Feral Flu Case Files: Eagle (TF Sequence)

Okay, last Feral Flu entry for a bit. No TG this time, just a woman transforming into a big, beautiful eagle 🦅🦅🦅

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Emily needed to get out. She’d been stuck in her house for 3 days straight after the quarantine began to spread across the state once reports of the virus breaching the city limits started rolling in. She lived pretty far from any metropolitan areas, but still followed quarantine procedures to be safe. It didn’t take long for her to start missing nature, so one day she decided to drive out to the valley and get some fresh air. She nervously looked around to make sure nobody else was nearby before starting her walk down the dirt path. She felt relaxed for the first time in days, but that feeling wouldn’t last long. Perhaps a bird had carried the virus from the city to her remote part of the state, or maybe even just an insect, but as Emily began to feel her skin tingling, she knew she’d somehow been infected. She stopped dead in her tracks as her body began to ache. Her shoes began to feel tighter as her feet cracked and stretched into razor sharp talons. The hardening skin crawled up her calves as tiny feathers began to sprout from her pores. She looked down as her new talons began to tear through her sneakers, noticing that her clothes were beginning to feel tighter. Her hips cracked out to cartoonish proportions as her thighs swelled with fat and muscle, ripping through her jeans with ease. Her breasts began to grow with the rest of her curves, the sensation feeling surprisingly pleasurable as they nearly spilled out of her straining top. She struggled to balance as the weight of her chest continued to increase, but as she spread her arms to keep stable, she felt even more feathers sprouting. She watched in shock as her fingers merged and elongated, growing into a single wing joint. The brown feathers spread down her new appendages as they grew, capturing more wind as she flailed around in a panic and nearly lifting her off the ground. She went cross-eyed as she felt her nose beginning to harden, rapidly stretching out from her face and merging with her lips as avian screams began to come from her new beak. She wanted to cry as her hair began to fall away, but as her face was covered with thick, white feathers, she felt something beginning to soothe her fear. Her tattered clothes fell away as her skin was wrapped in layers of plumage. Her spine cracked as an avian tail grew above her jiggling ass, helping her balance. Her arms stretched out into powerful wings as she felt new instincts taking root in her mind. She dug her talons into the dirt as strength and endurance filled her body. Her fearful whimpers turned to satisfied moans as she realized what she was capable of now. Her old life suddenly seemed so boring. She felt powerful, majestic, and horny. She needed a mate, but given her new body, she knew it wouldn’t take long to find one. The new eagle let out a satisfied sigh as she took in all her new senses, spreading her wings and preparing to take flight. She was ready to soar.