease. I moaned as my breasts came spilling out, my nipples hardening against the cool air.

He threw me on the bed and climbed up, his throbbing cock teasing the pubes just above my dripping pussy. I wanted to scream at what was about to happen. I was just a kid, right? I didn’t want this. I just wanted to hang out with my friend, Peter. I didn’t want to be his mom. I didn’t want to be Mr. Monroe’s wife. I didn’t love…this…man…?

With a grunt, he plunged into me. The sensations of his cock filling me, rubbing against my new organs, and stimulating my sensitive new clit were overwhelming to put it mildly. It’s like he was fucking my worries out of me. I could feel my grimace turning into a smile as the orgasmic sensations filled my mind. My breasts bounced with each thrust, bringing me ever closer to an explosion of ecstasy. 

I knew now that there was no going back. Once I came, I wouldn’t be me anymore. I would be Mrs. Monroe, and as much as I denied it at the time, it was what I wanted. I felt too good to ever go back, and it was more than just the sex. The memories flooding my mind were beautiful. My first boyfriend, my first period, my first kiss, my first fuck. I remembered meeting Mr. Monr…David, my husband, in college and our wedding 5 years later. I remembered our honeymoon nights, and learning that I was pregnant. I remembered giving birth to Peter…my son…and breastfeeding through the night. I gasped in ecstasy as the fractures of my two minds were filled in with my new life. I embraced my new personality and maternal instincts, grabbing my husband and rolling him onto his back. Finally, I was taking control as Stacy Monroe. 

I mounted him and bounced up and down, throwing my head back in ecstasy as we approached climax. I knew the noises my husband made when he was about to cum. I relished his twitching cock inside me, smiling in satisfaction as I felt his warm cum dripping out of my pussy. He pulled my hair and grunted as he spurt, just like I liked it. With a scream of pleasure, I came right after him and quivered as I sat on his cock. 

“Holy shit, babe. That was amazing. I’ve never seen you like that in bed!”

“Haaaa…” I moaned, still catching my breath from my first orgasm. “Let’s just say I had an awakening this morning.”

I arched my back and looked at my husband seductively, inviting him back to bed for round two. I briefly thought about my old life and smiled as I wiggled my ass, happily letting it fade into the back of my mind. I hoped the new Jake was happy, because there was no way I was ever switching back.