Enrichment (TG/AP)

I was so tired of all my friends getting the newest games and consoles. My family couldn’t afford the newest tech, driving me to look for any get rich quick schemes I could find. One day, I came across an Instagram ad promising a chance to change my life. It was full of pictures of fancy cars, nice houses, and most important to me, the newest video game consoles. All I had to do was like the post for a chance to win whatever this contest was. I hit that heart button without a second thought, and merely seconds later, I got a private message.

“Congratulations, Connor! You’ve been selected to change your life forever. Are you ready for a life of riches, luxury, and pleasure?”

“Sure, but what exactly did I win?” I typed. I expected a response, or some catch since this felt too good to be true, but what happened next nearly blinded me…literally. My phone flashed white, blurring my vision, and when things began to come back into focus I realized I wasn’t in my room anymore. My poster adorned walls were replaced with a collection of modern art, and my little twin bed was now a massive king with luxurious furs draped over it. My desk was replaced with a vanity mirror, and the whole room was nearly 3 times the size. I looked back at my phone only to realize it was now the newest iPhone. It even had a golden case around it. I opened Instagram again to see what the hell was going on, but the strangest change of all was that my account wasn’t logged in anymore. Instead, I saw the feed for some hot MILF named…Cori?

I felt a shock run through my body as I dropped my phone. I looked at my hand as I felt a tingling growing in my fingertips, only to be met with the sight of my fingernails growing. I watched in confusion as they grew long and manicured, but it didn’t stop there. My digits began to crack and lengthen, becoming dainty and feminine. The changes rushed up my arms with more sickening pops, my skin becoming smooth and soft as the changes continued. My muscles involuntarily flexed as I felt strength surging through my growing limbs, as if I’d been working out for years. Everything seemed to speed up as I felt my muscles twitching all over my body, growing more defined with each passing second. I broke out into a sweat as my metabolism accelerated by what felt like years and tore off my clothes in a panic. I looked down at my hardening body and disproportionate arms as things only got worse. 

My whole frame began to grow, pushing my view further from the ground. My back spasmed as my spine grew, cracking and curving as I fell backwards onto the bed. I started groaning in pain as my shoulders cracked outwards, followed rapidly by my hips. I rolled onto my side and caught a glimpse of my changing body in the mirror. I wanted to cry as I looked over my new curves. Why was this happening to me? I didn’t want to be in this room, I didn’t want to be older, and I definitely didn’t want to be a woman. I thought of my friends, my family, my old life, and started to cry. My whimpers even sounded older, like a woman in her 40s crying on the bed. The cries soon turned to moans against my will as I felt more changes beneath my skin. My ass inflated along with my thighs, putting pressure on my groin. I moved my hands down to readjust my dick and recoiled as I felt my boyhood beginning to recede between my legs. I looked down in horror as things began to change beneath my abdomen. I grimaced as I felt my organs shifting, making room for what was about to happen. I felt a womb sprouting in the center of my hips as my balls slipped between my legs. The feeling of them sliding up and settling as my new ovaries made me want to puke. I futilely grabbed at what was left of my dick as it was swallowed by a pair of mature, fleshy lips. The tip shrunk as it moved up to the tip of my new sex, becoming nothing more than a bundle of nerves. Everything felt more sensitive than I thought possible. I’d never even masturbated before, but the feelings coursing through my veins were intoxicating. I didn’t know pleasure like this existed, and though I was still disgusted by what was happening to me, the moans coming out of my mouth told a different story. I felt disgusting as I rubbed the dripping opening between my legs, sounding like one of those girls in the videos my older brother watched. I forced myself to stop as my heart beat faster and faster, immediately feeling a growing need to be filled down there as I pulled my hand away. 

My juicy thighs and toned calves quivered in desire as I tried to fight the growing urges. My ass jiggled with every little shift of my body, and my abs continued to harden as I felt myself age even more. The years were flowing through my body with each passing second, making me more flexible and fit as my body became more foreign. I felt a tuft of pubic hair sprout around my crotch as my ovaries continued to pump estrogen through my body, making my voice even deeper and sultrier. I don’t know why, but I knew that my moans would now turn on any guy in my family. My moans only grew louder as I felt new sensations building in my chest. I dreaded what was coming, but as my nipples grew larger and fat welled behind them, I couldn’t help but admire how impressive my new chest was becoming. I watched myself thrust forward in the mirror as two massive breasts sprouted from my bare chest, dangling lustfully as my nipples hardened against my will. I cupped one of my breasts and recoiled in pleasure. I had no idea girls felt this way when their breasts were grabbed, and despite every fiber of my mind trying to fight it, I couldn’t stop myself from playing with my new assets. I moaned as I squeezed my new chest, feeling the desire in my groin growing even stronger. 

I stood up and looked over myself in the mirror, watching my head as the final changes spread up my neck. My hair grew long and blonde as it styled itself, looking like a hairstyle those rich housewives on TV have. I winced in pain as earrings appeared in my earlobes. My face aged as my skull cracked, becoming older and feminine as my eyes grew wide and alluring. Makeup caked itself onto my face as my lips grew thin, growing parted as if they were permanently ready to suck on…something. Years of dental work left me with a perfect smile, and I swallowed as I suddenly felt my gag reflex become suppressed. I looked at this stranger’s face, refusing to believe it was mine, but undoubtedly transfixed with her…my…beauty. Suddenly, I felt a ring materialize on my finger as all my feelings of dread came rushing back. 

My knees nearly buckled at the thought of being married, of having a completely different life. I wanted to cry more when I heard a door open in the house. Soon, a good looking older man walked into the bedroom and looked me over, lust growing in his eyes. 

“Ah, so you must’ve clicked my ad! How are you feeling, dear?”

“W- what? What the fuck are you talking about?” I half screamed, half cried. “I’m a boy, a kid. Who are you? What happened to me?”

“The ad promised a new life, didn’t it? You have one now! You’re my beautiful wife. You’re smart, rich, and have looks that could kill. You definitely don’t look like a kid to me.”

I wanted to kill him, but the closer he got, the more his cologne filled my nostrils. To my horror, I felt my groin growing more wet with each step he took towards me. He grabbed my hand and held the wedding ring between our faces, kissing it delicately. 

“Honey, tonight is our 20th anniversary, isn’t it? I thought we could celebrate, and you already look like you’re in the mood…”

His kiss broke a dam in my head, letting new memories flood in like a river. I remembered our first date, his proposal, the way he spoiled me with diamonds and clothes, and finally our wedding night. I remembered him buying me everything I ever asked for, but I also remembered asking for things I never thought I would. No games or toys, just jewelry and fur coats and purses. I remembered joining a gym and embarrassing all the other girls there with my olympic physique. I wanted to fight it, to return to my old life, but as the memories kept taking root in my head, I began to embrace this new life. I didn’t want to go back to microwave dinners, I liked spending thousands of dollars every night. I didn’t want to go back to playing games with my nerdy friends, I liked getting drunk with the ladies and gossiping with the other elites. I didn’t want to go back to my parents, I wanted to be a mother. 

“So, Cori, my love, how do you feel about your new life?” My anger towards the man began to fade as he ran his fingers down my washboard abs, teasing my clit as he breathed down my neck. He pulled me in for a kiss, and as my lips met his and my nipples rubbed against his suit, I felt a lifetime of pleasure wash over me. Every night together, every new trick in bed, every orgasm hit me at once as I plunged my tongue into his mouth. I locked Connor away in the back of my mind as my husband swept me off my feet and tossed me into bed. I was Cori now, wife of one of the richest and most handsome men in the country, and I wouldn’t give this up for anything.

“Lay down, daddy…” I whispered into his ear, knowing just how hard he was beneath his pants. “Take those restrictive things off and show me what I’ve been waiting for. I want to go for a ride.”

He followed my commands like a puppy and laid flat on his back, his erection calling to me like a lighthouse. I mounted him and screamed as I rode his shaft, feeling a sensual comfort as his cock filled my new sex. I flexed my new muscles, tightening around his throbbing member and smiled as I felt him quivering in pleasure. He threw his arms out and grunted as his cum coated my insides. I continued to ride and scream until I felt fireworks of ecstasy going off in my head. I lifted off and laid down next to him, basking in the afterglow. We stared at each other lovingly as he caressed my face. The warmth between my legs left me with a feeling I never thought I’d have. Maybe tonight would be the night I finally became a mother. I smiled back at my husband as I thought about how lucky I was that of all the people in the world, he chose me. 

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