Going Goth (TG AP Sequence)

Trying out a vertical layout this time. Let me know if you prefer vertical or horizontal!

(Also I can’t believe I’ve never done a real goth TG before)

Vince lived in a pretty religious household. No swearing, church every day, and absolutely nothing satanic or demonic in the house. That included movies, music, comics, and pretty much and art that a young boy would be into. He was taking a nap one afternoon when he began having the strangest dream. Some hooded figure appeared in his mind, offering him a chance to enjoy the sinful things that his parents wouldn’t let him. He excitedly took the cloaked figure up on the offer, shaking hands just before his dream ended. However, that entity was more than just a dream, and Vince soon found himself experiencing the intense pains and pleasures of an unholy life. 

Vanessa smirked as she took in her surroundings. It all felt so wrong, but so good. She licked her lips as she thought about what to do first. Hearing a car pull up in the driveway, she decided that she was going to fuck her old dad and make his righteous bitch of a wife watch.

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  1. Vertical is MUCH easier to see on mobile compared to horizontal. Had to open the horizontal ones in a new tab and zoom in to see them.

  2. For some reason a lot of your older works aren’t loading…

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