Dungeon Tales: Slime (Slime Girl TF TG Story)

The boy shifted around uncomfortably as he slowly regained consciousness. He grumbled as his senses returned one by one. He felt the cool, dank air breezing over his skin as a musky scent filled his nostrils. He heard foreign voices echoing off the dungeon walls as they spoke to each other in an unfamiliar language. His eyes slowly began to open, widening in shock and confusion as they took in his surroundings. His first instinct was to run, but quickly realized that his arms had been restrained above his head with a pair of old iron cuffs. Panic began to set in as he struggled to remember how he’d arrived in a place like this. The last thing he remembered was hanging out with his friends and playing a new tabletop RPG called “Dungeon Tales” with his friends. Their party was exploring a dungeon in-game when one of his friends pulled out a glowing dice, claiming that it would make the game more immersive. He remembered seeing someone roll it on the table before a bright flash overtook the room, and then he awoke here. He heard the voices continuing to speak with each other as his eyes darted around the prison cell for their source, but could only make out a few cloaked figures standing on the other side of the iron bars sealing him in. 

“H- hey! Where am I?! I’m not supposed to be here! I didn’t do anything!” His words garnered no reaction from the figures observing him. 

“P- please! This must be a mistake!” He yelled and rattled his chains, but his actions were futile. He watched the figures gesture towards him and raise their voices, as if they were arguing about what to do with him. His heart sank as he watched one pull out a dagger from beneath its robes, but breathed a brief sigh of relief as another figure scold the dagger wielding one until it returned the blade beneath its cloak. He figured he must be dreaming as the scenario felt more and more like something that would happen in one of his group’s roleplaying sessions, but everything felt too real to be happening in his mind. After a few more moments of deliberation, he watched them all nod in agreement before one of the figures walked over to a lever and pulled it. 

He heard a series of ancient gears clunking to life as bricks in the cell were moved aside, creating openings in the floor and wall, though none large enough for him to escape through. He stared at the openings in terror as a sickly bubbling sound began to rise out of them. His eyes widened in shock and confusion as a viscous purple goo was pumped into the dungeon. It smelled like the latex gloves in a doctor’s office, and it moved like a living liquid. As the strange substance covered the floor and dripped down the wall behind him, he began to scream at his captors.

“W- what is this stuff!?! Please, I didn’t do anything! I’m sorry for whatever I did! Please, just let me out of here! I don’t want to drown!” Again, the figures did not react. They simply observed. The boy was overcome with fear and anger as he watched his captors stand there motionless. He was certain he would drown here as the purple substance nearly covered his bottom half, but it quickly became clear that this liquid was not meant for a simple execution. The goo began to drip down his arms, causing his skin to tingle wherever it made contact. He shook his body violently, trying to get it off, but the substance only seemed to cling to his skin tighter. He shivered as it dripped down his sleeves and past his armpits, concentrating around his ribcage. He felt it beginning to congeal, like it was forming a second skin over his own, before it suddenly contracted around his diaphragm. He screamed as the air was forced from his lungs, causing his captors to lean in for a better look. He took a deep breath in as his spine began to pop, elongating his torso as his ribcage was forcefully pulled outwards by the goo. He grit his teeth as more sickly cracks came from his growing body. The substance began to eat away at his clothes as it continued to drip down his midriff, shaping and lengthening it as it went. Even stranger than his body growing, though, was the sensation of his body fat being squeezed and pushed up into his chest. He stared at his captors through clenched teeth as he felt two small breasts stretching out against his dissolving shirt.

“NNGHH! What’re you doing?! What’s happening to me!? Why- HNGG!” His growing nipples blasted his mind with confusing sensations as they rubbed against his tightening shirt. He strained against his restraints, desperate to stop this from going any further. He knew what the growths on his chest were, but couldn’t bring himself to admit it. However, as the goo continued to mold his body, the weight on his chest was impossible to ignore. His shirt was nearly gone, exposing his swelling breasts to the cool dungeon air and causing his nipples to harden. The substance slithered around his jiggling breasts and began to massage them, as if it was forcing him to acknowledge the alien sensations coursing through his body. He shut his eyes, refusing to look at the mounds of flesh hanging off his chest, but couldn’t stop himself from letting out a few muffled moans through his clenched jaw. He began to blush and sweat as the pleasure became overwhelming. Once his breasts stopped growing, the slime began to drip down his midriff towards his crotch.

He began to tremble as the warm, tingling substance made its way into his pants. He wanted to cry as he felt himself getting hard. The goo slithered around his shaft, almost feeling like a warm hand as it gently mimicked a stroking motion. He began to moan in a mix of pleasure and agony, reluctant to accept that he was enjoying any part of this. The substance ate away at his jeans, relieving the pressure his pants were putting on his growing thighs. He felt himself moving closer to climax as the goo covered his balls, sending more warm, tingling sensations through his crotch. Just as he was about to cum, he felt one of his balls suddenly slip up into his abdomen. The feeling was indescribable, and to his shame, it made him cum harder than he ever thought possible. He felt his muscles contracting as spurts of jizz shot out of his dick, his other testicle slipping up mid climax. Each convulsion came with another load, and unlike the orgasms he’d had while masturbating, this pleasure only seemed to be increasing. His dick shortened with every spurt until there was no sperm left in his body. He was screaming in confusion and ecstasy as he felt his dick get reduced to a tiny nub of nerves between his legs. Just as he thought it was over, he felt a new orifice open between his thighs as his former dick moved up to take its place as his new clitoris. The sensations were overwhelming, causing the boy’s knees to buckle. Held up only by his restraints, he felt his new pussy begin to drip as drool leaked from the corners of his mouth. Seemingly satisfied with its work, the goo began to slither into the quivering prisoner’s vagina.

As the substance began to coat his insides, he felt the tingling warmth on his skin spreading within him. He looked down past his cleavage to see the goo entering his new sex and gasped as he realized that his skin was turning the same purple shade as the substance. His pants dissolved away to reveal his thick new thighs and wide new hips, but as the sensations spread down his legs, he witnessed something even more horrifying than breasts or a pussy. His legs were seemingly dissolving as well! He screamed in his new feminine voice as he felt his very molecules changing. His skin, muscles, and bones were all being converted into the same viscous liquid that filled his cell, but to his horror and confusion, he could still feel the lower half of his body. It didn’t feel like his feet and legs anymore, but as his limbs continued to melt into the pool of slime, he could feel himself spreading out across the floor. He didn’t know how, but he was becoming acutely aware of every brick, every little nook and cranny that the substance had covered. He pleaded one last time with his captors as the changes spread up his torso, but they continued to watch silently as the former boy was assimilated into the mysterious substance. He felt his very flesh beginning to drip away as its structure became fluid. Globs of slime rolled off his heaving breasts like the tears rolling down his cheeks.

He thrashed around as the sensations crept over the last of his flesh. He felt himself losing any form as his muscles, bones, and skin merged into the same gooey substance. Even his hair had begun to melt into his head as his facial features grew soft and malleable. He tried to grab at his face as his nose and mouth melted away, afraid that he was about to suffocate but not realizing that he hadn’t been breathing since his lungs were converted. He threw his head back in a panic as his eyes merged into the rest of him, plunging him into darkness as his brain finally began to change. He didn’t understand how he was still conscious and feeling despite his whole body becoming some strange liquid, but soon he wouldn’t care. He wanted to scream, but had no mouth. He wanted to cry, but had no eyes. He wanted to think, but had no brain. The mental image he had of himself began to morph as his mind molded to his new form. He was beginning to think of himself not as a singular entity, a single human boy, but as a concept. He felt like a force of nature, a formless being that must be forced into a shape. He felt his body continuing to melt away and struggled to keep himself from dissolving entirely, suddenly aware that shapes were beginning to form in the liquid beneath him. His eyes were gone, but as his mind stretched across the entirety of the slime, he realized he could see better than he ever could as a human. The rattle of the chains reminded him that he was still restrained, but his expanded consciousness helped him realize that nothing could contain him anymore.

He knew it was the only way to escape, so with a reluctant farewell to his humanity, the boy embraced his new existence as a slime creature and let go of any forms he was clinging to in his head. His human mind melted away, his consciousness spreading across every molecule of the slime he’d become. He felt his male identity merging with his feminine shape as the concept of a singular identity became irrelevant. He was a she, she was an it, and it no longer felt any fear. The once humanoid figure began to dissolve completely, slipping out of its restraints like water until all that was left was a bubbling pool of slime. The cloaked figures whispered to each other in hushed tones, seemingly unsure of what had happened, or if their prisoner was even alive anymore. They had no idea that the once human boy was more alive than ever. The new slime creature bubbled and twitched as it adapted to its new consciousness, its mind swimming through the formless pool of its new flesh. Suddenly, to the surprise of its captors, a faceless figure began to rise out of the liquid. The creature focused on the last physical form it had taken and reconstructed itself, finding pleasure in shaping its feminine curves. Despite a lack of facial features, the slime creature maliciously stared at the ones who’d turned it into this monster. It could feel their fear growing, and it was satisfying. 

The creature continued to rise out of the liquid, consolidating it as it shaped its own body. It gave itself a mouth filled with rows of monstrous fangs as it smirked at its observers. Its fingers grew out into razor sharp claws as it remembered the feelings of fear and anger it felt upon waking up in this place. It recalled the desires it had as a human boy to kill the ones who’d chained him up and ignored his pleas for mercy. The slime creature grinned wider as it elongated its torso, forcing two extra arms out of itself. It let out a monstrous, gurgling laugh as it raised its four claws, causing the observers to back away from the prison cell. They gave no mercy to their prisoner, and the creature would give no mercy to its prey.

The monster approached the trembling observers, its malleable form slipping between the prison cell bars with ease. They tried to run, but there was no escape. The slime monster had them cornered, approaching one wet, sloppy footstep at a time. Like an animal toying with its prey, the creature widened its mouth and let a long, monstrous tongue slither down to its chest. It was having fun inducing the same fear and panic to its captors that they had caused it as a human. The cloaked figures were on their knees begging for mercy in that odd language, but the creature didn’t understand or care. It instinctively knew that biological material is what it needed to feed and grow, and it was hungry. 

The monster cut them down with ease, its claws carving through their flesh like a warm knife through butter. One of them actually tried to put up a fight, stabbing the creature with a dagger, but the only thing they accomplished was making the creature chuckle. Its slimy flesh simply formed around the blade in its abdomen, and without any internal organs, there was nothing to injure. As the last of the captors bled out, the slime spread itself over their corpses and began to feed. It melted away their clothes and converted their flesh into more purple goop. It felt its strength growing and an internal satisfaction that was most like the feeling it got after eating a delicious meal as a human. As the creature digested, it began to wonder just how much control it had over not just its form, but its feelings. It recalled the intense pleasures of its transformation and the ecstasy of its sexual traits changing. It began to absorb the freshly converted slime back into itself, directing it to its chest and thighs and quivering with pleasure as it felt its feminine curves growing. It concentrated on the nerves in its chest, sprouting even more pleasure centers behind its swelling nipples. It did the same thing for the spot between its legs, doubling the nerve endings in its clitoris. It reverted back to a feminine humanoid form and began to rub itself, wondering if it could still orgasm as this slime creature. It didn’t take long to discover that orgasms in this new form are not only possible, but even more intense than what could ever be felt by a human. The creature came so hard that it lost concentration on its form, moaning in rapture as it melted back into its liquid state. The creature’s mind was literally swimming in pleasure.

Still reeling from its first inhuman orgasm, the slime creature decided that it liked being a girl, at least for the time being. It began to reconstitute itself as its voluptuous figure rose from the goo puddle. She moaned in pleasure as she focused on her chest and ass, allocating more of herself to her curvaceous figure as her chest and butt swelled to her desire. She couldn’t believe how good it felt to mold herself like this, or that she was ever a human and bound to exist as a single form. She had no desire to become human again, instead reveling in the power she now possessed. Her mind raced with possibilities, wondering what shape she could take while waiting for the next unsuspecting victim to wander into her dungeon. A flash of her human interests crossed her mind as a devious smirk spread across her face. She had always liked dragons as a boy, which explained the interest in tabletop RPGs, but now she could BE a dragon. She concentrated on her shifting form, arching her back and moaning as she felt draconic appendages beginning to sprout. She shaped a tail above her jiggling ass, commanding the outer layer of her flesh to harden into scales. Next, a pair of wings began growing just below her shoulders. It was quite the effort to shape herself into something she’d never seen in real life, but her self induced metamorphosis felt so good.

Her wings continued to extend as she began to force her face outward into a draconic snout. She thought about her favorite dragon designs, pulling elements from each to shape her own body. Her fingers extended into beastly claws as her toes curled into talons. Her moans grew deeper as she widened her diaphragm until she sounded like an ancient beast from her favorite video games. She thrashed her tongue around her elongating mouth as it forked at the tip, reveling in how sharp her teeth were becoming. It felt even better than when she gave her clit extra nerves. 

She retracted her sizeable breasts and forced the flesh into muscle, giving her the strength of a proper dragon. She flapped her wings in excitement, realizing that she could actually fly now. Her legs began to shift into a quadrupedal form as her snout finished elongating. She gave herself a pair of draconic eyes and a pair of reptilian nostrils as her fangs settled into place. Her whole body quivered as she forced a series of spikes out of her back and up her neck, crowning her head with them and moaning in satisfaction. She was nearly complete.

With a bestial roar, she used the remainder of her dripping flesh to grow her body to the appropriate size for a legendary beast. Her flesh tightened into powerful muscle, filling her with the draconic strength she wanted. She stood up on her new legs, the dungeon rumbling with every step she took. She let out a satisfied growl as she reveled in her new power, looking around at her new home and imagining the fear of any adventurers unlucky enough to cross her path. She thought about everything that had just transpired, still not sure of how any of this happened, but she was certainly glad it did. She loved tabletop RPGs when she was just a nerdy human boy because they let you be whoever and whatever you wanted to be in the game, but now she literally could be whatever she wanted. She could be a seductive slime monster, a giant draconic beast, a curvaceous nymph, or even a nerdy little boy if she ever wanted to reminisce. She was living her fantasy, and she was happier, and hungrier, than ever before.