Checking Out (TG/AP)

Mike and Jeff were spending the afternoon at the bookstore, checking out the latest entries in their favorite comics and mangas. The friends didn’t have much to spend since they weren’t old enough to get jobs yet, so they tended to just walk around the aisles while reading what they found, much to the annoyment of the store employees. When they were finally ready to checkout, the boys noticed that there was no cashier working the register. They waited for a few minutes to see if someone would come, but eventually Mike got fed up and peaked behind the counter. Jeff told him not to go back there, but Mike was determined. He saw a phone next to the register that he was going to use to call someone to the front of the store, but as he grabbed the handle, he jumped back in shock as he felt a jolt rush through his hand. 

Mike grabbed the counter in panic and braced himself as he felt something changing inside of him. He began to sweat as his skin grew pale and smooth, almost like his older sister’s. He watched his hands in horror as his fingers grew long and dainty, complete with new nails becoming sharp and polished as they scratched against the counter. 

“Mike? What’s going on? You don’t look so good…” Jeff said as he watched his friend panic. 

“I…I don’t kno- OH!” Mike screamed as his body began to grow. He hunched over the counter as he felt himself growing, aging by the second. His shoulders cracked as they widened while his arms stretched and spasmed. He groaned as his spine extended, pushing him nearly a foot in height over his friend before suddenly cracking inwards, leaving him with a feminine arch. His legs wobbled as his hips widened with another crack, leaving him with a curvy frame that would make any girl jealous. The thing was, Mike really didn’t want to be a girl. 

“What the fuck?” Jeff stammered as he watched his friend transforming before his eyes. He couldn’t see it, but Mike’s moans as he continued to grow taller let him know that Mike’s legs were turning next. Mike’s knees buckled as his ass inflated, tearing his jeans at the seams while his thighs filled out with soft, supple flesh. To both of their surprise, Mike’s straining clothes had begun to change along with his body, becoming an outfit more appropriate for his new age…and gender. 

Mike looked down at his new outfit in a panic, realizing that not everything had been filled out quite yet. His hands were shaking as he reached down to his crotch, feeling a tingling sensation beginning to come from between his legs. Jeff continued to watch in shock as his friend began to moan, his voice growing higher and sultrier by the second, until it wasn’t Mike’s voice anymore. He watched his changing friend grab desperately at his crotch as a soft gurgling sound began to come from beneath the counter. The boys didn’t know much about the female anatomy quite yet, but Mike was about to learn very quickly. 

He squealed and quivered as his crotch began to invert itself, swallowing up his boyhood between two sensitive lips as his organs began to rearrange themselves. Sparks of pleasure wracked his mind as his new sex settled in, morphing his pre-pubescant system into a fertile womb. His new underwear tightened around his pussy as an alien warmth began to build between his legs. He barely had time to pay attention to the growing desires in his mind when he felt another tingling building in his chest. He leaned forward, unintentionally giving his friend a perfect view of his growing breasts. Jeff didn’t know how to feel about what he was seeing. His friend went from screaming in panic to moaning in pleasure, and now he appeared to be growing a pair of breasts that were even better than what he’d seen online. Mike let out a satisfied coo as his boobs burst forth, barely being caught by his new clothes. He squeezed them together in curiosity, not fully accepting that they were his own. Jeff watched his friend play with his new cleavage and felt ashamed for getting aroused. 

“Uh, Mike? What happened to you?” Jeff asked nervously.

“I…I don’t know. I feel weird, Jeff. I want to change back, but…” he trailed off as he began to run his hands over his slender new body. That’s when Jeff noticed Mike’s hair growing, reaching down past his shoulders as it turned a shiny blonde color. “It feels so…good…” he half moaned as his face began to shift, becoming older and more feminine. Makeup caked itself to his cheeks and lips as his eyes widened. “Oh my…oh my god…I remember…so much…” he mumbled as his eyes took on a deep green color, his pupils dilating in pleasure as a lifetime of sex flooded his mind. He smiled thoughtlessly, almost drooling, as he experienced every orgasm of his past, every kiss he’d ever granted to the lucky boys he’d…she’d dated. 

“M…Mike? Are you okay?” Jeff asked nervously as he watched his friend giggle and quiver in pleasure. 

“Oh, sweetie. It’s not ‘Mike’ anymore.” The new woman said, sinking Jeff’s heart. “It’s Mikela now.”

“No…Mike…c’mon…” Jeff pleaded with his former best friend, still trying to comprehend what he just witnessed. 

“Aren’t you a little young to be reading those?” She said, teasingly pointing at the mangas the boy was holding. “Whatever, I won’t tell if you don’t,” she said with a smile. “Oh,” she giggled, noticing the little bulge in the kid’s pants. “Were you looking at these?” She leaned forward and pulled her shirt down, giving the nervous boy an even better look at her new assets. “You’re a little too young for me, but tell your older brother I said ‘hi’ okay?” She said with a smirk. 

Jeff wanted to look away, disgusted by how he felt about his friend’s new body. He wanted to fight it, to bring Mike back, but Mikela didn’t seem interested.

“Mike, we can fix this…somehow…” Jeff whimpered.

“Fix? Not a chance. I feel amazing, and my old life already feels like a dream I just woke up from. Now, are you ready to check out or what?” 

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  1. Very nice with the recent two stories, I like that there is more hints to the original idendity after all the changes. Keep up the good work!

    1. I know the mind change is great but the content with their new life is the cherry on top.

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