Pulled In All Directions (Tg/Ap)

It was Jack’s father’s birthday, and the young boy had decided to cook his dad breakfast for his special day. He didn’t have any money to buy his dad a gift, so he figured making a meal like mom used to make would be the next best thing. His parents had separated a little over a year ago after Jack’s mom ran off with her boss. His dad hadn’t fully recovered yet, but Jack figured that a nice breakfast would take him back to a moment in time when he was happy. He woke up early and began heating up the stove, pulling ingredients out of the fridge as he waited. Just as he was about to put a pan onto the coil, he noticed his mother’s old apron hanging on the pantry door. He remembered her wearing it whenever she would cook and decided to throw it on to prevent his clothes from getting dirty. He threw it around his neck and chuckled at how big it looked on him. The frilly edges dragged across the ground as he walked, but for some silly reason, wearing it made him feel a lot more confident in the kitchen. He tied the straps behind his back and prepared to crack some eggs into a bowl, but to his surprise, he felt the apron tightening against his will.

He reached back in a panic and tried to untie the knot, but the harder he pulled, more tighter it got. He began to hyperventilate as he felt a warmth spreading through his body. He looked down at the apron as he began to grow, stretching upwards and outwards by the second. He groaned in pain as his bones stretched beneath his softening skin, grotesquely shifting and cracking as he aged. He had nearly doubled in height in a matter of seconds, leaving his childish clothes tearing at the seams and his mother’s apron, previously dragging across the floor, barely reaching his knees. He winced as his body continued to shift. His hips jutted outwards with a painful crack while his chest puffed out, his growing ribcage pressing against his silky, pale skin. He began to whimper as the changes continued. His tattered clothes drifted off him in scraps, revealing his soft new complexion, though the apron remained and fit more snugly than ever. It tightened again, causing him to scream as his back cracked and gained a sensual feminine arch. He tried to look at his back as his spine rearranged itself only to notice his butt beginning to swell.

He reached a mature hand back just as his ass began to inflate, cupping one of his supple new butt cheeks as his ass grew into a cute peach shape. He let out a subtle moan as he felt his lengthening fingernails trace the shape of his new behind. Suddenly, conflicting jolts of pain and pleasure emanated from his crotch as his boyhood began to retract between his legs. He grabbed his newly toned abdomen as he felt his insides beginning to shift and slide around. An emptiness began to form just above his crotch as a mature womb began to grow inside him. He let out a feminine gasp as his crotch inverted itself, his prepubescent boy parts flowering inwards and settling into their new role as ovaries. A moist pair of lips opened up between his legs as his new clit slithered to the top of his new sex, sending confusing and arousing feelings coursing through his body. 

Tears began to roll down his face as he was assaulted with decades of sexual experience. Puberty felt both instantaneous and distant to him as feminine sexual desires wracked his changing body. He didn’t even like girls yet, but somehow he knew exactly how to make a woman cum. Worse, he now knew exactly how to make a man cum. He felt a heat building in his loins as his chest began to tingle. He moaned in ecstasy as two breasts began to sprout from his chest. His nipples began to swell as fat welled up behind them, pushing them outwards as a cool breeze blew over them. He instinctively tweaked one and quivered at the feeling. He wanted to fight these feelings, but his transformation was beginning to feel undeniably intoxicating. His changing body was flooding his mind with so many pleasurable feelings that he nearly forgot that only a few moments ago, he was a young boy just trying to cook his dad breakfast. 

“D- daddy!” he screamed in an eerily familiar voice. “Help me!”

He yelled for his father in a desperate attempt to stop whatever was happening to him. His father awoke, confused as to why it sounded like his ex-wife was calling for him. Jack continued to cry as he fought the growing desires coming from every part of his new body. He looked over his feminine new form and was shocked to find it familiar. He looked just like his own mother! He suddenly grabbed his head as a wave of alien memories began to seep into his brain. His hair began to grow long and dark, obscuring his vision as it tickled his sensitive new skin. He winced as his face began to crack, his nose growing sharp while his lips grew soft and sultry. He shut his eyes as they grew wide and alluring, turning a beautiful amber color in the process. He wanted to scream as memories of his mother’s life forced their way into his mind. He remembered growing up, getting picked on by the boys in school, going through puberty, and suddenly being able to wrap any boy around his…her finger. He remembered going to college, meeting his dad…no, her husband, and the first night they spent together. The wetness between Jack’s legs began to grow more intense as more revolting memories grew increasingly vivid. Jack remembered his father pinning him…her against the bed and going down on her, showing her pleasure she thought was impossible. He…she loved how aggressive her father…no, husband, was in bed. Jack remembered his father…husband putting a ring on her finger and passionately kissing her. Finally, he remembered the night they conceived their son…Jack. Memories of pregnancy and giving birth flooded his mind, forcing out any old boyish notions Jack desperately tried to hang on to. 

The new woman cried as she tried to hang on to being a 10 year old boy, but without warning, she suddenly felt a strong hand grip her flowing hair and pull her backwards. She screamed as she felt a throbbing member penetrate her dripping pussy, unleashing a flood of sexual fluids that dripped down her bare thighs. Jack moaned one last time as himself, indulging in the feelings of his new cavity being filled as he gave into his transformation completely. 

“Daddy…” Jessica whimpered as her husband thrust into her. She wailed in pleasure as the man dominated her, saliva dripping from her mouth as other juices came from between her legs. Her slick skin made it difficult for her husband to get a grip, so he grabbed her apron and hair and continued to thrust. She loved the pain of being manhandled like this. It was her hubby’s birthday, and he deserved a treat like her. The couple screamed in unison as they both came and covered each other in their fluids.

“Oh baby,” the man said between exasperated breaths, “you’re the best birthday gift I could ever ask for!”

“I know, hon. Now, pull my hair like that again, but try the other hole this time.”   

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  1. I really liked the story.

    I think Jack’s father just got the best birthday present of his life.

    On the other hand, I think Jack never imagined that something like this could happen when I plan to cook something for his father.

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