The Monkey Queen (TF TG AP)

Trent was on vacation with his family in Southeast Asia, much to his chagrin. When he’d heard that his family was going on an international vacation, he was expecting to be relaxing on a beach and sunbathing, not tracking through insect infested jungles with his parents. He tried distracting himself with his phone, taking pictures for his Instagram and pretending he was having a great time on vacation, but out of nowhere, a small monkey leapt out of a tree and snatched the device right out of his hands. He gave chase, recklessly abandoning his parents on the jungle trail as he followed the creature, desperate to get his phone back. It only took moments for him to get lost in the foliage, suddenly realizing that he’d lost sight of his family and no idea how to get back to the jungle walkway. He pressed onwards as he heard the monkey making noises nearby, pushing massive leaves out of the way until he came upon a clearing in the trees. He found more than he bargained for, though, as he laid his eyes upon a horde of monkeys all circled around his phone as they poked and prodded it. He quietly tried to back away without alerting them, but as he stepped back, he felt himself brush up against something big and hairy. He turned around nervously to look up at a massive ape, its muscular arms taller than his entire body. The imposing creature looked down at Trent as he stared in shock, not wanting to make any sudden movements. He bent down to sniff and inspect the terrified human before wrapping one of his massive monkey paws around him and carrying him to what appeared to be a primitive throne of rocks. The monkeys cheered in excitement as their king carried the terrified boy past them, his cries for help drowned out by the monkey vocalizations. 

The great ape sat down and placed the boy on his lap like a trophy. Trent watched in terror as the monkeys began to swarm around him, tearing at his clothes until he was as naked as they were. Suddenly, they clasped golden bracelets around his wrists and ankles that looked like the ones the big ape was wearing. They primates began to jump and cry in excitement as they watched Trent’s skin begin to darken from the bracelets outwards. He began to squirm and itch as fur sprouted from his darkening skin, spreading until his whole body was covered in a two-tone monkey fur like the rest of the animals watching him. He whined as he felt the ape’s grip tighten around him, holding him in place for what was to come. 

The boy wriggled between the ape’s bulging muscles as he felt himself beginning to grow. His arms lengthened as they filled with strength, his muscles pulsing as they grew more defined beneath his furry new skin. He watched his hands in shock as his fingers lengthened with subtle cracks, his joints adapting to increase his grip strength for climbing through the jungle. The ape lifted him up slightly as his spine extended as if he was shaping the boy’s changing body. His breathing grew deep and feral as his abs hardened into a six pack that even the most athletic human would be jealous of. He felt his tendons loosening all around his body as he grew flexible, like he’d been climbing and contorting himself through jungle gyms for his entire life. The ape traced his new core with an intimidatingly thick finger, triggering a confusing mixture of fear and excitement in the changing boy. Suddenly, the ape placed his finger on the tip of the boy’s penis and began to push. 

“What?! No! Plea- ah OOH AHH AAAHHHH!” Trent screamed as his vocalizations devolved into those of the primates surrounding him. He struggled to put human words together, screaming in panic like an animal as he felt his boyhood beginning to retreat upwards. He looked down in horror as his cock was forced inwards by the monstrous ape holding him. New sensations began to vibrate between his legs as two furry lips began to thicken between his thighs, swallowing up his shaft and balls as the ape massaged his shrinking genitals with two sausage-like fingers. The sensations ran down his legs as they elongated and filled with strength like his arms, his thighs and calves swelling with muscles to help him climb faster than anything else on the planet. He flexed his feet in reluctance as alien pleasures began to course through his veins, his toes elongating and curling as they became almost another set of hands. His brain was wracked with pleasure and knowledge simultaneously as it adapted to the new strengths of his growing body. With one final scream, he felt the ape’s finger slip between his legs and tickle the new fleshy cavern that had opened up below his abdomen.

He squirmed in pain and pleasure as his new womb was tickled by the ape’s muscular finger, his sexual nerves maturing in a matter of seconds and forcing unknown pleasures through his mind. He was so distracted by the orgasmic new feelings that he barely noticed his glutes filling with strength, inflating his ass as his hips widened with a loud crack. His spine began to tingle again as a tail sprouted just above his ass crack, whipping around and caressing the abs of the great ape behind him as it grew in length. He wanted to cry between the pleasure, trying to think of what his parents would say if they saw him, but before he could mourn for long, the ape lifted him up and prepared to make him his queen. Trent looked down past his new body and swaying tail to see the ape’s cock beginning to engorge. He felt a sense of dread wash over him as he watched it begin to throb, but to his dismay, he also felt a sense of excitement building within him. He squealed in his new monkey voice in reluctance, but deep down, he knew that part of him wanted that massive piece of flesh inside of him. 

The ape plunged the boy down onto his erect cock, roaring in pleasure as Trent squealed in ecstasy. He thought it would hurt, but his dripping new vagina stretched and tightened around the ape’s massive member instinctively. He flexed his new pelvic muscles and began to rock himself back and forth, wondering why his body was doing this, but utterly intoxicated by the sensations coming from his new sex. His eyes widened as his vision adapted to the jungle, irises turning a deep red to match the great ape’s. He brought a hand up to his mouth as his feral screams of pleasure grew louder with each thrust, running his fingers across his sharpening fangs. His hair tumbled down into his eyes as a crown formed around his head while more golden jewelry materialized on his body. He could feel every inch of his king’s cock rubbing against his new fleshy cavern, and as much as he wanted to reject it, he loved every sensation of his new body. His muscles tensed as he came closer to his first orgasmic climax, glistening in the shafts of light streaming through the jungle canopy as his chest began to swell. The ape brought its hands up to the boy’s chest, massaging his nipples as two sensitive breasts began to grow and jiggle in sync with their lovemaking. Trent’s nose shrunk as his lips grew thin, leaving him with a primal visage like the primates around him as his expression contorted into a reluctant look of ecstasy. With one final thrust, and one final scream, he came and felt a warm liquid coat his insides.

His mind began to soften, his resistance being whittled away by the pleasures of his new form. Words, names, and all modern concepts began to melt away as the allure of a simple, animalistic life grew stronger. He began to forget about video games, movies, TV, friends, family…himself. He was…she was a queen now, and her king was the strongest, most fertile ape in the jungle. She didn’t have a name, at least not one a human would recognize, and she didn’t need one. She had her king, her kingdom, and her loyal subjects. All she had to worry about was eating, fucking, and raising an heir for the throne. She smiled as she let go of all her human stresses. No more school, no more bullies, no more Instagram, and no more rules except for the ones she made. She sighed in satisfaction and leaned back into her king’s chest, smiling as she felt his cum dripping out of her feral pussy. She interlocked her feet with her king and tilted her head up at him, looking deep into his eyes. She chuckled, remembering how scared she felt at first sight of this monstrous great ape, but now all she felt was safe and calm in his arms. She looked over her citizens and waved at the cheering animals as they jumped with joy at the thought of having a new monkey queen.

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