The Purse (TG AP)

Chris was with his father on a business trip into the city. The two were checking into their fancy hotel when Chris spotted an expensive looking purse on the ground in the lounge area. 

“Dad, I think someone forgot their purse over there.”

“Oh yeah, looks like it. Why don’t you go take it over to the reception desk and turn it into lost and found? Maybe whoever owns it will give you a reward.” His dad said with a smile. Chris nodded and ran over to grab it while his father went up to drop their bags off in the room. As he picked it up, he was tempted to take a look inside, despite knowing he shouldn’t be going through other people’s personal belongings. It just felt so nice and expensive that he wanted to see who owned it. After checking to see that nobody was watching, he reached in and grabbed a boutique wallet, amazed by all the cash and cards it contained. Finally, he saw the ID inside. He pulled it out and gawked at the beautiful woman in the ID photo.

“Hmmm…Christine Sato, huh? Wish my wallet was this full,” he said with a chuckle. As the words left his mouth, though, he noticed his skin beginning to take a darker, Asian hue. He watched in shock as the changes spread of his hand holding the ID before shoving it all back in the purse in a panic. Unfortunately for Chris, his wish was already being granted. 

He wanted to run for help when a surge of sensations paralyzed his body. He felt his muscles tense as he began to grow, his boyish frame rapidly lengthening and widening in all the wrong places. He grunted as his bones cracked, forcing themselves into alluring, femine shapes. His flesh bubbled and filled his expanding frame, accentuating his skeletal curves with fat and muscle. His boyish clothes tore open from his rapid growth spurt, leaving essentially naked in the lounge, though nobody seemed to notice the boy’s painful transformation. His grunts began to sound more feminine by the second as body twitched from his new limbs and muscles integrating themselves into his over stimulated nervous system.

He looked down at his olive colored body in horror as his new height finally settled in. He barely had a chance to catch his breath before his elongated spine suddenly cracked inwards just above his ass. He moaned in a fully feminine voice as he thrust his chest forward, unintentionally striking a seductive feminine pose. He watched in terror as his chest began to grow out of his tattered shirt, his nipples growing wide and hard against the cool air. The weight growing in his chest caused his breaths to grow heavy. His new breasts seemed to be growing indefinitely, sending new erotic feelings through the boy’s mind as they went. When they finally stopped, he breathed a sigh of relief, though he still shuddered at the feeling of his new breasts jiggling in rhythm with his breathing. He cupped them with his feminine new hands, shocked at the pleasurable sensation of running his manicured nails across the sensitive flesh. They were at least 3 times as big as his own mother’s! Suddenly, he thought about his father and what he would say if he saw his son like this. He wanted to cry in embarrassment, but before he could, he felt another tingling growing in his crotch.

He reached between his legs as orgasmic fireworks began to go off in his head. He moaned in pleasure as his boyhood began to recede into his abdomen, pushing his intestines around as it made room for the womb growing in the boy. He squealed as his testes slipped up, becoming ovaries as they settled inside and pumping years of estrogen through the sweating child. His whole body was quivering in ecstasy as he felt the last of his boyhood get swallowed up by the fleshy new lips between his legs. A tuft of pubic hair sprouted just above his clit, tickling his hands as he rubbed his aching crotch. He barely noticed his ass inflating as his rubbed his new sex until his shapely behind burst out of the remains of his shorts. 

Snapping out of his orgasmic haze, he tried to cover himself up to no avail. However, his clothes began to restitch themselves as if on command. His curvy body was hugged by a silk, form-fitting dress that looked like it cost thousands. A jacked materialized over his bare shoulders as his breasts were pushed up by the tightening cloth. He felt a little better not being naked, until he noticed a metal wedding band materialize around his finger. The implications were enough to send a chill down the boy’s spine, and he immediately tried to run for the elevator. He turned and accidentally knocked the purse down, spilling its contents as the ID of Christine Sato slid right into view. Finally, Chris realized what was happening. He stared at the ID as he felt his mind being rewritten, his eyes turning a deep blue as the hormones flooding his mind began to take effect. He tried to think of his dad, but the man’s face was getting blurrier by the second. His father’s name was…Satoshi? That didn’t seem right…until it did. Memories of being raised by a different family seeped into his mind despite his best resistance. He remembered going to school to learn English as native knowledge of Japanese grew in his mind, his tongue tingling as years of speaking a different language reformed its muscle memory. He remembered meeting his husband 3 years ago on an international flight. He never expected to be marrying the man sitting next to him on a flight back from Japan, but he was so charming…and wealthy. 

Chris’ face cracked and shifted as his struggled within his own mind to retain some semblance of his old self, but as his transformation completed into the girl on the ID, he felt a growing desire to accept his new life. He did wish for this, didn’t he? He remembered his closet full of expensive clothing worth more than most peoples’ houses. He remembered his collection of supercars and the private jet his husband owned. He remembered amazing vacations and nights of passionate…lovemaking. Every orgasm of his new life flooded into his mind at once, pushing him over the edge as he accepted his new life. He wasn’t Chris anymore…she was Christine Sato, wife of a wealthy, handsome CEO, and connoisseur of the finer things in life. 

The new woman brushed her silky hair aside as she stood up, grabbing her purse as she felt every man in the lobby eye-fucking her tight, alluring body as she bent over. She noticed a man stepping out of the elevator as they made eye contact, her smile stopping him in his tracks. He’d never seen such a beautiful woman. If he wasn’t married, he’d make a move in an instant. He didn’t come down here to flirt, though. He came to take his son up to their room. Clearing his throat, he approached the beauty before him and politely asked,

“Excuse me, ma’am, but have you seen a young boy walking around the lobby? He was trying to return a lost purse.”

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