A Matter of Principle (TG AP)

“Mike and Daniel Johnson, please report to the principal’s office.” The school PA system rang out as the twin brother’s looked at each other and giggled. The Johnson brothers were infamous for being class clowns, much to the aggravation of their teachers. It seemed that their antics had finally caught up to them, but the twins weren’t worried. The two began their long trek down the school hallway to the principal’s office, but as they were let in by the office administrator, they were surprised to find the office completely empty. The boys sat for a minute or so, making jokes and pointing out the photos the principal had on her desk. They had to admit that their school’s principal was incredibly attractive, but they didn’t care how big her boobs were. She was still just another authority to ruin their fun, and Mike wasted little time mocking her. 

“Hey bro, look at me. I’m a dumb girl that can’t take a joke.” Mike said as he spun around in the principal’s chair. Daniel laughed as his brother began to mess around with the principal’s desk. “Oh look, my husband and kids must love how strict I am.” He said, faking a kiss at the family photo propped up on the desk. The boys continued laughing as they mocked the head of the school, wondering if she’d ever show up. Daniel’s laughter suddenly died down, though, as he noticed his brother’s hair beginning to turn a vibrant shade of red.

“Uh, Mike? Your hair…” he said in confusion. 

“What’re you talking about?” Mike said, grabbing a strand of his growing hair and looking at it in shock. “What the…ACK! OW!” He began to moan as he was thrust back in the luxurious leather chair. He dug his growing fingernails into the armrests as his body began to expand. He thrust his head back in pain as his spine began to extend, pushing him upwards with sickening cracks. He shifted his weight in the chair as his hips expanded, widening to child bearing proportions as his school uniform began to tear at the seams. His shirt rose with his growing torso, exposing his increasingly toned midriff to his confused brother.

“Mike!? What’s happening?” Daniel said, panic growing in his voice. 

“I…I don’t…knoOOOOHHHHHH” Mike screamed as his voice began to change. His moans of discomfort began to blend with notes of pleasure as his voice grew deep, sultry, and authoritative. Mike was glad his lower half was hidden by the desk as his body continued to grow more feminine and mature. He shifted his thickening thighs as his ass began to inflate, the supple flesh pushing him upwards even more. He was now taller sitting down than his brother was standing. He let out another alluring moan as his voice deepened, feeling a pressure beginning to build around his crotch. He closed his eyes as a tear began to drift down his cheek, reeling as his boyhood began to slip upwards and inwards. He didn’t want to be a girl, but the sensations coming from between his legs were unlike anything he’d ever felt. It felt like all the nerves in his junk were being forcefully condensed into a supernova of pleasure as a moistening opening grew between his legs. He nearly began to drool as he felt his organs shifting around, aging and pumping estrogen through his blood as his body adapted to its new maternal nature. Daniel watched in horror as Mike began to quiver, his legs trembling and his eyes rolling back as decades of sexual experience flooded his mind and body. The details weren’t clear, but the pleasure was undeniable as the once young boy contended with the new pleasure center that sat between his legs.

Daniel, help…I don’t wanna be a girl…I don’t want to be Mrs. -NOOHHH!” Mike screamed, looking desperately at his brother before seeing the family photo on the desk. Pangs of a different life began to bounce around his mind as he thrust his chest forward. He gripped the desk as his chest began to expand, giving his speechless brother a perfect view of his growing assets. Two massive breasts burst through his boyish school uniform, sending the buttons from his button-down shirt bouncing off the walls as his growing boobs tore his shirt wide open. He felt his spine adjusting its shape as the weight on his chest increased, growing large enough to make any woman jealous. Just as his nipples were about to slip out from beneath his tattered clothes, his garments began to restitch themselves into something more professional. His facial expressions contorted into a mix of reluctance and pleasure as his features matured, makeup applying itself exactly where it was needed to just slightly hide his new age. His lips softened as his shirt became a figure-hugging red sweater. His earlobes were suddenly pierced by two diamond studs as jewelry materialized around his neck and wrists. His vision grew blurry as a pair of glasses formed around his eyes, letting him see his terrified brother watch him in shock. 

“You…you look just like Principal Smith…” Daniel said as his brother’s transformation neared its end. Mike looked down at himself, caressing his new body and relishing in how sensitive he’d become. The tight black shirt perfectly complemented his belt and sweater…but why did he think that? Was he becoming his principal in mind and body? 

It’s okay, bro…maybe this means I can…uhh…” Mike trailed off, noticing a wedding band beginning to form around his finger. He suddenly felt a flood of memories enter his mind, like he was drowning in the life of another person. He panicked at first, afraid he’d lose himself, but as the joy’s of his new body and life began to grow more prominent, he began to feel like he was floating. He felt a love blossoming in his mind as he thought of his new husband, remembering when he proposed on a beach after dating for 5 years. He remembered the night of their wedding, and the fun they had in bed. He remembered the pleasures of being with a man, and how good it felt to be filled and caressed by someone who loved him that much. 

“Mike? You okay?” Daniel asked, nervously watching his brother’s eyes grow soft and wise. 

“I think I’m…great…” Mike mumbled, indulging himself in the new memories flowing through his mind. He caressed his new womb as he remembered bearing two sons, his extended family congratulating him for finally having children. His old parents took a backseat in his mind as he remembered the baby showers and hospital visits while pregnant with his family. Part of him wanted to retain his old life as a troublemaking schoolboy, but the emotions he felt now were more powerful than anything he could’ve imagined. With a final flood of motherly instincts swelling through his mind, Mike embraced his new role in the universe. He was Mike Johnson no longer. He…she was Mallory Smith, loving wife to her husband, loving mother to her sons, and intimidating principal to her school district. 

“Mike? Bro?” Daniel said as he watched the new woman before him smile and shift her posture. 

Sorry, Mr. Johnson, but I’m not your brother anymore. I’m Mallory Smith, and I have a new life that I never could’ve dreamed of. You’ll understand someday when you’re older, but until then, I’m your principal.”

“Wha? Mike, I- “

“Wrong. It’s Principal Smith now, and if you don’t refer to me by my proper title, I’ll be forced to punish you.” The new woman said with a surprisingly sternness in her voice. “Now, get back to class before you miss too much. If you act up again, you can expect to see me a lot more often.” She said, standing up and grabbing a binder of files. She towered over her former brother as she swung her hips and walked to the door, her butt and breasts jiggling alluringly with every step. She opened the door and pointed her former brother down the hall with a threatening stare.

“My man Daniel got some private time with the principal, huh?”

“Did you see her boobs? They’re huge!”

“Wish I would get sent to the principal more often…”

Daniel tried to ignore the comments of the other boys in the hallway. He didn’t know how much reality had changed, but he seemed to be the only one that remembered his brother. He cringed at the other boys talking about his former brother like that, but even he couldn’t deny his confusing feelings watching Mike transform into a busty MILF of a principal before his very eyes. He didn’t really know how to react yet, but at least he’d see his brother…or principal…every day at school. Principal Smith closed the door as the boy left and began to think about her busy schedule. She couldn’t wait to get home to her family and enjoy a glass of wine with her hunk of a husband. Until then, she had a school to manage.