Backseat (TG AP)

Mike and Jeff had just been picked up from school by Jeff’s father. The car had just pulled into the driveway, but the two boys were in the midst of a multiplayer game on their switches. Jeff’s dad hopped out of the car to make some calls inside and told the boys to come in whenever they were finished. The boys laughed and high fived as they finished their game of Mario Kart, putting their consoles into their bags and unbuckling their seatbelts. 

“Man, I want to go see a movie, but my dad is too busy to drive us and my mom is away on a business trip,” Jeff said with a sigh. 

“Yeah, dude. I just wish I was old enough to drive,” Mike said as he slung his bag over his shoulder. As the two were getting out of the back seat, something gleaming on the car floor caught Mike’s eye. He knelt down to pick it up and realized it was a diamond earring. He grabbed it and was going to bring it inside, figuring it belonged to Jeff’s mom, but as soon as he touched it he felt it beginning to vibrate. Before he could drop it, the jewelry flew out of his hand and pierced his ear with a sting.

“Ow! What the…” he squealed as his friend turned around to look. 

“Haha, dude, are you wearing my mom’s earring?”

“It just flew out of my hands! Bro…I feel kinda weird…” Mike said as he sat back down in the backseat. 

“Sure it did, dude. C’mon, let’s go…whoa, when did your hair get so long?”

“My…hair…?” Mike said with a tremble, slowly running his hands through his growing follicles. Both boys grew silent in confusion as Mike continued to change. He felt the earring begin to heat up in his ear as a tension began to spread through his body. He suddenly hunched over with a groan as his body began to expand, growing wider and taller by the second. Jeff watched in shock as his friend rapidly outgrew his boyish clothes, his body stretching and tearing his garments at the seams and revealing soft, feminine skin beneath. 

“Ouuhhhh…what’s happening to me?” Mike whimpered as his throat began to tingle. “Jeff…help…” he almost moaned as his voice grew mature and alluring. Jeff recoiled at his friend’s changing voice, horrified by how familiar it was beginning to sound. Mike’s eyes widened as he heard his new voice, too. The boys stared at each other as they realized whose voice was coming out of Mike’s mouth now. It was Jeff’s mother’s. 

“Uh, hang on man, I’ll get my dad!” Jeff said in a panic as he watched his friend spasm. Mike winced as his maturing body popped and cracked, gaining feminine curves as his limbs filled out with new muscle and fat. His moans echoed through the empty car as his spine cracked inwards, leaving him with a pair of dimples just above his thickening ass. He fell back onto the car seat as his inflating behind pushed him upwards, his spine arching as his growing muscles twitched and integrated with his maturing nervous system. Jeff wanted to run and get his dad, but he was entranced by Mike’s disturbingly alluring transformation into his mother. Jeff watched in confusion as his friend rapidly became a curvy, naked woman before his very eyes, his burgeoning hormones overpowering the horror of his friend transforming into the woman who gave birth to him. 

“Jeff, please, I can’t fight it- OOOOHHHH” Mike suddenly screamed as his boyhood began to slip between his legs. Pleasure like he’d never felt before began to flood his body as his genitals inverted, sliding around in his abdomen until they settled as a female reproductive system. Estrogen pumped through his bloodstream as his body underwent puberty in a matter of seconds, increasing his sensitivity everywhere and leaving him with a tuft of pubic hair just above the new opening between his legs. Jeff watched in horror as Mike ran a manicured hand across his new pussy lips, exploring his new sex and panting as he went. Jeff never wanted to hear his mother like this, let alone his best friend. His confused arousal only increased as Mike’s hands moved up to his chest, massaging his nipples as they grew wider. Mike’s feminine moans grew louder as his nipples hardened, massaging his chest as fat welled up behind them. It didn’t take long for two massive breasts to burst out of the tattered remains of Mike’s shirt. He quivered in pleasure as he felt the weight of his new chest jiggling up and down with each breath. Orgasmic feelings flooded the young boy’s mind as he ran his hands up and down his mature new body, barely paying attention to his friend who was watching in silent horror. 

“Mike? Are you…okay?” Jeff asked, afraid of what the answer would be. 

“Oh, god, Jeff…I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself.” He said, his motherly new voice still disturbing to both boys. Mike still had his boyish face, which was enough to snap Jeff out of his trance and get him to alert his father. The boy ran inside, hoping to do something before Mike changed even more. Mike, however, looked down at his alien new body in disgust. He was still grossed out by girls, or at least he thought he was, but everything he’d just felt was the most amazing sensation he’d ever experienced. He looked at his quivering new sex, unsure of how it even worked, but felt a growing desire for it to be filled. His tattered clothes began to restitch themselves into a motherly outfit. Mom jeans and a modest white shirt covered up the red underwear that his boxers had morphed into. 

He suddenly felt another tingling spreading across his face and looked into the rear view mirror just in time to see his visage crack and shift into that of his best friend’s mother’s. His nose grew petite as his lips grew soft. His skull cracked as it aged into a woman’s in her early 40s. He brushed his flowing new hair out of the way as his eyes widened, taking on a soft brown color just like Jeff’s. Makeup caked itself onto his face as a matching diamond earring pierced his other ear. He felt the earrings vibrating together as the reverberations entered his mind. 

“Oh no…no no no…” he whimpered, grabbing his head in a futile attempt to keep new memories out. He wanted to cry as he felt himself changing, his interests in movies and video games fading away into more adult hobbies. He tried to remember his favorite superhero movies, but could only think of his favorite rom-coms from the 1980s. His music taste shifted into glam rock and boy bands as new synapses connected in his brain. The estrogen coursing through his veins finally crossed the blood-brain barrier, triggering maternal instincts as memories of childbearing bubbled up to the forefront of his mind. He felt his crotch moistening as memories of sex and lovemaking overshadowed his will to hang on to his old life. He remembered meeting Jeff’s father on a business trip, getting drunk at the hotel and expecting to have a one night stand with the handsome man, but ending up falling in love instead. The thought of Jeff’s father was becoming more comforting to Mike by the second, despite his disgust with the intimate thoughts piercing his mind. His love for the man grew stronger by the second, and despite his best efforts to fight it, he’s all Mike wanted to see right now. He wanted the strong man to save him and comfort him. He tried to think of his friendship with Jeff as a last ditch attempt to retain his old self, but as the estrogen ran its course, he began to see Jeff as his son instead of his friend. He remembered giving birth, breastfeeding, laughing at Jeff as a baby, and feeling an immense sense of accomplishment at Jeff’s first word: “Mama”

The satisfaction of motherhood finally overtook Mike’s mind, breaking his resistance and triggering his embrace of his new life. Mike smiled as his tears finally stopped, embracing his new motherly responsibilities. She was Michelle now, Jeff’s mother, and wife to a loving husband. She sat up in the back of the car as her head began to clear, her old life as Mike fading away like a half-remembered dream. She smiled as she saw her son and husband coming out of the house. Jeff had a worried look on his face for some reason, but her husband looked as handsome as ever. She winked at her lover and bit her lip, letting him know exactly what she wanted. Her man responded with a sly smirk, telling his son to wait inside, much to Jeff’s horror. Jeff looked at his former friend in confusion and denial, but did as he was told and went back in the house. Michelle would have to talk with her son later, but right now she was only focused on satisfying her new cravings. She began to slide her clothes off, presenting her alluring MILF body to her lucky husband as he walked over with a growing erection. 

“Oh, honey, let’s do it in the car like we’re in high school again.” She said seductively, giving her husband the most intense bedroom eyes she could. He was more than happy to oblige.