Cultural Appropriation (TG/AP)

Mike had waited too long to find a Halloween costume this year, but he was lucky enough to find a vaguely Japanese looking robe at a thrift shop after school. He breathed a sigh of relief as he decided that he could just go as a samurai while trick-or-treating with his friends. He even found a wooden toy sword in the thrift shop, completing his lazily thrown together outfit. He threw everything on and met up with his schoolmates at the front of the neighborhood just as the sun was going down. They mocked him for his last minute costume, but he didn’t care. He just wanted candy. They’d hit a few houses before Mike began to notice something weird going on with his robe, as if the pattern on it was shifting. 

Suddenly, he felt it tighten around his waist. He stopped dead in his tracks as his friends continued onto the next house. He reached down to loosen it when he noticed his fingernails had been painted a bright red. Not only that, but they were growing into pointed claws! He began to panic as his fingers began to crack, lengthening into pale, slender digits. He watched in terror as his whole body began to grow upwards and outwards, his bones popping beneath his tightening robe as his frame grew tall and feminine. He groaned with each passing second, looking years older in a matter of seconds. His breaths grew deep and sultry as his chest widened, while his voice became mature and alluring as his vocal chords tightened and aged. 

He stumbled around in shock as his spine cracked inwards, pushing his butt out as it began to inflate. His underwear began to tickle his sensitive skin as it morphed into a tight thong that was rapidly swallowed up by his growing ass cheeks. He grabbed at his crotch as the new garment tightened around it. The pressure only increased as his thighs grew thicker, squeezing his boyhood until he was about to scream. With a sudden burst of pleasure, he felt his crotch invert itself with a quiet squelching sound. He let out a womanly moan as brand new nerves activated between his legs, sending alien pleasures surging through his changing body. He began to sweat as he became aware of the emptiness between his legs, terrified by the aching desires beginning to come from the new opening in his crotch. He rubbed a delicate finger over the fleshy new lips of his dampening pussy, wrestling with the disgust and desire he was feeling. 

His heart rate continued to increase as his new ovaries pumped estrogen through his maturing body, rushing him through the opposite sex’s puberty in a matter of seconds. He could feel distant memories of laying with men getting closer with each passing moment. Suddenly, he felt a new pressure building in his chest, and the hormones flooding his mind altered him to what was coming. He pried open the top of his robe as new cleavage began to grow from his chest. His skin had grown unnaturally pale, as if covered by a layer of makeup, making it even more disturbing for him to watch two breasts growing out of his chest. He desperately tried to push them back in, but only managed to trigger more orgasmic sensations as he groped his growing breasts. The mounds of flesh quickly filled his hands, pushing the robe out and exposing his new cleavage to the chilly October air. His curvy new body was nearly complete, and as the young boy looked over himself in shock, he noticed that his friends had barely finished getting candy from the next house. He was about to call for them when he realized that his toy sword was beginning to change as well.

The wooden toy morphed into a stringed instrument he’d never seen before, but as he picked it up and plucked a string, the noise reverberated in his mind. Not only did he know that this was a Shamisen now, but he knew it was his grandmother’s. But, why would his grandmother have an instrument like this? He began to question his own thoughts, panicking as he felt his mind beginning to change. His hair lengthened as his face cracked and shifted. His features grew soft and feminine as his eyes widened and slanted, taking on an alluring Japanese visage. Makeup applied itself to his face, accentuating his new features even more. His long hair styled itself as various jewelry adorned his outfit. He looked like a perfect geisha now, just like his grandmother back in…Japan? 

He wanted to cry as his old memories began to shift, like one song ending and another beginning. He heard the Shamisen playing again, forcing more shifts in his mind as new knowledge seeped into his brain. He wanted to break the cursed instrument and rip the whole damned costume off, but he suddenly felt incredibly sentimental about it all. This was his family legacy. He loved dressing up as a Geisha and playing traditional music for the neighborhood kids every Halloween to honor his…her ancestors. He began to involuntarily play the instrument faster, growing more skillful with every note as a lifetime of practice ingrained itself into his mind. Memories of hanging out with his friends became memories of hanging out with other Asians in school. Talking about class gossip turned into practicing the English language with tutors. Having a crush on girls in his class shifted into a lifetime of romantic partners before finally finding a husband and moving out to the suburbs. He tried to remember his name as the other kids began walking back towards him. He was Mike…Mik…Mi…Ko…MIKO! She relented and shuddered as one final orgasmic wave washed over her body, finally embracing her new name, new life, and new heritage. 

She smiled and waved at the passing children as she played some haunting music on her Shamisen, moving like a ghost in her flowing robe as the adolescent boys tried to get a peak at what she was hiding underneath. She smirked at the young boys gawking at her and began to think of what her husband would do with her tonight. He always loved when she dressed as something…culturally appropriate. 

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