Turning Red (TG AP Sequence)

Timmy was at the pool with his older brother, hoping to cool down during the freak heat wave. His brother wasn’t really interested in playing with him since there were so many scantily clad girls lounging around. He wished his older brother would pay attention to him, while his brother just wished one of the pool babes would agree to go on a date with him. Yet another pair of innocent wishes that were about to be granted, whether the boys liked it or not.

Tracy smiled at the boy, her vibrant green eyes luring him over like she was hypnotizing him. She flicked her red hair back and pushed her chest out, smirking as the teen’s eyes darted down to her chest and his cheeks started blushing. His awkwardness was adorable. 

“So, stud, you wanna play with me?”

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  1. How did you make sequence like that? I try the ai but it doesn’t work as yours.

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