Rough Night (Tg/Ap)

I hate having to be babysat by my older brother. All Logan cares about is trying to impress the girls at his school. He doesn’t even want to watch movies or play video games with me anymore, he just talks with his friends about going to parties and meeting as many girls as possible. I can’t wait for this weekend to be over so I’m not stuck alone in the house with him. 

“Hey, Mitch, you need to take the trash out,” he yelled from his room.

“Ugh, okay…” I said with a groan. I dragged the container from the kitchen to the end of our driveway, holding my breath as I went. On my way back inside, I found a penny on the ground. I wasn’t superstitious, but I’d always heard you should make a wish at times like these. I pocket the penny and simply wished for me and my brother to have fun again. Before I even reached the front door, I felt something strange wash over me. 

I gasped as I felt myself suddenly grow nearly a foot in height. I felt like I was being stretched in all directions as I struggled to maintain balance. My limbs were flailing as I felt my joints popping and cracking, widening and lengthening in all the wrong places. I heard my clothes tear as my frame finally stopped growing, leaving me nearly as tall as my brother! I looked down at myself in shock, noticing how wide my hips had become and how toned my newly exposed abdomen was. Pins and needles surged across my body as I felt my muscles flex and grow, but I didn’t look any more…manly? Another tingling began to build behind me as I felt my butt beginning to expand, stretching my already tattered pants as it went. I wanted to puke as I watched my ass inflate, the alien weight jiggling with each sway of my new hips. 

Everything seemed to be happening faster than I could comprehend. Suddenly I felt a burning in my crotch, but before I could do anything about it, I felt my boyhood slipping up into my abdomen. I wanted to scream, but instead let out a disturbingly feminine moan as two fleshy lips swallowed up what was left between my legs. I was so confused, I didn’t know why any of this was happening, but I couldn’t deny that it was beginning to feel weirdly good. I’d never felt anything like this before, and the feelings coming from between my legs made me want to be touched down there. I slid a manicured finger between my new folds and moaned again, this time in an older, alluring voice. It felt like fireworks going off in my head. I couldn’t stop, every passing second felt better than the last. I only pulled my hand away from my dripping crotch when I felt something else happening on my chest. I looked down in horror as two mounds of flesh began to push their way out from behind my nipples. I moaned again as they hardened against the cool air, growing wider and larger as more weight hung from my chest. I cupped them as they stopped growing, marveling at the new sensations flowing through my body. I don’t know why I was enjoying this so much, I hadn’t even started thinking about girls yet, but becoming one was sending confusing signals through my maturing mind. 

I shook my head as my mind began to feel cloudy. I felt my growing hair tickle my neck as it turned silky and black. I grimaced as my skull shifted, my face gaining years of age as makeup applied itself to my feminine new features. Everything felt different, I could feel every little movement of my new lips and eyelids. Who was I becoming? What would I tell everyone? I didn’t want to be a girl, did I? 

Reality began to set in and I began to panic as I thought about what happened to me. I tried to cover up my naked body and run inside, but as soon as I walked through the front door I felt my clothes tighten around me, becoming a completely new outfit that hugged my new curves. 

“L…Logan? I need help…” I whimpered in my delicate new voice. 

“Who’s there? Mitch, are you- whoa…” he said as he walked out of his room. We locked eyes and I could feel something else changing. He began to look at me lustfully, like an animal stalking prey, while I began to feel a warmth growing between my legs. My heart dropped as he approached me, like I knew what was going to happen. He grabbed me and spun me around, feeling up every inch of my new body as his breathing grew heavier. I wanted to cry, this was all wrong…he was my brother! Suddenly, he grabbed my shirt and began to tear it open.

Ripped Shirt

“Logan, please!” I screamed. “It’s me, Mitch! Your brother!”

He didn’t listen. My breasts came spilling out and he immediately grabbed one. I wanted to punch him, but the feeling of being touched by a man caused me to quiver in pleasure. He kept grabbing at me, and while I tried my best to resist, I couldn’t help but feel more excited as the moments passed. Everything began to feel more…right…more…fun. That’s when I realized what was going to happen. My wish did this to me, to us, and this is all he thinks is fun these days. To my disgust, I was beginning to feel the same way.

He picked me up and threw me on the couch. I instinctively threw my ass up as he began to pull down my pants. I felt my new sex aching to be filled as the warmth spread across my body and into my mind. I wished for this…I wanted this…I needed to be fucked hard. He smacked my ass, sending my old memories into the back of my mind as a new personality began to grow between the synapses of my new brain. I liked it rough and kinky, and my brother…boyfriend knew it. He loved when I let him treat me like his little slut. I felt my knowledge of video game cheat codes be replaced with different sexual positions. All the comics I’d read morphed into lovers I’ve had over the years. A lifetime of experience flooded my mind as I rolled my eyes up, as if I was looking for my old self. All I could think about was how badly I needed his cock. 

“Oooh daddy, fuck me like the slut I am.” I moaned, staring up at him. 

“If you say so, Megan,” he said, plunging his cock into my new sex. More orgasmic explosions rolled through my head as I felt myself get filled. Hearing my name settled everything in my head. Finally, everything felt right. The twitch of his cock, the feeling of his flesh rubbing against mine, the smell of our love. I loved how he looked at me whenever we fucked, like I was something to be conquered. 

“Babe,” he said as he grabbed my wrist, “I hope you’re ready for a rough night.”

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