Wifely Duties (TG/AP)

“Morning, Mom. Can you make me lunch today? I don’t really want to eat from the cafeteria again.”

“Sure thing, Terry. Are you hanging out with your friends after school today?”

Her question made me recoil. Ever since that day, I’d been trying to act like things were normal, like my choices were for the better of everyone involved. I tried to act like the woman in front of me, my “mom”, wasn’t my 14 year old best friend just a week ago. I still don’t know how it happened, or if I’d take it back if I could, but I couldn’t help but feel alienated knowing I was the only one aware of my old friend. 

It all started one fateful day after school. Me and my buddy, Dan, were walking home from school when I found an ancient looking coin just off the sidewalk. I picked it up and threw it in my pocket, planning on giving it to my dad since he was an avid coin collector. I also wanted to do whatever I could to cheer him up considering how rough the past few months had been. My mom passed away earlier this year and we were both still pretty broken up about it. I had school and my friends to distract me, but my dad was still pretty depressed. When we got back to my house, all the lights were turned off and my dad was asleep on the couch with a beer bottle in hand. We tried not to pay attention to it and ran right up to my room. We were playing video games and snacking when we heard what sounded like quiet crying coming from downstairs. Dan awkwardly said he had to go to the bathroom while I sat there embarrassed for my dad. While my friend was taking a piss, I laid back and wished that my dad could be happy again. To my surprise, I felt the coin in my pocket vibrate and burst as a cloud of dust puffed out of my pocket. 

“T…Terry! Haa…help me!” I heard my friend scream from the bathroom. I got up and ran to the door, but it was locked. 

“Dan, it’s locked! What’s going on?” I asked nervously. 

“S- something’s happening to- meEEEEE…oooh…” Dan sounded weird, like he was half pleading and half moaning. His voice sounded older too, but not masculine. I heard a thump like he’d fallen down and peaked under the door to see what was happening. I barely saw his body twitching and growing through the slit at the floor, but the sounds coming through the door were concerning. I could faintly hear his joints popping and shifting through his moans. He looked like he was reaching for the door when he snapped back, his spine cracking inwards as his hips exploded outwards. I couldn’t see much other than his knees know, but I knew something else was happening to him. His legs began to inflate while a growing ass pushed him up off the floor. His breathing grew deep as something heavy began to grow on his chest, appearing to make him shiver in fear or delight. 

“Terry…I don’t want to be a…OHHH NOOOooohhhh…” he moaned again as he grabbed his crotch. His moans grew sultrier by the minute as something changed between his legs. I was beginning to put the pieces together, though I was not prepared for what I was about to see on the other side of that door.  Dan didn’t sound anything like himself anymore. He actually sounded like…my mom? The very thought sent shudders down my spine, especially as I listened to my friend poke his new crotch and quiver in ecstasy. 

“Dan! Open up! Are you okay?” The door opened without a word. I stood there in shock and looked up at my friend, who was now at least a foot taller than me. The height isn’t what scared me though. What scared me was the fact that I was looking up at my mom where my best friend used to be. 

“T…Terry, what happened to me?” He whimpered as he nervously looked over his new body. “Why am I dressed like this? Why are you looking at me like that?”

I didn’t know how to answer him. How could I tell him that he’d turned into my mom? My mind was spinning, though probably not as fast as his. He looked overwhelmed with the new feelings his body was sending him, like every part of him was softer and more sensitive. He awkwardly poked around at this older, feminie frame as he tried to ignore his new breasts and missing boyhood. He looked uncomfortable in the bikini that I still couldn’t figure out a reason for, let alone for him changing into my mom in the first place. Then I remembered my wish.

“Oh fuck, Dan, that coin I picked up earlier today? I…I think it was magic. I made a wish while you were in the bathroom and then THIS happened!”

“A wish? What could you have wished for that did this?!” He said, gesturing over his motherly body in confusion. 

“I…I wished for my dad to be happy again.”

“Your…dad…? Wait…”

Something seemed to click in both of our minds, much to our horror. That’s why he was wearing the bikini, why my mom was wearing a bikini, but moreover, that’s why he became my mom. That’s how my dad would find happiness again. Dan recoiled in shock as the wedding ring on his finger glinted, reminding him of his new life. I watched his eyes widen in terror as he began to panic. 

“Terry, stop this! Please! I can remember our wedding, our first kiss, our…oh god! Oohhh…” he moaned as new memories seemed to flood his mind. He was remembering, or learning,  what it was like to be with my dad, what it felt like to grow up as a woman, how it felt to be in love. The emotions on his face ran the gamut from terror to pleasure as he began to rub himself. A lifetime of sex, childbirth, raising a family, being a mother. I watched in horror as my friend began to give into the changes, smiling and moaning as he changed further and further into my mother. 

“Dan, fight it! You’re not my mo-”

“Son? What’s going on up there?” I panicked as I heard my father yelling up the stairs. I looked up at Dan as he heard my father too. I knew he wanted to fight what he felt coming on, the growing desire between his legs, but it was inevitable. My wish was coming true. He looked at me one last time as a friend, and as his eyes widened, his gaze morphed from friendly to motherly. 

“Oh, Terry, I know you’re scared. I was, too, but this is for the better. I’m your mother now, and I couldn’t be happier. This is a beautiful life, but I’ll always remember our time as friends. I’ll keep it in my dream journal so I never forget. Now, however, I need to fulfill your wish. I love my family, you, and your father. Now, go play games in your room while I give your father a treat.”

I was speechless as my friend hugged me and kissed me on my forehead before shooing me off to my room. The thing was, it actually felt like my mom. I was so confused, both happy and terrified by what just happened, and guilty of what I’d done to my friend. I peaked out of my bedroom to see my mom…Dan…standing at the top of the stairs and posing for my dad. 

“Dawn? You- you’re…looking fine today!” He exclaimed as he ran up to swoop “Dawn” off her feet. I guess my wish took care of that confusion. I heard them making more carnal noises downstairs, and against my better judgement, I saw my friend writhing in ecstasy around my father’s body. The scant clothes Dan had left were already on the ground. “Dawn” had wrapped her mouth around my father’s cock and was happily using her suppressed gag reflex and 30+ years of experience.

 It didn’t take long for my father to return the favor. Right after climax, he grabbed her and threw her back on the sofa. He wasted no time thrusting into his wife. She threw her hands back and arched her spine, quivering in so much pleasure she covered her face in shame and moaned. If that really was my friend anymore, he…she looked to be experiencing unimaginable pleasure. 

I closed my door and tried to ignore the moans echoing through the house. At least it was better than my dad’s crying. By the time I needed to eat dinner, I saw my mother and father sitting on the couch in their robes, caressing each other and laughing between kisses. They both looked legitimately happy, so I guess I was too, but that night, I couldn’t stop staring at the controller Dan was using for our games tonight. At least now my mom plays a lot more video games with me.