Mother Knows Best (TG AP)

Jeremy was playing at the park with his friends, Jake and Wesley. Jake and Wesley were brothers who had a habit of getting too rowdy, especially when their parents weren’t around. Today was one of those days as the three kids had biked to the park while their parents were working. The boys rolled out their snacks and began to kick a ball around, laughing and screaming as they ran around the park paying little attention to the other park goers. Unfortunately, they were about to annoy the one person there they shouldn’t have.

Jake kicked his ball directly towards an older woman reading a book on a bench. She screamed in surprise as the book was knocked out of her hands, looking angrily at the boys as they laughed and ran over to get the ball back. Jeremy wanted to apologize for being rude, but the brothers wasted no time in getting back to playing. The woman mumbled something under her breath as a strong breeze swept over the park. 

“What if your mother saw you acting this way? Oh well, I guess we’re about to see…” she snickered as she stared at Jeremy. The young boy ran over to the snacks they’d laid on the ground, asking the brothers if they wanted anything. To his surprise, his backpack looked like it was morphing before his very eyes. His bag restitched itself into a weave basket as a picnic blanket spread itself across the ground. Their snacks became…fancier? Their energy drinks turned into ice cold glasses of lemonade. Jeremy was about to call his friends over to the strange sight when he suddenly fell to his knees, wracked with a tingling sensation. 

He began to groan as his whole body began to stretch, growing older by the second as his clothes strained against his maturing frame. He winced as his joints popped and cracked, shifting his frame into something disturbingly womanlike. His hips widened as his collarbones grew more prominent. He wanted to cry as his spine extended, cracking inwards as it went and leaving him with a distinctly feminine curve. He flexed his elongated fingers as his nails grew long and manicured. His feet had burst out of his tennis shoes and rubbed against the cool grass, the feeling of his new toes digging through the grass sending surprisingly pleasant feelings through his mind. By now, he had the frame of a woman in her early 40s, but unfortunately for poor Jeremy, that was only the beginning of his growth spurt.

“Boys…help…” he moaned in a rapidly maturing voice. He’d felt like he’d heard it before, but couldn’t quite place it.

“Mom?” Wesley said in shock as he looked at his transforming friend. “What’s happening? Where’s- JEREMY?!” The boy exclaimed as he saw his friend’s face on a disturbingly familiar body. 

“I…I don’t…knoOOOOOOhhhHH!” Jeremy moaned as his voice fully became that of his friend’s mother. He grabbed at his crotch as a fire began to spread from his groin. His thighs thickened as his boyhood was pushed inwards, inverting itself as his organs began to slide around in his abdomen. Jolts of pleasure and horror jumped across his mind as the spot between his legs morphed into a fully functional reproductive system. The quivering vagina that now rested between his motherly thighs demanded attention, and to his friends’ horror, he couldn’t stop himself from reaching into his new orifice with his feminine new fingers. He rose off the ground as his ass inflated, moaning in a maternal voice as it grew. 

“Please…help me…I don’t want to be your mom…” Jeremy whimpered, but his friends could only stare on in shock. Their confusion would only get worse as their friend began to moan again, his chest heaving as if something was about to burst out. To everyone’s surprise, something did. Jeremy’s boyish shirt tore open as two massive breasts burst forth, his nipples hardening against the cool breeze. He pulled his hands from between his crotch and tried to cover his new breasts in embarrassment. He looked down at his new cleavage in horror before looking back at his friends. They all noticed  Jeremy’s hair beginning to grow, lengthening down to his neck as some of his new locks drifted in front of his eyes. Makeup began to cake itself onto his face as his skull cracked, shifting into a familiar visage for the horrified onlooking boys. Where once their friend stood, their mother now knelt with the tattered remains of Jeremy’s clothes hanging off her voluptuous body. Another breeze swept through the park as the torn remains began to stitch themselves back together, but again into a form that the brothers recognized all too quickly. In a matter of seconds, Jeremy was wearing a dress that the boys had seen their mother in just last weekend. 

 “Jeremy? Is that you?” Jake asked in shock. Jeremy couldn’t be his…mother now…right? Him and Jeremy had been friends for…how long now?

“I think so? I don’t know…guys…kids…I’m remembering things I shouldn’t…” he grabbed his head as new signals began to surge between his mature new synapses. He felt his old life slipping as he tried to think of his family. They were all different now…older…from a different generation. The school he remembered going to felt older…no smartphones…different fashion. He tried to think of his favorite video games but could only think of his favorite books. His favorite music was suddenly all from the 80s and 90s. His favorite superhero movies were now rom-coms from 20 years ago. Superhero movies? Didn’t his kids like those?

“Jake…Wesley…I…I’m becoming…your…” he trailed off as a flood of sexual experience seeped into his mind. He remembered his first kiss, his first date, the first time he showed a boy his boobs. He giggled in ecstasy as he looked up at the sky, nearly drooling as the alien pleasures wracked his new body. He felt his new pussy growing damp as memories of every man he’d slept with ingrained themselves into his aging brain. Finally, he remembered meeting his…her husband. The taste of his lips, the smell of his favorite cologne. The nights their kids were conceived. The thought of Jake and Wesley triggered what was left of Jeremy to fight back against his total transformation, but as estrogen and maternal instincts overran his mind, he was instead filled with a joyful love of his two former friends. Jeremy finally remembered giving birth to her children, his mind overcome with motherly satisfaction as images of breastfeeding the little babies jumped to the front of his head. Jeremy smiled as he embraced his new life. He wasn’t losing his friends, she was gaining two sons…and a handsome husband. His name was Jeremy…Je…Janet.

“Mom?” the brothers asked nervously.

“Oh, sorry kids. I must’ve zoned out there for a second.” The new woman said with a smile. “Are you two being careful with your ball? Remember, there are other people trying to enjoy the park.”

“Yes…mom…we’ll be more careful.” The boys walked off, whispering to each other in shock as they tried to process what they’d just seen. They still wondered if Jeremy was still in there, or if he had really become their mother. The old woman watched the boys whisper nervously, chuckling to herself knowing that she’d taught them a lesson they’d never forget. She smiled at her work as the new mother smiled and watched her kids happily, sipping on fresh lemonade as her children played. 

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  1. That was a great story. Your writing gets better with each new one. Thank you for the new one!

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