Lost & Found (Tg/Ap)

Cody was visiting the park with his family, struggling to keep his phone in his pocket lest he get yelled at by his parents for not engaging in “family time” or something. All the young boy wanted to do was scroll the feeds on his phone and check for new notifications. They’d only been walking around for 15 minutes, but he was already growing bored with the conversations his parents and older sister were having. Eventually, he said he had to go to the bathroom and broke off from the rest of them, making his way towards the public toilets. Just as we was about to enter the stalls, he heard a light crying from behind the building. He went to check it out and found a sad little girl calling for her mommy. He looked around and couldn’t find any adults looking for their children, but then the girl approached him and simply asked, “Mommy?”

He turned around and looked at the little girl as the word “mommy” seemed to resonate in his head. “No, sorry,” he said, shaking his head. “I’m not…her?” He trailed off as he noticed his hair growing into his eyesight. 


“No! I, what’s going on?” He said, panic growing in his voice. His face began to tingle as the little girl watched in delight. The young boy’s face was rapidly beginning to resemble someone familiar to her, causing her to clap in excitement as Cody looked on in horror. He grimaced as he felt his features shifting, becoming older and femenine. He began to cough as his voice changed in pitch, becoming soothingly deep and motherly. His panicked groans grew louder as his whole body began to ache, stretching and growing at an alarming rate. He looked down at the little girl as his perspective grew further and further away from her until she stood just below his waist. His limbs began to spasm as new fat and muscle began to sprout beneath his softening skin. He winced as his frame popped and cracked, leaving him with broader shoulders, wider hips, and a feminie curve just above his swelling ass. His old boy clothes had torn thanks to his rapid growth spurt, but they quickly melded into a more appropriate outfit. His moans began to grow more sensual as new undergarments slithered around his crotch and up his new peach-shaped ass. The final garment to materialize is what worried him the most; a massive silk bra to match the thong now wedged between his legs.

“Mommy! Hungry!” The little girl said excitedly. Before he could respond, Cody lurched forward as a massive weight began to grow from his chest. He looked down at his growing cleavage in shock, mesmerized by the feelings his new chest was sending through him. He began to tremble at the pleasure, stuck between the knowledge of how wrong it was and the feeling of ecstasy coursing through his veins. He nervously brought his feminine hands up to cup his growing breasts, cooing at the feeling of being touched there. He could barely grip them as they swelled with milk, but what terrified him the most was the sudden desire to have them suckled on. He looked down at the little girl who was watching him change with excitement, realizing now that he was becoming her mother. 

“No…please…I’m a boy…I’m not your mommy!” He cried. 

“Haha, not yet you’re not!” The little girl said with a smile. Cody hunched over as he felt another warm sensation spreading across his abdomen. The little boy couldn’t fathom what was happening inside of him, but he felt something changing. His stomach gurgled as his organs shifted around his growing womb. He let out another sensual moan as his boyhood began to slip between his legs, finally relieving the pressure that his new undergarments were putting on his crotch. The feelings flooding his mind were indescribable, especially for a young boy. He’d never even masturbated before, but it suddenly felt like he’d had decades of experience…just as the opposite sex. Orgasmic sparks clouded his mind, nearly making him forget who he was. 

He’d barely noticed the new memories popping up in his head, fixated completely on the warm, moist feelings coming from the alien organ between his legs. It suddenly felt good to think of himself as someone else, to think of this body as his. Memories of kissing, of being touched by a man, of carrying the little girl in front of him in his womb for months all materialized in his mind, and the pleasure only increased the more he focused on the new parts of his mind. Maternal instincts wormed their way into the boy’s mind, pushing his old desires deep into the back of his head. He didn’t want to look at his phone anymore, he only wanted to look at his family…his daughter. 

“Mommy! Mommy!” The little girl screamed as she reached for the chest of the new woman. Cody jerked as he felt the little girl tugging at his chest, exposing his new breasts to the cool breeze. Cody looked down at the little girl, shocked and fighting a growing desire to hold her up to his exposed nipple. The little girl needed to feed and he needed…to…be…milked. Cody looked at the little girl one last time as his eyes shimmered, changing into the same shade as her’s. He didn’t see a little girl anymore, he only saw his daughter. Her daughter. This was her life now, and this was her beautiful daughter, Daisy. 

Cody relented and gave into his new role, finally embracing the motherhood thrust upon her. She was Cody…Co…Caroline, loving mother to a beautiful daughter, and dutiful wife to a husband back home. Her life as Cody quickly drifted into the recesses of her mind, becoming a mere vestige that she was happy to lock away for the sake of her daughter. She brought Daisy up to her chest and smiled as she felt the little girl tickling her tit as she sucked and searched for mommy’s milk. A loving warmth spread through her as she continued to remember the rest of her new life, realizing that the years she lost were worth it for what she had now. She kissed her daughter on the forehead and smiled, content with her new life. To her surprise, another family wandered behind the bathroom building and apologized for walking in on her feeding time. They said they were looking for their son.

“Oh, don’t worry. I’m sure he’s fine. I know the feeling, though. I almost lost this little one earlier today,” Caroline said with a smirk. 

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