Feral Flu Case Files: Cow (TF TG AP Sequence)

Wanted to make a sequence to really highlight growth/size change and give myself a little more space to narrate. Please enjoy this busty bovine transformation!

Image Text:

It had been 48 hours since the lockdown began, and ben was living safely with his parents. they’d all strictly adhered to the guidelines by remaining indoors, and luckily they’d gone grocery shopping the day before the outbreak began. They kept the tv on 24/7 for any updates regarding the situation, so when ben heard the breaking news chime he made his way from the kitchen to the living room with his freshly poured milk in hand. he took a sip just as the anchor revealed that animal products may be contaminated. his eyes widened in shock as he felt droplets of milk dripping down the sides of his gaping mouth. He was about to yell for his parents, but the virus had already begun to run its course. He looked down in terror as his toes hardened into hooves, bursting through his socks and scratching the wood floor. His bones cracked as he grew older, the virus accelerating the effects of the growth hormones given to dairy cows. His spine stretched out as a bovine tail burst through his pants. his chest began to swell with milk as his thighs grew with fat and muscle. spotted fur spread up his changing body as his head began to ache. more cracks echoed through the room as his face pushed out into a bovine snout. small horns grew through his hair as his ears stretched and twitched, like they were swatting flies away from his eyes. he trembled as he felt confusing sensations coming from his abdomen, as if he was sprouting new nipples. his growing udders rubbed against his constricting clothing as his crotch began to invert. the young boy’s mind couldn’t c comprehend the sensations he was feeling and began to make sounds like a mix of feminine moans and bovine moos. As his clothes finally tore away from his swelling body, he felt milk beginning to leak out of his breasts and udders. The feeling was orgasmic, and it relieved him of any fears he’d held about his transformation. He quivered in ecstasy as he embraced his new form. she smiled as her old life dripped out her mind like the milk she was so effortlessly producing. she knew her milk could help people, and she wanted to share it with as many humans as possible‚Ķstarting with her former parents‚Ķ