New Ride (TG TF AP)

Jack and Daniel loved spending their playdates out in the woods behind the neighborhood, though their parents warned them not to wander too far or they might end up on someone else’s property. They knew an old farmer lived somewhere near them, but they’d never seen him in person. One day, the friends decided to push the limits and see how far they could make it into the woods. It didn’t take long for them to find a clearing in the trees with a bunch of “PRIVATE PROPERTY” signs posted nearby. The friends grinned at each other and pushed onwards, ignoring all the warnings they came across. Eventually they found an abandoned looking building full of empty horse stalls. The boys pulled out their phone lights and began exploring.

“Weird, it doesn’t look like anyone has been here in years.” Jack said as he looked around.

“Yeah, but it still smells like horse poop,” Daniel said with a grimace. “Was it windy before we came in here? I’m feeling kinda chilly.”

“Me too. Let’s get out of here, this place is bori- OOH” Jack shuddered as he felt a jolt of energy surge through his body. 

“Dude, you okay?” 

“I…I feel weird…we should go home…” he mumbled as he awkwardly tried to walk, but with each step he seemed to grow taller. Daniel watched in confusion as his friend grew nearly an inch with each step. In a matter of seconds, Daniel was looking up at his best friend who had barely seemed to notice. 

“Uh…Jack…look,” he said, pointing to his friend’s ill fitting clothes. Jack’s eyes widened in shock as he looked down at his new height. His exposed midriff hardened as his breathing grew panicked, his skin taking on a soft feminine glow. 

“What’s happening to me?” The boy said with a tremor in his voice. His hands began to crack as his fingers elongated, his nails long and manicured. He felt more jolts surge through his body like he’d just grabbed an electric fence as his frame adjusted to his new height. Daniel winced as he watched his friend spasm, cracks and pops echoing through the empty stable as Jack’s spine curved inwards while his hips burst outwards. His increasingly curvy frame tore his clothes as his body grew until the tattered remains slipped off his feminine skin, leaving him embarrassed and exposed in front of his friend. 

“Daniel, don’t look!” Jack cried as his voice cracked. He grabbed his throat as his vocal chords matured, leaving him with a sultry new voice. “C- *cough* call my parents, please…” he said, horrified by the voice now coming out of his mouth. Daniel tried to call for help, but to his dismay, he had no service. Jack tried to cover up his crotch, but as his hands moved down his body, he felt his chest beginning to tingle. He moaned and bent forward, giving his friend a perfect view of the new breasts sprouting forth. His nipples hardened as they widened, sending more alien pleasures through his maturing body. He couldn’t help but moan as his new boobs continued to grow, eventually becoming even larger than his older sister’s. Daniel could only watch in horror and confusion as his friend’s movements became more sensual, his body growing more sensitive by the second. Neither one had ever seen naked breasts before, and this definitely wasn’t how they were expecting to see their first pair. Jack shivered as his breasts swung freely, causing even more tingling to spread across his body. His legs tensed up as he felt his ass beginning to inflate, his lower half filling out from years of exercise. His knees began to buckle as intense jolts of pleasure began to come from his groin. 

He felt his organs shifting beneath his hands, bubbling and gurgling as a growing womb pushed everything else out of the way. He squealed in terror as he felt his boyhood beginning to slip up between his legs. He grabbed desperately at his disappearing boy parts, eventually only feeling a pair of wet lips between his legs. He accidentally brushed the tip of his new clit and recoiled in pleasure, throwing his head back as the orgasmic shock unlocked new memories in his head. Daniel watched in fear as his friend fingered his new sex and quivered, moaning as his hair began to grow. Jack’s face contorted as he brought himself closer to his first orgasm. His lips softened as his nose grew cute and delicate. His skull cracked as his visage shifted into that of a feminine goddess. His fear was quickly being overwritten by pleasure and excitement as details of his new life began to populate his mind. With a mind shattering climax, Jack moaned and shuddered, his new vaginal fluids dripping down his legs. 

“Jack…are you okay?” Daniel hesitantly asked his unrecognizable friend. The new girl stood up tall and smiled at the little boy, tickled by the way he was looking at her like something supernatural. 

“Oh, Daniel, I’m better than okay. Don’t call me Jack anymore though. I’m Jessie now, and I’ve never felt better.” The new woman said alluringly as she sauntered around the terrified boy. “My new life is amazing, and I’m so lucky to be a part of this ranch now. It really is something magical, but it’s feeling a little empty…”

“Jack…uh…Jessie? I think we should go home and tell your parents what happened.”

“Oh, sweetie, WE’RE not leaving the ranch for a while. This is OUR new home.”

“What’re you- hey!” Daniel recoiled as Jessie tapped his forehead. Daniel recoiled as he felt a tingling coming from where she touched him. He suddenly fell down on all fours as if gravity was forcing him into this position. He panicked and tried to shuffle away when he noticed his fingernails beginning to turn black. “What the fu…” he mumbled as his hands began to curl into fists, the black keratin spread out from his nails and up to his wrists. He wanted to cry as he recognized what was happening. He was growing hooves. 

“I think I’ll call you…Destiny.” The new woman chuckled as she approached the changing boy with a harness. “The gear is a little big now, but you’ll grow into it,” she said with a wink. 

“Please…Jack…don’t…” Daniel whimpered to no avail. The woman strapped the horseback equipment around his childish body before forcing horse reins into his mouth. Jessie smiled as two more hooves burst out of the boy’s shoes. Daniel could only groan through the reins in his mouth as he felt himself beginning to grow rapidly. Tears rolled down his cheeks as his bones popped and cracked, reforming into an equine shape. His chest swelled as his limbs elongated, bending at all the wrong angles for walking upright, but giving him the perfect stance for speed and endurance. He’d lost feelings in his hands and feet by now, only able to feel the vibrations of the ground through his fresh hooves. 

He tensed as his muscles began to swell and spread, filling out his expanding frame and filling him with energy. The idea of running grew stronger and stronger in his mind, unaware that his new physical prowess was already influencing his thoughts. Every fiber of his new musculature tensed and grew to support his rapidly increasing weight, filling him with strength unknown to humans. His breaths grew long and deep as his chest expanded, making room for his new equine internals. His back flattened out as his spine extended, curving just enough for a perfect saddle fit. He twitched his massive new rear end as a tail began to sprout at the end of his spine, strands of new tail hair swaying with every twitch of his new muscles. 

A shiny brown fur began to spread from his new tail, his skin tingling as it changed into a gorgeous new coat. Jessie began to stroke his rear, running her fingers through Daniel’s silky new fur. Strangely, the feeling of being pet felt calming to Daniel. The woman suddenly reached down and grabbed her former friend’s boyhood. 

“Well now, a prize winning thoroughbred mare can’t have one of these, can she?”

“Mmmmm- MMPPHHHHHH!” Daniel moaned through clenched teeth as he felt his boyhood invert. He shuddered in disgust as he felt a massive opening between his legs. Jessie tickled the new equine vagina, and to Daniel’s horror, he felt a desire for his new sex to be filled by a massive stallion. He wanted to cry, but could only focus on the animalistic pleasures throbbing through his massive new body. He shook his head in denial at his growing instincts as his neck began to elongate. Muscles thickened around his neck as his throat widened, leaving him unable to make human noises anymore. He bellowed a deep horse whinny as he felt his skull cracking, pushing forward while his nostrils widened. His teeth grew wide as his jaw swelled with muscles, his elongated tongue swirling around his alien new teeth in panic. Finally, his eyes were pushed aside as they grew to fit his new skull. The fur quickly covered his new head as his hair sprouted into a flowing mane that ran down his neck. 

He stood nearly a foot taller than the woman now, despite being on all fours. The gear she’d thrown on him fit perfectly now, as if it was custom made. Jessie walked around her new companion, admiring the beautiful mare that the nervous little boy had become. She grabbed her horse’s muzzle and kissed it, stroking his forehead gently. 

“Easy there, Destiny. It’s okay. You’re home now.”

Daniel could merely snort and whinny as his thoughts became simplistic and instinctive. Desires to play video games, read comics, and watch movies rapidly began to devolve into desires to run, eat…and breed. His eyes grew wide as his mind emptied, seduced by the animal life of luxury. He only wanted to run, and now he could run faster and farther than any human. He only wanted to eat, and now he could eat more than 10 men. He wanted to fuck, and now he’d only mate with the best stallions in the country. Jessie watched his eyes intently and smiled as she saw them grow dull. Daniel had embraced his new life as Destiny, Jessie’s #1 award winning show horse. Destiny looked at her owner and lowered her forehead into hers affectionately.  The friends looked at each other, admiring their new forms and new lives as the lives of Jack and Daniel faded into the background. Jessie grabbed the reins and led her horse out of the stable for some exercise. The whole building changed with each of their steps, becoming renovated and well equipped. The two stepped out into the sun and breathed confidently. Jessie loved living on land this remote so that she could indulge in her habit of nude riding. She cooed as she climbed up onto Destiny’s back, her sensitive new sex brushing against Destiny’s fur. She laughed as Destiny began to gallop around. She had to find some mates for both of them. This land was their ranch now, and it was time to populate it. 

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  1. Great story, and the horse TF was a nice idea that i wasn’t expecting. I always love the mental change aspects of your stories.

  2. i absolutely loved this and would love to see some more animal tg/tf in the future

  3. i absolutely loved this and would love to see you tackle more animal tf/tg in the future

  4. This was great, the animal tf was a surprise and I loved it, the mare tg/tf was great, I hope you do more of those.
    Have you ever think of doing a sequel to some of your stories?

  5. I loved this story, the mare tf was a surprise and was great, I hope you do more mare tf’s 🙂

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