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Terry’s mother, Tiffany, was a high ranking executive at a multinational company. She made good money and had a lot of power in the company, but she was always working and traveling. Her schedule is actually one of the reasons Terry’s dad left, believing she was spending too much time away and not enough time with her family. This week was the first time Terry’s mother was going to bring him along since his dad wasn’t around to watch him anymore, and he was ecstatic. He’d never left the country before, but today he was boarding a plane to Tokyo. His mother was buried in her phone, taking call after call, but her executive assistant, Tanjiro, was there to assist the mother and child. 

“Um, excuse me, Mr. Tanjiro, do you know where the bathroom is?” The kid asked meekly. 

“Sure, follow me!” Said the man as he hopped out of his seat excitedly. He followed the man through the busy airport and into the nearest men’s room, wondering why the strange man seemed like he was waiting for him to go to the bathroom. The boy entered a stall and sat down, pulling out his phone and opening up his favorite game. Meanwhile, Tanjio paced excitedly in the bathroom as he waited for the last people to leave. Once it was just him and his boss’ son, he pulled out a strange pendant and a picture of his boss. He was obviously enamored with Terry’s mother and knew he never stood a chance of being with her, but thanks to some ancient magic from a street market, he was about to make his perverted dreams a reality. 

“Your mom sure is amazing, huh?” He said through the stall door.

“Uh, yeah, I guess…” the boy responded nervously. “I’m almost done, I’ll be out in a second.”

“Oh, no rush, kid. You’re the boss…” he said as he held the glowing pendant over the picture. “You take as long as you need.”

Just as Terry was getting up, he began to feel a strange tingling spreading through his body. He thought it was just pins and needles from sitting too long, but the feeling rapidly grew more intense as he began to age. He looked down in shock as his view grew further from the floor, his body elongating and cracking as it went. 

“Mr. Tanjiro?! S- somethings wrong!” 

“What are you talking about?” He said with a smirk. The stall door flew open, revealing Terry’s rapidly growing body stretching his clothes to their limit. Tanjiro quickly stepped in and locked the door behind him, eyeing up the changing boy. 

“Wow…it’s really working…” he said in amazement as he pushed his glasses up. 

“What? What’s working? What’s happ- AHHHH” Terry groaned as his body spasmed. More pops echoed through the empty bathroom as feminine curves expanded beneath his softening skin. His limbs twitched as years of muscle growth and fitness regiments flooded his aging body, leaving him with an androgynous appearnace. He braced himself against the stall walls as he felt a surge in his chest. He looked down in confusion as two breasts began to sprout through his tattered clothes, his nipples growing and hardening against his will. The feeling of his new breasts jiggling off his chest nearly made him sick as his childish brain struggled to take in the sensations of his changing body.

“I don’t understand…” he whimpered. “Don’t girls have these? I don’t want to be a girl…”

“Oh, you’re not just becoming any girl,” Tanjiro said menacingly as he stepped closer. “You’re becoming a woman…my favorite woman.” He slipped his hands onto Terry’s new chest and began to grope his boobs excitedly, causing Terry to shudder in confusing pleasure. The man’s warm fingers teasing his new nipples sent orgasmic sparks through the changing boy’s mind as he let out more feminine coos against his will. He was horrified by how good it felt. 

“Let’s speed things up a bit so we don’t miss our flight, boss.” Tanjiro smacked Terry’s ass, spurring another feminine moan as his ass began to inflate. He put his hands around the boy’s widened hips and caressed his growing ass cheeks lustfully. Terry wanted to scream as his butt inflated against the vile man’s crotch, and to his horror, his sensitive new behind could feel just how engorged the man behind him was. Tanjiro slid his hands down the boy’s feminine lower half, reaching into his creamy inner thighs and massaging them as he went. Terry braced himself again and began to sweat as he felt something happening between his legs. His stomach gurgled as a motherly womb pushed its way into his abdomen, preparing the once young boy’s body for new maternal responsibilities. Tanjiro chuckled as he felt the boy trembling against him, fully aware of what was happening to the kid’s boyhood. Terry let out an orgasmic moan as his boy parts slipped upwards and inwards, morphing into a mature reproductive system as ovaries began to flood his body and mind with estrogen. Pubic hair sprouted around his quivering new vagina, tickling as it grew. He felt his heart racing as the man traced the fleshy lips between his legs with his masculine fingers, rubbing the new clit at the top of his new orifice in satisfaction. More orgasmic sparks burst in Terry’s mind, confusing him further as he struggled to wrap his mind around what was between his legs now. 

“We’re so close, Ms. Tiffany.” He whispered, eagerly awaiting the final changes. 

“Please, why are you doing this? Oh, no…my voice…” Terry wanted to cry as he heard a familiar voice coming out of his mouth. He sounded just like…his mother. “W- what’s my mom going to say? You won’t get away with- AGGHHHH” he cried as the man plunged his fingers into his new sex. 

“Your mother? Ms. Tiffany, your son is waiting for you outside. Are you feeling okay? You aren’t acting like yourself.” He whispered into the boy’s ear. The boy’s head began to spin at the implications of swapping places with his own mother. His head cracked as his face aged into the beautiful visage of his powerful mother. His eyes widened as his lips softened, teeth shifting in his mouth as he gained a corporate smile. The man guided the boy’s growing hair behind his back as it cascaded past his shoulders. A pair of glasses materialized on his face just as his vision began to grow blurry. He blinked a few times as his vision cleared and was dismayed by the sight of his naked body…his mother’s nake body. He had hoped this was all a bad dream, but the bathroom walls and awful man behind him still felt all too real. His tattered clothing began to restitch itself, forming into the exact outfit his mom was wearing when they arrived at the airport. Tanjiro watched in awe as the powerful woman’s clothes tightened around her, itching to get them off her again.

“Why, Mr. Tanjiro, why?” Terry said fighting back tears. 

“I needed a vessel who was related to Ms. Tiffany, and you were the perfect target. You should be thanking me! You’re perfect now. Rich, beautiful, powerful, and best of all…in love with ME!”

“I’m just a kid! What makes you think I’d- uuuunghhh…” Terry trailed off as a haze began to overtake his mind. His eyes rolled back in his head as new feelings began to seep into his brain. He wanted to fight it, but each passing second he felt more like his mother. He remembered growing up poor, going to school on a full scholarship, working his way up the corporate ladder, and wrapping the male employees around her finger to get ahead. He tried to think of his friends in grade school, but could only think of the lifetime of board meetings he’d been a part of. Video games became spreadsheets in his mind, and to his horror, thoughts of being with men became more and more alluring. Tanjiro watched with satisfaction as the boy squirmed, his crotch growing moist and throbbing with desire. Terry grabbed his head and wanted to scream, but reluctantly let out a sensual moan as a lifetime of sexual experience bombarded his young mind. He remembered his father…his ex husband…his child. Maternal instincts began to kick in as memories of giving birth forced their way into his mind, driving down his will to fight and making the idea of giving in more appealing. He was sexy, smart, powerful, rich, but most importantly…she was a mother. 

The new woman opened her eyes and sighed in satisfaction, embracing her new body and new life. Maybe this really was a blessing. She looked at her assistant standing in front of her in the bathroom stall, fully erect and drooling over her. She wanted to be angry with him, like some residual anger was bouncing around in her mind, but she couldn’t remember why. In fact, she was suddenly feeling strangely attracted to the man. As the two locked eyes, Tanjiro smiled knowing that the final effect of the spell had taken place.

“Oh, Tanjiro, I appreciate your forwardness…but shouldn’t we wait until after the flight?”

“Oh, don’t worry, Ms. Tiffany. They’ll wait for someone as important as you.”

“Well, in that case…” she cooed seductively, pulling down her leggings. The man wasted no time turning her around and penetrating her as she moaned in rapture. She bent over and braced herself against the toiler as he grabbed her arm, pulling her closer with each thrust. The couple went at it like rabbits, shaking the entire stall until the screamed together in ecstasy. She smiled at her little assistant, almost as if he was her pet. He was better than she was expecting, but she could never be seen in public with him. The two cleaned up and briskly got dressed, ready for their intercontinental flight. 

“Alright boss, that was amazing, but we have a flight to catch. Plus, I’m sure your son is wondering what’s been taking so long.”

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