Fertility Yogurt (TG/AP/Preg)

Brent was spending the afternoon at his older brother’s
apartment. Dave, his brother, had just broken up with his fiancé, Jessica, so
Brent was hanging out with him to keep him company. The two had spent a few
hours watching TV and playing video games, but Brent could tell that his older
brother was still broken up. Brent wasn’t really old enough to understand what
Dave was going through seeing as he hadn’t even dated a girl before, but he was
just hoping that being there for Dave would be enough to get him through his

Dave, I’m getting kind of hungry. Do you have anything to eat?”

sure, but there might be something in the fridge.”

got up and checked the fridge. It was mostly full of condiments and old deli
meat, letting Brent know that Jessica probably did most of the grocery
shopping. However, Brent did find a single yogurt container that hadn’t expired
yet. He tore off the lid and scarfed the yogurt down without even looking at what
flavor it was. Upon finishing it, he noticed that the label said it was
formulated specifically for women who were “expecting”. Not entirely sure what
that meant, he shrugged and tossed the container in the trash. However, as he
was about to leave the kitchen, he felt a warm sensation beginning to come from
his stomach. The sensation spread across his body as he rapidly began to grow
outwards and upwards. Pops and cracks echoed through the apartment as his
skeleton grew, leaving Brent at least a foot taller and with a slightly
feminine looking frame.

You need to see this!” Brent yelled. Dave ran into the kitchen and looked at
his changing brother in shock. “I think I’m getting older – ack!” Brent grunted
as his limbs extended to adult proportions. His clothes began to tear as his
body continued to grow, leaving him partially naked and slightly embarrassed.
With another loud crack, his hips grew outwards to childbearing proportion.

shit, it’s actually working…” Dave mumbled in awe. Brent heard his brother’s
remark, but before he could react he felt another tingling coming from his
chest. He let out an uncontrollable moan as his nipples began to grow larger,
rubbing against the tattered fabric of his shirt and sending alien pleasures
coursing through his body. Fat quickly began to build beneath his nipples,
forming two sizeable breasts that tore his shirt off and hung alluringly off
his chest. Terrified, he looked at his brother, but saw that Dave was simply
staring at his new breasts and smirking.

What did you mean by ‘it’s actually working’? Did you do this to m- oooohhhhhh…”
Brent began to moan again, this time with a slightly deeper feminine voice, as
his ass began to inflate. He looked behind him and watched as his growing ass
shredded what was left of his pants. His attention quickly moved to his groin
as his prepubescent member began to tingle in ways he’d never felt before. He
watched in horror as his member began to retract into his abdomen, tickling and
sending more alien pleasures coursing through his body as it slipped between
the flesh between his legs. Soon he was left with a slightly damp clit,
something that he was entirely unfamiliar with. He reached a hand down and
touched the lips of his new vagina out of curiosity, but recoiled when it sent
more unfamiliar feelings through his changing body. He felt his organs shift
around as his new sex became fully functional, complete with ovaries and a

              He heard
his pants tear completely as his thighs thickened, and with a few more pops he
saw his feet grow into a pair of dainty, perfectly pedicured female feet. He
noticed his brother staring at his feet as he flexed and stretched them, and
for some reason Brent suddenly knew that Dave had a foot fetish.

is this happening?” he moaned between his heavy panting.

little bro, but Jessica and I were meant to be together. That yogurt was meant
for a friend, but you ate it first, and now you’re going to make my life whole

felt like he was going to be sick. He couldn’t believe his brother would do
this to him. He wanted to scream in anger and run out the door, but before he
could yell for help he felt his skull begin to reshape. Dave watched and smiled
as Brent’s face shifted and cracked, becoming a perfect replica of his fiancé’s.
Brent felt a tickle run down his naked back as his hair grew long and flowing.
He couldn’t see himself, but he remembered what Jessica looked like and could
tell that he looked exactly like her.

it over?” Brent asked hesitantly. “I’m your brother! Did you think I’d just
fall in love with you? We’re family! ‘m a boy! What the fuck is wrong with
you?!” Brent yelled using adult language he’d never used before.

there’s a few more things…” Dave said wryly. “I don’t think you knew this, but
Jessica was pregnant.”

eyes widened at the revelation, and just as he was about to shove his brother,
his new ovaries released a flood of hormones. His mind was assaulted with new
thoughts and memories, most of which involved falling in love with Dave. Brent
tried to fight the flood of information entering his mind, but was quickly
distracted by a sensation growing in his abdomen. He looked down and watched in
horror as his belly began to bulge. He wanted to believe that this was all a
nightmare, but his brother walked over to him and placed a firm hand on his
growing belly. He felt his stomach grow even more as his tits suddenly began to
swell. They grew heavy as they filled with milk, putting him slightly off
balance. He reached the third trimester of pregnancy in a matter of seconds,
but as horrified as we was of his new body, he suddenly began to feel
comfortable as his brother caressed him. He wanted to fight his changing mind,
but the more he stared at his brother, the more comfortable he began to feel.

your brother…” Brent moaned as Dave slowly began to lay him on the floor. Dave
silently stared into his eyes, knowing full well that the mental changes were
almost complete. Dave rubbed a hand against Brent’s rapidly moistening pussy,
making it even harder for Brent to fight. Pleasure coursed through his fertile
body as memories of getting pregnant forced their way into his head. Thoughts
of breastfeeding and childcare suddenly made him excited even though he knew
they shouldn’t. He was going to be a mother, and as much as he hated the
thought, he felt overcome with excitement by the mere thought of raising a
family with Dave. Without warning, Dave thrust his rock hard cock into his
pussy, sending new levels of pleasure coursing through his mature new body. He
wanted to scream.

stop…” he moaned as he gave in to the pleasure. He began to revel Dave’s
domination of him, smiling more and more as his breasts bounced up and down as
Dave continued to thrust. His pupils dilated as the name Jessica took over his
mind. He accepted his new life as waves of ecstasy rolled over him, finally resigning
himself to being his brother’s fiancé. She looked her lover in the eyes and
smiled as she remember just how attractive he was. As they both began to sweat,
she pulled her lover’s face closer to hers and smiled in ecstasy. She teased
his lips with her tongue, causing him to thrust even faster. She was going to
be a wife and a mother, and while she smiled at the thought of motherhood, she
couldn’t wait for the next time her future husband would fuck her this well.

              She let
out a sensual moan as he grunted in pleasure, both of them climaxing at the
same time. She smiled as she felt his cum drip out of her pussy. He caressed
her swelling breasts and belly, smiling and kissing her on the cheek. He was so
happy to have Jessica back and couldn’t wait to be a father. He felt a little
bad about his little brother, but the look on Jessica’s face told him that his
former brother was okay with the changes. Jessica smiled and leaned over to
Dave before whispering into his ear, “Oh, babe…that was amazing. You’re
amazing. And I’ll always be there for you.”