Going Down (TG AP)

Jack was on vacation with his family in Las Vegas. His parents were spending the night out at the casino, leaving him alone in the hotel room with his Nintendo Switch. They’d left him some cash to get food, but not enough for room service. When he began to grow hungry, he grabbed the cash and began to make his way down to the lobby where he remembered seeing some snack machines. He pushed the lobby button and sighed, wishing he was old enough to go out with his family instead of being stuck in the hotel. Just as the elevator doors were closing, a man shoved his hand between the panels and squeezed into the elevator with Jack. Out of breath, the man clearly sprinted down the hall to catch the elevator as if he was running late for a date. The two looked at each other awkwardly, preparing for the long silent ride down, but as the elevator began to ding past floors, Jack felt a shiver run down his spine. 

With each passing floor, Jack felt like he was growing taller. At first he thought it was just vertigo, but after a few floors, he knew he was nearly a foot taller than when he entered. His clothes began to tighten around his aging body as he quietly began to squirm, trying not to draw the attention of the man next to him. The lights of the city began to grow more intense through the window as the elevator descended, causing Jack to wobble at his new height. 

“Hey, kid, are you okay?” The man asked, shocked at what he saw. The kid who was previously half his height was now up to his shoulders, and his clothes were now tearing at the seams. 

“I, uh, I don’t know. I feel…ACK!” Jack winced as his bones began to crack and shift, sliding around beneath his softening skin. Pops echoed through the elevator to the horror of its occupants as Jack braced himself against the handrail. His shoulders and collarbone grew more prominent, pressing up against his silky new skin as his hips widened with another loud crack. Jack watched his reflection in horror as he grew more feminine by the second. His spine caved inwards violently, leaving him with a feminine arch as he grabbed the handrail for dear life. The dinging of the elevator rang in his head, each floor getting louder as the changes grew more intense. He looked up at the man in desperation, but the man could only look down in horrified shock. 

He began to quiver all over as his flesh began to fill out his femine new frame. Fat pooled around his thighs and ass while his muscles aged into their late 20s. His skeletal profile was quickly filled out in all the wrong places, leaving him with a toned, curvy body that was clearly making the older man uncomfortable. Things only got worse as Jack began to moan in a rapidly maturing, alluring voice as he felt a heat growing in his groin. His knees began to buckle as sparks of unknown pleasure began to emanate from his crotch. He began to sweat as he felt his boyhood slipping between his legs, his organs gurgling as they made room for his growing womb. He felt two fleshy lips grow around his member as pubic hair began to sprout around his changing sex. With a sudden burst of orgasmic pleasure, his sex inverted and sent a wave of ecstasy and estrogen flooding through his veins. He fell to his knees and rubbed his new sex, filling the elevator with a familar, sultry scent. The man shamefully tried to hide his growing erection, but Jack still caught a glimpse of the tent growing in the man’s pants. To his horror, the sight of the man’s crotch only made his throbbing new pussy even more wet.

Jack was disgusted with himself, kneeling in a pool of his own fluids and feeling a growing desire to touch the man’s hardening cock. He was just as confused as the man watching him as to why this was happening, but he didn’t have much time to think about it as more sensations began to ripple from his chest. They both watched in disgust as two breasts began to grow from Jack’s exposed chest, the supple flesh tearing what was left of the boy’s shirt as it grew. Jack cupped his growing boobs with his manicured hands, squeezing them against his will but relishing the sensations they were sending to his brain. When they finally stopped growing, he gawked at his new cleavage and groaned in terror. They were even bigger than his mom’s! What would his parents say when they came back? Would they even recognize him anymore?

The answer to his question was, unfortunately, not at all. Jack and the man made eye contact as the boy’s face began to change. His eyes grew wide and sultry as his face aged into that of a feminine goddess. Makeup spread itself across his changing visage as his lips pursed and thickened. His scalp began to itch as his hair turned a beautiful brown color, lengthening down to his back in a matter of seconds. He winced as two jeweled earrings pierced his lobes while his skin and hair began to smell of a luxurious perfume. The man’s eyes began to glaze over as the scent entered his nostrils, as if they contained pheromones that increased his sex drive. He removed his hands from his crotch, giving Jack a perfect view of the throbbing cock behind his pants. He walked over and cradled Jack’s face as the transformed boy began to cry. He didn’t want this, he didn’t know why this was happening. He just wanted to get a snack, and now he just wanted to see his mommy and daddy again. 

“Please, mister, help me. I don’t know what’s happening, I just want to see my parents again.”

“Oh, Jackie, aren’t you a little old for that now? I think I know exactly what you want,” the man said seductively, sending more confusing feelings through Jack’s racing mind. The name, Jackie, rattled around in his head as the man began to seem more familiar. The man pushed the emergency stop button in the elevator as he unzipped his pants. Jack recoiled at the sight of his naked, veiny cock, but to his growing disgust, he began to feel an urge to touch it. More than touch it…he wanted…to put…his mouth on it. He crawled on all fours closer to the man, his mouth opening wider as he approached. He watched the man’s cock twitch as his warm breath surrounded it. He was about to reach the point of no return, and despite wanting to pull away, he couldn’t deny the overpowering desires of his new body. 

He wrapped his soft new lips around the man’s cock as sparks of satisfaction began to jump across his mind. The man’s grunts of pleasure sent more confusing feelings through the boy’s fracturing mind. The motion suddenly began to feel familiar, like he’d suck a cock before, but that’s impossible, right? He was just a kid, he wasn’t even old enough to go out into the casino on his own. He struggled to remember what he was doing before this as the name Jackie grew more prominent in his mind. He felt like he was on autopilot as his head moved up and down around the man’s cock. He tickled its head with his tongue, moaning as he felt pre-cum beginning to leak into his mouth. He began to savor every last twitch of the man’s member as he pushed it against the back of his throat, realizing that his gag reflex was all but gone now. He barely noticed his tattered clothing had reformed itself into a tight purple dress. His new clothing hugged his body and split at the chest, accentuating the fertile curves of his mature new form. Tight silk gloves crawled up his arms as he shifted around on all fours, his whole body aching with the desire to please this stranger. His will to see his parents began to fade as his old life began to feel like a fading dream. He felt his new underwear soaking up his new juices as he let his new desires guide him. He knew the man was about to cum, and with one final twirl of his tongue, he felt the man quiver in pleasure as the salty liquid filled his mouth.

“Oh, Jackie!” The man moaned as he grabbed the back of her head. Jack’s eyes rolled back as he instinctively swallowed the man’s load, the warming feeling spreading through his mind as he relished in the man calling out his…her name. Everything began to fall into place. The man was named Eric, and he was her boyfriend of 3 years now. Today was their anniversary, and the couple had decided to celebrate it in Vegas. They’d never done it in public before, but it was her idea for a quickie in the elevator before they headed out on the town. She looked up at the man with nothing but love in her eyes as he stared back in amazement. She smirked as she knew her boyfriend was thinking about how lucky he was to be dating her. She stood up and wiped her mouth as he zipped his pants up. She grabbed his arm and leaned against him as the elevator started moving again, smiling as she watched the lights of the city passing by. She was ready for a night out in Vegas with the love of her life.

“Babe, that was amazing,” Eric said, still catching his breath. “I’ll have to pay you back once we get back to the bedroom.” He said, softly rubbing a hand between her legs. She could hardly wait.

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  1. What a fascinating world, where even the smallest, most innocuous thing can permanently alter a child’s life, turning them into a lustful adult woman. I like to imagine all the stories taking place in the same reality.

  2. I love your stories where the boys become a person that never existed before and then the reallity adjust to fit them in there

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