The Cool Kids (TG/AP)

I had always wanted to be friends with the upperclassmen in
school. I mean, who didn’t? They always seemed so cool; talking back to
teachers, smoking cigs during recess, and sometimes ditching class entirely.
But the one time I tried to talk to them they all just made fun of how young I
was. After that, I tried to avoid them and keep my head down, but I always
envied them. One day I accidentally walked into the detention room where they
were all hanging out. Embarrassed, I looked around for a teacher to ask for
directions to the classroom I was supposed to be in, but there were no teachers
in the room. I was about to turn and leave, but one of the boys walked up
behind me and blocked the door.

where you going little guy? Don’t you want to hang out with us?” he asked me
with a smirk.

sure, I guess…but I should really get to class soon,” I said nervously.

this little guy seems pretty nervous. Let’s try giving him the ‘water’,” he
said to another boy with a wink. I saw one of them pull an unmarked bottle out
of his backpack and walk over to me. He asked if I was thirsty, but before I
could respond he began to pour the contents of the bottle over my head. They
all started laughing and I tried to wipe the water out of my eyes. I wanted to
cry, but as I rubbed my face I began to notice how long my hair seemed. My
parents normally took me to get a haircut every two weeks, but for some reason
I felt my hair tickling my neck. I looked up at the upperclassmen towering over
me and was about to ask what was in the bottle, but a sudden pressure began to
build in my legs and I shot up nearly a foot in height. In a matter of seconds
I was almost eye level with the boys, but the sudden growth spurt made me a
little disoriented. I looked around at the boys and noticed that they had
stopped laughing. Instead, they were simply staring at me with grins of
excitement growing on their faces. I was beginning to get nervous, but before I
could run and find help I felt my bones beginning to grow again. My body felt
like putty as my frame grew outwards. I heard my shoulders crack as they
widened, and at the same time I felt the joints in my arms and hands pop as
they grew long and feminine. A final loud crack could be heard as my hips shot
outwards, and as I stumbled around the room in a panic I noticed how much more
my new hips swayed with each step. I had never paid much attention to the older
girls in school since they were always just talking about boys, makeup, and
other lame stuff, but I could tell that I was beginning to look like one of
them. I wanted to scream at the thought of becoming an icky girl, but as I
exhaled all that came out was a girly sounding moan.

              “Oh man,
he sounds like he’s gonna be a sexy one,” I heard one of the boys say. I wanted
to slap him, but before I could turn around I felt a tingling sensation coming
from my chest. I looked down at my soaked shirt and saw that my nipples were
growing bigger. Not only were they growing bigger, but it looked like they were
beginning to poke out of my white shirt too. I reached up to cover them from
the boys’ staring, but as I touched one I felt something really good course
through my body. I touched them again, pinching them a little this time and let
out another moan. I had never felt anything like this before, but I immediately
wanted more. As I pinched my nipples and continued to moan, I felt my chest
beginning to push out into my hands. Pretty soon I was cupping two boobs in my
hands, and as much as I wanted to fight these changes, I couldn’t help but
indulge in the pleasurable effects of my changing body. I gave each boob a
squeeze and felt more tingles of pleasure run through my body, causing me to
giggle and moan. A warm sensation began to come from my belly, and I looked
down past my new boobs just in time to see a layer of muscle form at my
midriff. My shirt was already too small for my growing body, but it seemed to
expose my midriff perfectly for all the drooling boys. My abs tensed as I felt
myself grow fit, and soon that tension traveled to my butt.

              I felt
my leg muscles tense as my butt cheeks began to inflate. My pants, already
tight from my growth spurt, began to tear and reveal a smooth, peach shaped
butt. I looked at my new behind and reluctantly began to admire it. I could
feel my thoughts beginning to change. I was becoming stupid and girly and
self-centered, but before I could fight it I felt a wave of pleasure explode
from my groin. I tried to keep in another moan, but couldn’t hold it in as my
member began to change. It felt like a vacuum in my abdomen was sucking my
manhood up, but as it retracted between my legs it left some weird looking lips
in my crotch. I looked at the new gap in my crotch, utterly confused by it, but
also curious. I felt a dampness beginning to build in my crotch and suddenly
felt the need to touch it. I rubbed a finger against it and recoiled from the
sudden jolt of pleasure. I squealed, causing all the boys to laugh as they
watched me struggle to figure out my new body. It all felt wrong, this wasn’t
my body, but as I touched my crotch again I felt a sensation that was so pleasurable
I almost forgot I was a boy. I felt my insides shift and settle as I became a
girl completely. I still wanted to run and tell someone what these boys had
done to me, but I couldn’t fight the new urges I was feeling. I wanted to slip
two fingers between my legs, and though I tried to fight it, I soon found my
hand slipping two digits between my new sex. It was unreal. I moved my hand
back and forth, listening to a wet schlicking sound as I went.

Pleasure began to build in my mind,
and I felt a tugging in the back of my mind to come back to reality, but this
felt too good. With each motion I felt new knowledge enter my head. I knew how
to pleasure myself, I knew what a blowjob was and how to give a good one, and I
knew the boys wanted me. I didn’t want to know any of this, but it all just
came with the pleasure I was feeling. I moved my hand faster and faster as I
began to remember smaller things, like shaving my legs and buying tampons. I
shook my head and moaned in a mixture of pleasure and reluctance. I wanted to
escape, but I was so close to a pleasure I’d never felt before and wanted to
feel so badly. With one last slide of my hand, I screamed and felt my first orgasm
wash over me. It was euphoric. My pussy throbbed as I came, dripping with juice
and filling the room with the stench of sex. As I reveled in the afterglow, I
felt a flood of hormones course through my body. I felt the desire to play video
games fade away. I felt memories of my friends become memories of hanging out
with the popular girls in school. I felt the need for a man to ravish me. I
turned around and stared at the boys, smirking and sizing them up. They all had
raging erections showing through their pants, but some of them were clearly
more hung than others. I pointed to one and curled a finger at him, signaling
him over to me. He smiled and undid his belt. I unbuttoned my shirt a bit and
tied the loose ends together, pushing my breasts forward and showing my new cleavage
off. I grabbed the bottle of water he was holding and began to pour it all over
my breasts. I moaned again as they grew one size larger. I turned around and
began to swing my hips back and forth, giving all the boys a sexy little show.
As the boy thrust his dick between my tight little pussy, I smiled and whispered
into his ear:

name’s Robin, and I’m your new obsession.” I felt even more turned on by the
fact that we were about to fuck in front of all the boys. My pussy ached for
attention, and thankfully my little boy-toy was more than happy to oblige. I
smiled and let my eyes roll into my head in pleasure as his cock thrust in and
out of me. I owned these upperclassmen now. The only thing I wanted now…was to
try anal.