Temptations (TG AP)

Mike was a bit of a deadbeat dad. He worked a dead end job at a car dealership and spent all his free time drinking and playing poker with his buddies. It really wasn’t a surprise that his wife divorced him, but unfortunately for the both of them, the couple had a child at a young age. Mike’s ex had custody of the kid, Ryan, but he still had to watch him one weekend per month. Ryan was almost 12 now and liked hanging out with his dad, despite him not being that reliable. They watched movies together, played games, and stayed up way later than his mom would ever let him. It was Mike’s custody weekend yet again, and after his son had fallen asleep, he decided to check out a new dating app that he’d heard about. He filled out his profile and input exactly what he was looking for in a woman: early 40s, brown hair and eyes, tan skin, and huge boobs. The first girl he saw was a perfect match, almost exactly what he had outlined. He noticed a button in the app that promised he could meet her tonight for only $5 and immediately pressed it. His phone went blank as the lights flickered, a strange aura spreading through the house. Suddenly, he heard some strange noises coming from Ryan’s bedroom. At first it just sounded like he was having a nightmare, but his childlike groans quickly turned into feminine moans. Mike opened the door to his son’s room, hoping to comfort him, but was shocked by what he saw. 

“Hey, buddy, are you having a nightma- what the fuck?” He stammered as he found the woman from the dating app standing next to his son’s bed. 

Hey, hot stuff. It’s me, Rebecca, from the app? Your profile was so interesting, I just had to meet you in person.” The woman said, her voice dripping with lust. 

Mike felt his dick hardening at just the sound of her voice, but he had to find out what happened to his son and how this woman got into his house. He pulled out his phone and opened the app again. He saw another button that said “End Date” and immediately pressed it, another strange wave of energy pulsing through the room. He watched as the woman grabbed her head, her eyes rolling back into her head as she began to wobble. She fell back onto the bed as she rapidly morphed back into a little boy, pajamas and all. Mike watched in confused silence as the buxom woman’s figure receded into his son’s childish body, leaving him exactly like he was when he went to bed. Mike woke his son up gently once the transformation was over, hoping he was okay.

“Hey, Ryan, how are you feeling? It sounded like you were having a nightmare so I came in to check on you.”

“Oh, hi, dad. I think it was just a weird dream. I dreamt that I was older, but…different? I’m not sure how to describe it, everything is already fuzzy. I’m fine, though.”

Mike sighed with relief as he slid his phone back into his pocket. He didn’t know how it was possible, but he knew he couldn’t use that app again. His conviction quickly waned after a few drinks and another night alone, though. The next night he was lying in bed, buzzed and lonely, when he opened the app again and stared into the eyes of the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. He hesitated for a moment, but figured as long as his son was asleep, he’d just think it was a dream. He seemed fine after he changed back, and his mother would never know. It’s not like he was gonna do anything drastic, he just wanted to go on a date with a woman again…at least, that’s what he told himself. He got up, finished his whiskey, and paid the $5 to see Rebecca again. He tried to ignore the noises coming from his son’s bedroom as he got dressed, telling himself that it was just for the night and that Ryan wouldn’t remember a thing. He sprayed some cologne on and walked out of his room, hyping himself up for his date tonight. He was taken aback by the sight of Rebecca standing in his living room, a tight black dress accentuating her mature curves.

“Hey, sweetie. Long time, no see. You gonna take me somewhere nice tonight?” The woman said, her voice dripping with allure. Mike resisted the urge to fuck her right then and there, forcing himself to remember that the beauty before him was actually his son. He just wanted to have dinner and drinks…right?

“You know it. I got us reservations at the nicest place in town. C’mon, let’s head out before we’re late.” He said, grabbing her soft hand and leading her to the car. The couple laughed as they ate and drank, Mike wondering where all of her memories came from. She really felt like the perfect woman for him. She loved to cook, loved sports, loved his fast car, and she was actually funny. He didn’t want this night to end, and he felt the urge growing in his pants to go past the point of no return. He parked the car in the garage and they sat in darkness for a bit, listening to their favorite songs on the radio. Mike sighed and was about to turn the car off as the song was coming to an end, but Rebecca turned to him and looked deep into his eyes.

“Mike…I…” she trailed off as she closed her eyes and leaned in for a kiss. Mike, lost in the moment, returned the favor and locked lips with her, savoring the plump flesh meeting his lips as their tongues twirled around in passion. He pulled away as he regained control, disgust beginning to settle in as he thought about the fact that he’d just made out with his son. Rebecca looked disappointed until she had an idea. She bolted out of the car and told Mike to meet her in the bedroom. By the time Mike caught up to her, she was already undressing. He stared in awe at the body she was hiding beneath that black dress as she smiled seductively at him, inviting him to take her. 

“Fuck me, babe. I’m all yours. I want to feel you inside me.” She said, wiggling her hips and breasts at the conflicted man. Despite his throbbing hard-on, Mike pulled out his phone before it was too late. He quickly hit the “end date” button and watched reluctantly as the horny woman before him transformed back into his meek son. She passed out onto the bed as her breasts deflated and body shrank, her clothes turning from the black dress and lingerie into Ryan’s pajamas. Once it was over, he carried his sleeping son back into the kid’s bedroom, afraid of how close he was to doing the unthinkable. The next morning, Ryan awoke like usual and ate breakfast with his dad before his mom came to pick him up. His dad asked how he felt, and aside from the weird dreams he kept having, he felt fine. This time he described the dream like being a celebrity. He dreamt about eating at a nice restaurant with a fan who would do anything to be near him. He vaguely remembered something about listening to music in a car, tasting something weird in his mouth, and getting naked, but he didn’t think he needed to tell his dad that. Maybe he was just finally going through puberty.

“I’ll see you next month, kiddo.” Mike said as his ex pulled into the driveway.

“Thanks for the great weekend, dad. Can’t wait for the next time we hang out. Love you!” Ryan said as he climbed into his mom’s car. Mike’s ex looked at him with spite, clearly annoyed that she even had to share her son for one weekend. He spent the next few weeks moping around, awaiting the next weekend he could see Rebecca again. He even thought about using that damned app while Ryan was with his mom, but was afraid of what would happen. He masturbated every night to her profile, desensitizing himself to the fact that it was his son. One night, while obsessing over her profile, he saw an option to turn on “long term dating” for $100. It noted that this option was irreversible, but after many lonely nights pining for her, he didn’t care. He’d decided that the next time Ryan was at his house, he’d “introduce” him to Rebecca.

The day finally came when Ryan was dropped off at his dad’s house again. He hugged Mike and dropped his stuff off in his room as his mom drove away. Mike sat in the living room, waiting solemnly for his son to come down. He thought about what he was about to do and tried to talk himself out of it, but he loved Rebecca and would never have to deal with his ex again. The kid ran downstairs and saw his father sitting nervously on the couch.

“What’s the plan for this weekend, dad? Something fun, I hope.” He said with excitement.

“This weekend will be unforgettable. C’mere, I want to show you something.” Mike said, pulling his phone out as Ryan sat next to him. “This woman, Rebecca, is beautiful, don’t you think?” He said, pulling up her dating profile.

“Yeah, she is…” Ryan said, staring at her profile picture. She felt oddly familiar, but Ryan couldn’t quite tell why. 

“Well, I’ve been on a few dates with her, and I think she’s the one. How would you feel about seeing her more often?” Mike said with a slight tremble in his voice.

“If she makes you happy, she’ll make me happy.” His son said with a smile. Mike grinned and hugged his son one last time. He tapped the “long-term relationship” button and confirmed his decision in the app. A loading bar popped up that read “Adjusting Reality Parameters” that began to fill as Ryan began to quiver.

“Dad, what’s happening?” He said, standing up as a warmth spread across his body. Mike looked at his son with tender eyes, trying to comfort him as he changed. He’d never seen the transformation in person before, and it was more violent than he had expected. Ryan groaned as his frame grew upwards and outwards, his stretching clothes reforming into the outfit from Rebecca’s profile picture. His limbs spasmed as they grew longer, his conscious mind struggling to adapt to his changing musculature. He wobbled around the room in shock, his hips widening with a crack and beginning to sway more with each step. His elongated legs quickly filled out with fat and muscle as his thighs pressed his crotch together. Ryan looked at his dad desperately, only to see him staring lustfully at his ass as it inflated and filled out his new clothes. He grabbed it with a pair of feminine hands and jiggled it, partly out of shock that it was his, and partly because he knew his dad liked the view.

“Dad…help…oooOOOHHH” The boy moaned as his voice grew deep and sultry. He thrust his torso forward as his spine cracked inwards, leaving him with a feminine curve that jut his plump ass out even more. His knees buckled as his genitals began to invert, his boyhood pulling itself inwards as two fleshy lips formed between his legs. He felt like he was in one of his weird dreams, but no matter how much he tried to deny it, this was really happening to him. He let out an ecstasy laced moan as his balls slipped inside him, turning into ovaries that rapidly began pumping estrogen through his aging body. What was left of his dick turned into a sensitive bundle of nerves at the tip of his new sex, his pussy tightening as he became acutely aware of the fleshy cavern beyond his new vulva. 

“Oh, oh god…why does it feel…SO GOOD!” He moaned, struggling to resist the pleasures surging from his new vagina. “I’m a boy…I’m your son…your slut…I’m just a kid…but I’m so fucking horny” He mumbled as Rebecca’s influence grew stronger in his mind. “Oh…why is it so fucking wet down there?” He said lustfully as all his lips began to drool. 

“Don’t fight it, Ryan. Once it’s all over, we’ll be able to spend everyday together, and you won’t have to obey your mom’s commands any more. Doesn’t that sound nice?” Mike said, trying to reassure his horrified son. “We’ve already been on a few dates, and we had a blast! Don’t you want to be happy? Want me to be happy?”

“I don’t wanna be…your fucktoy…I want…to be your wife!” The struggling boy said, horrified by the words coming out of his mouth. Before he could take it back, he felt his chest beginning to tingle. He threw his head back in pain and pleasure as two massive breasts forced their way out, hanging off his chest like weights and growing more sensitive by the second. He moaned as his widening nipples rubbed against the shirt fabric, sending unknown pleasures through his already intoxicated body. He cupped them and pressed them together, showing off his new cleavage to his dad and feeling a pang of excitement as he smiled at the view. 

“Like what you see?” He said as his mind began to meld with Rebecca’s. He shook his head as his brain began to morph, brown hair tumbling down to his shoulders as he went. His life was becoming a blur. His face cracked as it aged, decades passing through him until he was the same age as his dad. He really liked Mike…his dad…and he wanted him to be happy, but he was his son. He liked playing games with his dad, seeing movies with his dad, eating dinner with his boyfriend…sleeping with his boyfriend.

“Dad, please. I don’t wanna be a girl. I want to be Rya…R…Rebecca. I love you, and I want to be yours. I want to be Rebecca.” Ryan said as he gave into his overwhelming desires. His nightmare suddenly seemed like a dream come true. He felt joy like he did after those dreams that he didn’t want to tell anyone about, and now he understood why. He…she relaxed her face and smiled as makeup applied itself and perfume sprinkled her neck. She smiled at Mike as he stood up, looking at her like she was a goddess. 

“You…you’re beautiful.” Mike said, smiling as he watched his son’s eyes fully become Rebecca’s.

“Thanks, babe. That felt fucking amazing. I wish you’d done this sooner instead of blueballing me like you did last month. I’m so done with being Ryan, and now we both know what each of us wants…” she said, beginning to slide her clothes down and reveal just how effective that app was. Mike quickly dropped his pants and rubbed his throbbing cock against her stomach. They looked at each other, breathing deeply as they approached the moment they’d both been waiting for. Mike grabbed Rebecca and threw her onto the sofa, her body instinctively presenting itself. Mike stared at the dripping pussy before him, hesitating one last time as he thought of his son, but knowing now that Ryan was a completely different person. Rebecca screamed as Mike thrust into her, his firm grasp gripping her hips as her body jiggled up and down. She writhed in ecstasy as her boyfriend caressed her curves, twisting her hips to bring her partner as much pleasure as possible. She briefly thought about her old life as Mike’s cock tickled her insides and smiled, happy to be rid of those anxious schoolboy feelings. She’d much rather indulge in the person she’s become, and the body that came with it. She gripped a pillow and tensed up as she felt an orgasm building. With a burst of warm liquid coating her womb, she screamed and writhed in rapture, letting her first female orgasm wash over her and fill in the gaps of her new life. 

“Oh, daddy, I’m so glad you gave into your temptations. This is all so much better than living with mommy. I…” she paused to catch her breath post-climax. “I think I love you. Let’s keep this going, long term, yeah?”

“That’s all I ever wanted. I love you too, Rebecca.” 

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