Getting Along (TG/AP)

Mike and Derrek were constantly at each other’s throats.
Most brothers fight, especially during their adolescence, but these two were in
almost non-stop conflict. Their screaming and fighting was taking its toll on
the boys’ parents, and eventually their parents had reached the last straw.
They locked the boys, both kicking and screaming, in their bedroom and told
them that they were grounded until they could work out their differences. After
an hour, their parents could still hear them screaming through the door. Their
mother, Mary, looked at her husband, Dave, and sighed. “I know they’re children,”
she began to say to her husband, “but why can’t they just talk it out. We’ve
never had a fight like the ones they have. I wish they were more like us.” Mary
and Dave both felt a strange feeling pass over them as she uttered those words.
Little did they know that the universe was listening and that Mary’s wish was
about to be granted.

              The two
boys were standing at opposite sides of the room with their backs turned to
each other. They had run out of words to scream and were now simply ignoring
one another. Suddenly, Mike heard Derrek let out a grunt. He turned to see his
brother rapidly beginning to grow. He heard Derrek’s bones crack as he grew to
about six feet tall, his limbs lengthening along with his body. His muscles
bulged as he took on a mature, masculine physique. His clothes tore off his
growing body, revealing a surprisingly hairy and sculpted body underneath. He
grunted again, this time with a much deeper voice, as his head cracked and
shifted into an exact replica of their father’s. Derrek looked down at his dick
in confusion as it began to grow long and thick, aging through puberty in a
matter of seconds. Mike, terrified, was about to run past his transforming
brother and try to break down the door when he felt a jolt run through his body
and bring him to his knees.

the -ach!” Mike screamed as his body began to grow as well. He looked at the
ground as it grew further away, his limbs extending and pushing him further from
the floor. He felt his joints pop and crack as his frame rapidly grew into
maturity. His shoulders and hips widened with two loud pops, tearing his
clothes in the process. He looked over himself on all fours, terrified and
confused by what was happening. He was about to stand and try to run again when
another loud crack came from his spine. He arched his back inwards with a
groan, trying to fight the changes his body was undergoing. It felt like his
body was off balance now, but that was soon rectified by two breasts beginning
to grow out of his chest. He looked down as the breasts continued to grow from
his chest, dangling freely as his nipples grew larger. He instinctively pushed
his new breasts together between his arms in an effort to stop them from
wobbling around freely and reluctantly let out a moan as they sent alien
pleasures coursing through his maturing body. He noticed that his voice sounded
more feminine now, but also disturbingly familiar.

what’s happening to us?” Mike said with a tremble in his voice.

              “I don’t
know…but I feel stronger,” he said with his deep new voice. Mike realized that
Derrek now sounded exactly like their father. Mike’s eyes widened in horror
when the realization finally hit him: if Derrek had turned into their father, and
Mike now had breasts, he was turning into their mother. Mike wanted to scream,
but as he opened his mouth to call for help the only thing that came out was a sensual
moan. A tingling sensation began to come from Mike’s groin as it began to
retract into his body. He tried to look at his crotch, but his view was blocked
by his new cleavage. He couldn’t tell what was happening down there, but he
could feel his member slipping between two folds between his legs. He felt a
little sick as his internal organs shifted around, making room for his new ovaries
and womb. A wave of pleasure washed over him as he shot through puberty, his
ovaries flooding his body with hormones and leaving him with an alien wetness
between his legs. He didn’t know why these changes suddenly felt so good, but
for a moment he felt okay with what was happening. He snapped out of it when he
looked at the posters he had hanging up in his bedroom, remembering that he was
just a kid, and that he definitely didn’t want to be his mother. Another
tingling began to come from his butt as it inflated, tearing his pants even
more as it grew to an alluring peach shape. He looked back at his ass and
admired it for a brief second before being disgusted by the thought of admiring
his mother’s body. He began to panic, realizing his mind was beginning to
change, but before he could move his current position he felt his brother move
closer to him and begin to tear off the tattered remains of his clothes.

Mary, I knew you had a great ass, but for some reason it looks even better

What the hell are you saying?” Mike screamed in his mother’s voice, terrified
the things his brother was saying. “It’s me, Mike! And you’re my brother!”

have you been drinking today? You’re speaking nonsense,” Derrek said with the
confident, soothing tone of their father. Mike shook his head as he heard his
father’s voice. The wetness between his legs was growing against his will, as
if the more he heard Derrek speak, the more excited he felt. As Mike shook his
head, he felt his hair tumble down past his neck. He looked at it out of the
corner of his eye and noticed that, as expected, it looked smooth and silky,
exactly like his mother’s. He grimaced as his facial structure shifted, popping
and moving until it was an exact replica of his mother’s. He wanted to cry, but
was taken aback by two firm hands grabbing his hips.

no…don’t…OHHH!” he screamed as he felt Derrek’s throbbing cock enter his new
sex. He wanted to fight his growing desires, but as Derrek thrust in and out,
he felt himself getting lost in pleasure. Memories began to flood his mind as
he grew closer and closer to his first orgasm. Mike remembered meeting her
husband…no, his father, in college. He remembered sleeping with Dave on their
third date. He remembered being impressed with how big his cock was…and how
Dave got her pregnant after one year of dating.

Dave is my dad…you’re my…brother…not my…” Mike trailed off, trying to fight the
mental changes assaulting his mind. It felt so good, like nothing he’d ever
imagined. Each thrust of Dave’s cock…no, Derrek’s cock into his new pussy
pushed him further from his past life. The pleasure was overwhelming, and with
one final thrust, Mike screamed out as the name Mary filled his mind.

daddy!” she screamed, cumming as her husband continued to pound her. She loved
calling him that, and she knew he liked it too. She moaned in ecstasy as she
felt her husband unload into her, his warm cum coating her insides. They had
always been a kinky couple, and fucking in their children’s room was something
they had both wanted to try. They rolled onto the floor together and basked in
the afterglow, staring longingly into each other’s eyes and smiling. That was
the best sex they had had in months. Suddenly, they heard a knock on the door.
Their kids were yelling through the door, asking their parents if they could
come in yet. They wanted to grab some toys to play outside together with. Mary
and Dave looked at each other and smirked as they began to get dressed. “I’m
glad our kids get along together so well,” she said. “I can’t imagine having
kids who fight all the time.”

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