Getting What You Want (TG/AP)

              Tim and
Drake were hanging out after school at Drake’s house. Drake’s mother was away
on a business trip and his father had yet to return from work, so the boys were
home alone. They had spent the afternoon reading reviews for a new video game
that they both wanted, but it was unfortunately too violent for boys as young
as them. Drake’s parents were quite strict with their son and, refusing to let
him watch any R-rated movies or buy him violent video games. Tim felt bad for
Drake, because Tim’s parents bought him whatever video games he wanted, but
since he was at Drake’s house there was nothing fun to play. The two sat at the
living room table, talking about how fun the new video game looked and
contemplating ways for Drake to get the game. Out of the corner of his eye, Tim
noticed a new decoration in Drake’s house. It was an odd looking statue sitting
next to the family portrait on the shelf.

that?” Tim asked, pointing to the statue.

that’s some weird trinket my dad bought at a flea market. The old lady selling
it says it brings good luck, but I don’t believe it.”

Your parents will spend money on stuff like that, but they won’t buy you a
video game?”

They’re stupid.” Drake said.

              “Man, I
wish there was some way I could just buy you that game without your parents
getting mad.” Tim said. As he uttered those words, the statue suddenly began to
glow brightly before vanishing into thin air. Both boys saw it before looking
at each other in confusion. Drake stood up and walked to the shelf where the
statue had been. There was no trace of it left, but he noticed something weird
with his family portrait. His mother and father were standing behind him in the
picture with their hands on Drake’s shoulders, but now he saw Tim standing
where his mother should be. He examined the picture in confusion before the
picture of Tim quickly morphed into a picture of his mother, returning the
picture to its original form.

              “Whoa, I
think I’m seeing things…” Drake said, rubbing his eyes and staring at the
picture again. “For a second, it looked like you were in my family port- WHOA!”
he yelled as he turned around, hearing a series of cracks and pops come from
behind him. He saw Tim sitting at the table, but he looked way bigger. He was
at least a foot taller and his limbs were as long as an adult’s. Tim turned and
looked at Drake with fear in his eyes.

what just happened?!” he yelled. His clothes were straining against his rapidly
maturing body, tearing at the seams. Before he could speak again, he felt his
bones shifting again as his fingers elongated. The popping of his joints made
him feel sick. With another loud crack, he felt his hips shoot outwards to
child-bearing proportions, ripping his pants. The boys stared at Tim’s exposed
skin, noticing how smooth it had become. Tim looked at his hands again as his
nails grew long and manicured. “What’s happening to meeeEEEEEE!” Tim screamed,
his voice changing as his vocal chords tightened. Drake recoiled at Tim’s new
voice, realizing that it sounded exactly like his mother’s.

that wish…” Drake said in shock. The boys locked eyes in horror as they both
realized what was happening. Tim opened his mouth as he was about to speak, but
all that came out was a sensual moan against his will as he felt a tingling
coming from his chest. His nipples were growing sensitive as they were tickled
by his tattered clothes. Soon they began to grow larger as they hardened
against his shirt, sending alien pleasures coursing through his body. He pushed
his chest out in pleasure as two mounds of flesh began to grow out of his
chest, eventually leaving him with two sizeable breasts that burst clean
through his tattered shirt. Drake blushed at the sight of his friend’s new breasts
hanging out of his shirt and heaving up and down as Tim moaned in pleasure. Tim’s
feminine moans echoed through the house as he began to scream in pleasure. He
felt another tingling coming from his groin and watched in horror as his prepubescent
member was swallowed up into his abdomen. The changes were all happening so
fast that it was hard for Tim to focus, but the pleasure of his transforming sex
demanded his attention. He felt an alien wetness between his legs as his
internal organs slid around in his mature new abdomen. He reached down and
touched his new sex, unable to resist the new urges coming from between his
legs. He cooed as the pleasure from his fingers sliding between his legs sent
shivers up his spine. He moaned and continued to finger himself, relishing in
the new pleasures coursing through his body as his friend watched in horror. He
felt his thighs thicken as the pleasure continued to build.

Please! You have to stop!” Drake yelled at his transforming friend. “You’re
making it worse!”

Tim said between sensual moans. With a sudden rush of pleasure, Tim climaxed
for the first time and let out a screech of pleasure. Lost in ecstasy, Tim didn’t
even feel himself rise in his chair as his ass inflated into a sizeable peach
shape. Drake wanted to cry, hearing Tim act like this with voice of his mother.
“Drake, I’m sorry…” Tim began to say before trailing off. Still breathing
heavily, Tim felt his clothes beginning to change. His old boy clothes vanished
into dust, leaving him naked in front of Drake for a moment before new clothes materialized
onto his body. As a white shirt, jeans, and a red apron hugged Tim’s new form,
Drake realized that his mother had worn that exact outfit in the past. Tim
moaned again as his new clothes tightened around his new body, showing off just
how big his breasts were. He leaned back against the chair, exhausted from his
first orgasm, as his hair began to tumble down past his shoulders. He felt his
face crack and shift as it grew mature and feminine. Drake continued to watch
is terror as his Tim’s face completed his transformation, becoming an exact
replica of his own mother’s.

honey, what happened to me?” Tim said between breaths.

wish you made. That statue. I saw you replace my mom in the picture. I don’t
know why any of this is happening, but I want my friend back!” Drake said on
the verge of tears. Tim began to come back to his senses, realizing that he was
now a woman in her mid-thirties. Tim looked at Drake and suddenly wanted to change
back, but a fog began to creep into his mind.

I want to take the wish back!” he screamed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t want this!”
However, the longer he stared at Drake, the more his feelings towards him began
to change. Memories of nursing the young boy in front of his forced their way
into Tim’s head. “Oh. Oh no. I have memories of…you…of us…” Tim said, trying to
fight the new memories. Tim suddenly remembered the time he spent in the
hospital while giving birth to Drake. “Nooo!” he screamed as more memories
burrowed into his mind. He remembered dropping Drake off at school for the first
time. He remembered the night that Drake was conceived. He remembered falling
in love with Drake’s father…her husband. “I’m…not…” Tim said, struggling to
remember himself as Drake’s best friend. Suddenly, he remembered Drake speaking
his first word: Mama. This memory opened the floodgates as Tim’s mind
transformed completely. Motherly instincts took over as Tim gave in to his new

looked at her son as he stared back at her. He had a terrified look in his
face, but she knew how to calm him down.

baby, what’s wrong? Why do you look so scared? Hey, I tell you what. Will that
new video game you keep asking me and your father for make you feel better? If
you do well on the test you have this week, I’ll buy it for you…and I won’t
tell your father,” she said with a wink. Just as she said that, her husband
walked through the door. As she saw him, she suddenly felt aroused like she
never had before. The wetness in her crotch was almost embarrassing in front of
her son. Her pupils suddenly dilated as she slipped a shoulder out of her

what are you doing?” Drake asked, worried about the look she was giving his

Who’s Tim? It’s ‘Mom’ or ‘Mother’ to you, young man,” she said as the lust
began to grow in her voice. “Now go to your room. Your father and I need to
have a talk…” she said. She waved her son off as Drake walked to his room,
defeated. She licked her lips and gave her husband a sensual look before
spreading her legs beneath the table. Drake listened from his room as his
once-best-friend moaned over and over while screaming his father’s name. He
didn’t want this, and he knew Tim didn’t want this, but the sounds Tim was
making made it seem like he was pretty happy being Drake’s new mom. At least he
would get that new video game now.