Homewrecker (TG AP)

Megan couldn’t believe how annoying her life was now. She’d only been living with her stepbrother, Kyle, for a few months now, but she already cursed the day that her father met her new stepmother. Her dad, James, was quick to suggest that his new wife, Mary, move in along with her son after they began dating. It wasn’t much longer before James and Mary were newlyweds, both of them clearly desperate for a relationship. Kyle, being the annoying boy he was, had been nothing but a pain in Megan’s ass since they started living together. He would steal her stuff, try to “prank” her, and get all his little school friends to mess with her. It didn’t take long for her to reach a breaking point, and eventually she found a website that sold “magical solutions” to problems. She bought a spellbook and began to study it after reading about other peoples’ life changing experiences using this magic and began to plot her revenge. Kyle might’ve been her little stepbrother for now, but if this spell worked, she’d have one less annoying boy to deal with, and one more best friend to hang out with. 

Megan waited patiently for her stepbrother to get home from school, waiting by the window for the school bus to drop him off. Once she heard the engine pulling up, she opened the spellbook and drew a sigil with salt in the middle of the living room. The door unlocked as the annoying kid burst in, unaware of his stepsister eagerly watching him from the kitchen. 

“Stepslut? Anyone home?” He yelled as Megan rolled her eyes. He dropped his bookbag and wandered into the sigil on the floor, only noticing as he felt a chill run down his spine. “What the hell?” He mumbled as a tingling began to spread across his body. He tried to move, but found his body refusing to obey his mind. He looked down as panic began to build, his eyes widening as his clothes began to morph. His shorts stitched themselves into a denim skirt as his shirt became striped and colorful. He began to squirm uncomfortably as his underwear tightened into a silk thong, pressing right up against his junk as the fabric slithered up his buttcrack. 

Megan’s eyes widened in amazement as the changes began to accelerate. She began to grin as she watched Kyle grow taller, enjoying the discomfort he was clearly feeling. The boy grimaced as he felt his bones popping and shifting, pushing him upwards and outwards in a very feminine way. His pudgy belly flattened into a sexy abdomen as his growing spine stretched his body, his new shirt lifting up to expose his alluring new midriff. His waist widened violently as his ass expanded, letting his new skirt rest perfectly on his feminine hips. He felt tears welling up in his eyes as his cock began to harden before retreating up into his abdomen, filling the new space afforded by his growing body. Megan watched in satisfaction as she thought of her first time masturbating, wondering what it must feel like for her aging stepbrother to rush through female puberty in a matter of minutes. She actually grew jealous as she watched and listened to Kyle’s moans grow in pitch and intensity. She felt herself getting wet at the sight of Kyle’s convulsions, waves of unknown pleasures causing him to quiver and whimper as his sex inverted itself. He’d only just discovered the joys of masturbation, but this was indescribable. 

 “Wha…what’s happening to meEEEEEEE?!” He screamed, confused and enraptured by the sensations between his legs. He didn’t want to believe the voice coming out of his mouth was his, but he was too focused on the years of orgasms being forced between his legs to give it much thought. With a final slurp, everything seemed to set into place down there. He nervously reached a manicured hand down his skirt and felt his moist new pussy, instinctively biting his lip as he traced the orifice between his legs and rubbed the tuft of pubic hair that had sprouted around his new sex. Megan watched in shock, unaware of how sensual the transformation would be. 

Oh god…I don’t want to be a girl…but it feels so…gooOOD!” Kyle whimpered in his sultry new voice as his spine began to cave inwards. He thrust his chest forward as his areolae began to widen, growing hard and sensitive as they rubbed against his shirt. His moans echoed through the house as two breasts inflated from his chest, jiggling and sending more pleasure through his changing body as they grew. He cupped them and teased his new nipples, shocking his stepsister as she watched Kyle’s boobs grow bigger than her’s. The aging boy threw his head back in ecstasy as his hair began to lengthen, growing down past his shoulders as it took on a pleasing coconut scent. Finally, his face began to contort as it aged into its prime. His features sharpened as his eyes grew soft and alluring. His lips thinned out as his tongue swirled around in his mouth, like it was gaining years of cock sucking experience. He closed his eyes as a fog began to spread throughout his mind, and when he opened them, they’d turned a light blue color. His transformation finished as red nail polish applied itself to his new digits, Megan’s sigil vanishing beneath him in a puff of smoke.

“Holy shit, I can’t believe it worked!” Megan exclaimed, coming out to take a closer look at her new best friend.

Megan?! What the fuck did you do to me, you bitch?!!” Kyle exclaimed, shocked by the bitchy new tone of his voice. 

“I wanted us to be friends, and now we are…right, Kaylee?”

“The fuck are you talking abou…” Kyle trailed off as the new name entered his head, bouncing around and beginning to change every memory it touched. He grabbed his head in a panic as the spell’s influence seeped into his mind. 

“Oh, Kaylee, why don’t you go freshen up. You look distressed. Can’t be crying when we go out tonight.”

Kyle ran upstairs into the master bathroom as his thoughts began to shift. He looked at his sexy new body in stunned silence. He looked like a girl he would’ve jacked off to just last night. He looked…fucking good. He began to think of all the boys who’d kill for a night with this body, and how he could get whatever he wanted with a smile and a flick of his hair. He licked his lips as he began to remember exploring himself sexually, and letting others take a few tours as well. He felt his gag reflex disappear as memories of sucking massive, throbbing cocks populated his mind. He knew this was wrong, that this was all his stupid stepsister’s fault, but it all felt so good. He couldn’t believe that he was beginning to enjoy being a girl, but no matter how much he tried to tell himself that this was all wrong, he felt himself embracing…Kaylee. 

Suddenly, he heard the door open as Megan’s dad walked in. He felt his crotch moisten at the sound of his voice, his knees buckling as he listened to James greet his daughter down the hall. Why was he feeling like this? Did he have a crush on his stepdad? Did he want to fuck James? The older man walked into the bathroom, shocked at the sight of his daughter’s beautiful friend checking herself out in the mirror. 

“Oh, I’m sorry, Kaylee. I didn’t know you were in here,” he said, embarrassingly backing out of the room.

No, wait. Can you…help me with something?” Kyle said, his new voice dripping with allure. 

“Uh, sure…” James said nervously as he felt himself engorging. He knew this was wrong, but he’d been lusting after Kaylee for months. 

I’ve got a bit of an itch that I can’t reach…” Kyle said, slipping further into Kaylee as his hormone riddled brain took control. He sauntered over and began removing his clothes, watching the man’s cock press up painfully against his pants with each sultry sway of his body. He grabbed James’ hand and slipped it between his legs, cooing as his masculine fingers touched his dripping pussy. “Can you itch it for me?” 

“Dad? What’s taking so- WHAT THE FUCK?!” Megan screamed as she walked in on the sensual scene between her dad and former stepbrother. Kaylee simply looked at her friend in satisfaction, her mouth curling with pleasure as James fingered her vigorously. 

Oh, sorry bestie,” Kaylee said between huffs of pleasure. “I hope we can still be friends after this…ooohhh…

James was too focused on the beauty in front of him to even notice his daughter. The door slammed as Megan ran off in horror to find a way to reverse the spell. It didn’t matter, though. Kaylee was here to stay, and nothing that dumb bitch could do or say would ever get her to go back to being Kyle. She and James were in absolute bliss, and if she kept this up, she’d go from Megan’s stepbrother to Megan’s stepmom in no time. She smirked at the thought as James stripped down, his swinging cock pointing right at her new sex. He spread her legs and plunged into her as an explosion of pleasure rocked her mind, dwarfing any sensations she’d ever felt as Kyle. She looked into James’ eyes as he caressed her, sparks of love flying between the couple as she tightened her new muscles around the man’s cock. She leaned in for a kiss as he tickled her insides, moaning at the taste of his tongue against her’s. 

Oh, fuck oh…oh…AAAHHHH!” She screamed as she felt his warm cum coating her insides. She quivered as her orgasm surged through her body, every fiber of her new form twitching in pleasure. 

“Oh my god…Kaylee…I think…” James stammered, knowing he shouldn’t say what he’s about to say.

It’s okay. I love you, too.” Kaylee said, embracing her man. “I’ll be better to you than your prude of a wife,” she said as she caressed James’ surprisingly sculpted body.

“You don’t think Megan will have a problem?”

Not at all. When you think about it, she’s the one who introduced us. I think she’d like a friend as a stepmom.”

Megan listened from outside the bathroom in regret. Her future stepmother had her father wrapped around her finger, and her legs wrapped around his torso. Perhaps if she hadn’t played with powers beyond her comprehension, she’d still just have an annoying stepbrother. Now, she had a fucking homewrecker to deal with.