Growing Older (TG AP Sequence)

My first attempt at a TG AP sequence with AI. I’m actually pretty pleased with how it turned out and hope to visualize more of my ideas soon. Obviously this can’t replace real artists, but it’s a cool tool to have for interests as niche as this.


Mike had always wondered why his older sister spent so much time looking at herself in the new mirror she’d bought from the local antique store. Every day since she bought it, she seemed to get prettier, and all the jocks in their school noticed. She went from being a pretty normal girl to being the most popular girl in school almost overnight. 

One morning, while his sister was still passed out at one of her school parties, Mike decided to investigate the strange object. It didn’t take him long to realize what kind of power the mirror had, but he was happy that his sister didn’t get to keep it all for herself anymore. Mikela was now confident that she’d be the new top bitch in school.

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