For The Team (TG/AP)

Josh sat in the bleachers of his school gym, watching his older sister clumsily try to lead her volleyball team’s practice and periodically checking his phone. The team wasn’t exactly the most talented, and the coach had just quit after last year’s dismal season, but the players had heart. He actually felt a little bad for the team after seeing them practice for so long and still lose nearly every game of the season. More annoying to Josh though was having to spend so much time after school waiting for his older sister to finish up practice to drive him home. 

“Man, I wish I didn’t have to just sit here and watch them practice losing,” he mumbled to himself. “I wish they had a better coach or something.”

Josh looked up just as he heard the ball smack the ground and roll behind the bleachers. He rolled his eyes, knowing what his sister was about to ask.

“Hey Josh! Could you toss us a new ball from the crate? Thanks lil’ bro!”

Josh skulked towards the crate of balls, wishing he was old enough to just drive himself home. He reached in and grabbed a ball, only to be shocked by a surge of sensations that began to course through his body. He dropped the ball and looked at his hand in horror, noticing that his nails were beginning to grow long and manicured. Soft pops and cracks could be heard beneath his skin as his bones began to grow and rearrange themselves. His hands flexed and spasmed as his arms lengthened and matured. He felt a sudden power surging through his muscles as his lengthening arms grew toned and athletic, as if he’d been playing sports for years. His shoulders cracked as his torso widened, stretching his boyish clothes to their limit. He fell to his knees, bracing himself against the ball cage as he began to whimper. He groaned as his spine cracked and elongated, curving inwards on itself as two cute dimples formed just above his ass. He felt his legs and glutes tense up as more muscle began to grow, forcing years of athleticism into his aging body. He winced as his abs hardened, leaving his now exposed midriff tight and alluring. 

“H- help!” he wailed in a maturing, feminizing voice. “What’s happening to me?!”

The other girls were too busy talking amongst themselves to notice the changing boy’s cries of terror. He looked over at them in desperation as tears began to roll down his cheeks. He could feel his legs growing longer and stronger, pushing him to a perfectly athletic height of 5’6. He let out a soft moan as his ass began to inflate, swallowing up his tiny boxers between two supple ass cheeks. His moans grew louder as his tightening clothes began to force his boyhood between his leg. He heard his internal organs slushing and shifting around as they made way for his new reproductive system. His moans began to grow more alluring as he felt his new womb growing inside him. His member was assaulted with orgasmic sensations as it began to invert itself, sending alien pleasures through his quivering body. He began to sweat and groan as a pair of tight pussy lips opened between his legs, his new clit settling at the top. Estrogen flooded out from his new ovaries, invading his mind as his body entered the final phases of its transformation.

“N- no…I don’t wanna be a g- AHH!” he screamed as he thrust his chest forward. Two sizeable breasts force their way out, shredding his shirt in the process and causing his knees to buckle. The alien weight on his chest was tickling him in ways he’d never felt before, and to his absolute disgust, he liked it. His breath grew heavy as he cupped his new boobs, cooing as he instinctively tweaked his sensitive new nipples. Suddenly, his tattered clothes began to morph, changing into a familiar sports uniform that hugged his new curve tightly. He squealed as his shorts and top tightened against his new sex organs. Athletic socks crawled up his legs as new sneakers tightened themselves around his nimble new feet. His new sports bra pushed his boobs together and gave him an enviable amount of cleavage. He fell to the floor and looked over his new body in horror, wondering why this was happening. As he did, he noticed a brown lock of hair tumble into his view. 

“Please…I don’t want this…I’m a boy…” he pleaded futilely with the universe. He grabbed his head as new memories began to form. He remembered joining volleyball when he was just a little girl. He remembered winning tournaments and celebrating with his team, the locker room talk, the boy gossip. Memories of high school parties and bad decisions flooded his mind, causing the new opening between his legs to grow damp. All the boys wanted a night with the best volleyball player on the team, and he…she was more than happy to oblige them. Josh cried as his hair grew through the cracks of his fingers, his memories morphing in real time. He was disgusted by the sexual experiences forcing their way into his mind, but he couldn’t deny how hot and bothered he was getting. Maybe he did like the feeling of the high school jocks teasing his sensitive, toned body with their hands and cocks. More memories of playing volleyball and playing with boys cemented themselves in Josh’s mind. Soon, he couldn’t help but find pleasure in the new life and feelings that were coursing through his mind. His face shifted and cracked as it matured into the visage of a sports goddess. Finally, a name came into view. J-O-S-H morphed into J-A-C-K-I-E in his mind as he fully gave into his changes. 

She was Coach Jackie, a high school senior and the best volleyball player the school had seen in years. She was brought in to coach the sophomore team after the old coach quit. She smiled as she looked herself over, wondering why she was laying on the floor. She must’ve tripped. Giggling to herself, she tied her hair back and grabbed a ball from the cage.

“Alright ladies! Let’s get back to practice! I have a feeling this is going to be our best season ever!”