New Mom in Making (TG AP Pregnant Sequence)

Another test to see how the AI handles more unique prompts. It has a little trouble differentiating between the stages of pregnancy, so it’s kind of all-or-nothing right now. 

Brian was packing up his stuff from his friend’s house after a fun sleepover. All he had left was his toothbrush in the bathroom, but the poor kid was caught in a misguided wish by his friend’s little sister just as he was about to leave. The little girl just wanted another sibling to play with since her older brother spent all his time with Brian instead of her, but whatever ancient coin she used to make the wish had a cruel way of granting it. Brian was about to get a crash course in motherhood against his will.

Beth breathed a sigh of relief after the baby in her belly finally finished its kicking fit. She’d given birth twice already, but for whatever reason, this pregnancy felt more intense than the others. She stood up and was about to leave the bathroom when she had an odd feeling like she’d come in there for something else, but couldn’t quite remember what…