Getting A Pump (Tg/Ap)

Mike and Chase were at the gym after class for the first time. Neither of them really had a workout routine, but they were tired of being intimidated by the older students at their school. They approached the first weight machine they saw, the bench press. Mike laid down and asked his friend, “How much weight should I start with?”

“I have no idea, dude.” Chase said with a shrug.

“Yeah, I figured. Man, I wish we knew someone who knew what they were doing here.”

As soon as the words left his friend’s mouth, Chase felt a wave of dizziness wash over him. He instinctively grabbed two 10 pound weights and placed one on each end of the barbell. 

“This feels like a good weight for you to start,” Chase said, his voice cracking. He cleared his throat and stood behind the bench, trying not to acknowledge his changing voice. Mike looked up at his friend and noticed that his hair looked a shade lighter than it did a few seconds ago. Chase also appeared taller, but Mike thought it was only because he was laying down. He turned his focus back to the barbell and gripped it, grunting as he lifted it off the rack. He began doing reps, grunting with each push, but he could’ve sworn he heard Chase grunting too.

The young boy backed away from the bench press as his friend continued to push the barbell up and down. He felt strange sensations growing all over his body, but didn’t want to distract Mike. With each rep that Mike completed, Chase felt his body tense up and grow. He grunted in sync with his friend as he began to age by the second. He was only 12 when he walked into the gym, but after a few of Mike’s reps, he had grown from 12, to 16, to 20, finally stopping at 24. He squirmed as he felt his bones stretching like putty, pushing him upwards and outwards and leaving him with a mature, but feminine frame. His shoulders broadened while his hips widened, leaving him with an athletic hourglass look. 

“M- Mike?” he whimpered in a sultry, feminine voice.

“One sec,” he said between huffs, “just let me go until I can’t anymore.”

Mike continued to push as Chase began to moan. His muscles tensed and bulged, growing more defined by the second. He exhaled as a six-pack grew beneath his alluring, exposed core. He watched Mike push the barbell in horror as he felt his glutes begin to swell, giving him a tight, peach shaped ass. He felt his organs begin to shift around as Mike lowered the barbell again, preparing his new reproductive system for what was about to come. With another grunt, Mike pushed upwards and Chase groaned in pleasure. His boyhood slipped upwards between his legs, morphing and settling as it connected to his new uterus. He felt the folds left between his legs tighten and moisten as his new clit settled at the top of his new orifice. He began to sweat as new hormones began to flood his body. With another rep, Chase let out another moan and pushed his chest outwards. Two massive breasts began to grow, pushing his shirt to its limit until his clothes suddenly began to morph. 

He let out a stifled moan as his shifting clothes tickled his sensitive new body. His tight new workout shorts rode up his ass and stimulated his throbbing clit. His morphing shirt molded itself around his jiggling new breasts, pressing them tightly against his chest as it became a tight-fitting sports bra. A cool breeze blew over the rest of his exposed, toned body. He looked down at his alien new body and could instantly tell that he was more flexible than anyone at his school. Knowledge of how to use this body began to seep its way into Chase’s mind, but it was more than just how to stay in shape. He heard Mike struggling to finish his final rep, and as his friend pushed, Chase’s moaned as his brain was flooded with endorphins, hormones, and a swath of chemicals that began to reshape his entire life. He grabbed his head and felt his hair growing through the spaces between his manicured fingers. His silky new lockes tickled his skin as memories of an alien life forced their way into his head. 

He…she had always been obsessed with fitness. She played sports since the age of 5, and began to work as a personal trainer at 18 in order to pay for college. She had a degree in sports medicine, and to Chase’s horror, she had a boyfriend. Chase felt his name slipping away as Chelsea became ingrained into his mind. She felt her pussy growing damp as a flood of sultry, romantic memories entered her mind. She tried to remember her old life one last time, desperately trying to fight her new instincts, but as Mike finished his set and place the barbell back onto the rack, her face shifted and something in her mind suddenly clicked. Her eyes rolled back as her skull cracked, leaving her with a cute, mature visage. Her life as Chase suddenly seemed like a forgotten dream. She looked at the young boy working out and remembered that she was teaching him how to lift as a favor for her neighbors. 

Mike laid there, trying to catch his breath, when a pair of boobs suddenly entered his field of vision. 

“Great job, Mike!” Chelsea said excitedly.

“Ch- Chase?!” Mike exclaimed. “Who are you? Where’s Chase?”

“Who’s Chase? I’m Chelsea, your next door neighbor, remember?”

Mike was both confused and, being a 12 year old boy, incredibly aroused. He blushed as he continued to stare at the woman’s breasts, though remembering his wish, he realized that this beautiful creature was his former best friend. He wanted to say something, but didn’t know what. Before he could think of anything, she grabbed the barbell, flexing her impressive muscles, and handed it to Mike. 

“Alright, time for round 2! Keep this up and someday you might be as strong as me!”