Feral Flu Case Files: Hyena (FTM TF TG Sequence)

Heard some folks wanted to see a FTM transformation 😉

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Helen looked out the window as she watched her husband heading back to the virology lab. Knowing that he’d be gone for another few days, she nervously pondered the news coming from Opossum City. Like most people, she hated the idea of having to deal with another lockdown, but it sounded like the outbreak had been contained within the city limits. She was thankful she moved out to the countryside with her husband a few months ago, especially after seeing the footage of the city where she used to live. It was a bit scary how quickly the government was able to erect a barricade around the city, but she was glad that none of the infected were able to get out. She still didn’t quite believe what she’d heard about the virus, that it was turning people into human-animal hybrids, but the footage on the news certainly seemed convincing. She worried about her friends that still lived in the city and hoped none of them had been infected yet, but took solace in the fact that her husband was one of the leading biologists working on a cure. She’d been lonely for the past few days as her husband was understandably in the lab 24/7, relentlessly testing samples of the virus just to glean an understanding of how it functioned. He’d only been home to visit once since the outbreak began, but unfortunately for the married couple, it would be a few days before they learned that the virus was resistant to the lab’s sanitation techniques…

Helen tried to ignore the dull ache pulsing through her muscles, thinking she was just fatigued from everything going on. She paced around the house as her clothes got tighter, her swelling musculature becoming visible beneath her sweater. She thought the constricting feeling of her garments was just her imagination, but as the delicate threads began to tear, she realized that something was very wrong. Her biceps bulged with strength as her sleeves began to tear away. She grabbed at her shirt, noticing her nails beginning to grow long and discolored. Her shoulders broadened as her back muscles swelled, tearing her shirt down the middle. Her panic only increased as she looked down and realized that her nose was not only turning black, but growing further and further into her field of view. Her skin began to itch as patches of spotted fur sprouted from her pores, rapidly spreading down her face and neck. Her breasts tingled as they were pushed into her chest by her tightening shirt, the fat hardening into muscle as they shrank. She squealed as she felt a tail sprout from her back and burst out of her jeans. New muscles growing at the base of her spine twitched as her new appendage waged with excitement. She wanted to call her husband, but the changes were happening too fast for her to keep focused.

The floor shook as she stumbled around the room in a panic, her body gaining pounds of muscle by the second. Her feet cracked into canine paws as her height increased nearly half a foot. Her clothes continued to tear away as nearly 80 pounds of additional muscle bulged from her trembling body. Her breasts had fully hardened into pectorals that would make a bodybuilder blush. Her abs rippled beneath her furry skin as she began to hyperventilate, her breaths almost beginning to sound like beastly laughter. She grabbed at her ears as they moved up her head, elongating and accentuating the visceral sounds coming from her changing body. Her teeth cracked and shifted along with her growing snout as drool began to drip between her newly minted fangs. Her tail continued to grow long and fluffy as it wagged uncontrollably, knocking her interior decorations over as a confusing excitement began to build within her. She shook her head in confusion as animalistic urges filled her mind. She wanted to mate, to breed, to spread her seed to as many people as possible. She was confused by her growing desires since she didn’t think she had any seed to spread, but soon felt her crotch beginning to tingle. The nerves in her clit stretched out as a throbbing shaft began to grow between her legs. Her insides shifted around as new skin formed between her legs, her ovaries sliding out of her and into a new ball sack. Her growing cock only got harder as it pressed up against what was left of her jeans, throbbing with desire against the straining fabric. She tried to stay focused, to think of her husband, but the thought of him only filled her with more lust. She tried to suppress a laugh, but as her brain was flooded with testosterone, she couldn’t help but find her situation comical. Her fear was being replaced with masculine confidence, and it felt good.

It didn’t take long for Helen to give in to the intoxicating sensations of her new body. She felt so much stronger, so much faster, and so much scarier. She didn’t have to fear walking home alone at night anymore. She was the predator, and she’d never felt more free. She ripped her tattered pants open with ease, reveling in her newly gained strength as she teased her throbbing cock with her nails. As precum began to dribble to the floor amongst her tattered sweater, the new hyena couldn’t help but laugh. He felt so good now, why was he ever afraid of becoming this? He thought about the man he was once married to, the one working on a cure for this virus. Deep, bestial laughter filled the room as he noticed how much smaller everything was now. He used to have to look up at his lover, but now the man’s head barely came up to his chest. He couldn’t wait for the human to come home so he could show that silly scientist that there was nothing to cure. Humanity had its time. The future was feral.