Becoming a Bimbo (TG AP Sequence)

Another experiment. Trying to play with perspective a bit more here. AI still can’t really get things like detailed hands and fingernails down, but I think the point still gets across 

Ben was a good student. So good, in fact, that it made the class harder for the rest of the students. The tests were never curved, the teacher was always reminded what the assigned homework was, and the next smartest student in class was barely managing to maintain a B- average. The students decided to do something about Ben, and it turned out all they needed was a spell that one of them discovered on TikTok.

Ben’s afterschool studies would never be the same after that day. The magic words rang out through the classroom as they boy stood up nervously. He definitely wasn’t going to be at the top of any gradebooks anymore, but the rest of the class got some beautiful eye candy to look at every day. Becky didn’t mind, though. She knew she didn’t need to be smart to go far in life with looks as good as hers. 

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  1. Wait it’s from ai generated?

    Which one do you use? Even it’s not perfect it’s still incredible

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