Out Of His League (TG AP)

Caleb was having trouble with the dating scene. He was a senior in high school now, but he had yet to find a girlfriend. Frustrated, he decided to take some drastic measures. His family had come from a line of occult researchers, and while his parents forbid him from ever using any of the dangerous family heirlooms, his parents were out of town for the week. He went searching through his family’s basement until he found what he was looking for. He opened the ancient tome and flipped through the pages, taking notes as he went. He drew an alien looking sigil on a post-it note and folded it into his backpack. If he couldn’t find a girlfriend in his class, he was going to make one. 

Jacob was a relatively lonely freshman, having just moved to town and starting at a new high school. He wasn’t exactly friends with anyone, but he looked up to Caleb the senior because he was the only other student who acknowledged his existence. The two always ate lunch together, and today was no different. Jacob noticed Caleb’s odd behavior during lunch, like he was nervous about something. The kids finished their meals and prepared to go to class. Caleb followed the freshman to his locker, chit chatting and killing time until the hall was nearly empty. Caleb looked at the young freshman, contemplating what he was about to do. Jacob was a good kid, but Caleb’s raging hormones quickly got the better of him. Just as Jacob closed his locker, Caleb pulled the post-it note out of his backpack and smacked it onto Jacob’s back. 

“What was that? Did you stick something on me?” Jacob asked, trying to reach back and grab it. Caleb watched as the sigil he drew began to glow, signifying the spell’s beginning as the post it vanished in a puff of smoke.

“Sorry, Jacob. I can’t go on any longer without a girlfriend.” He said solemnly. 

“What’re you talking abou- whoa!” Jacob yelled as he began to grow taller. He looked down at his lengthening legs as his shoes began to transform, tightening into a pair of black heels as his feet cracked and shrunk. His uniform pants began to roll themselves up, restitching into a cute skirt and revealing a tan pair of legs beneath. His knees began to wobble as they filled with fat and muscle, thickening as what leg hair he had began to vanish.

“What’s going on? What did you do to me?!” Jacob squealed, his uniform continuing to change. Caleb watched lustfully as the freshman grew older by the second, becoming nearly as tall as him thanks to the new heels. He felt his cock beginning to harden as Jacob’s body cracked and popped, growing thicker and curvier with each passing moment. The freshman boy groaned as his spine cracked inwards, his hips swaying alluringly as he struggled to maintain his balance. His eyes darted around the empty hallway, hoping anyone would notice what Caleb was doing to him, but he was helpless. 

“Don’t worry, Jacob. It’ll be over soon as long as you don’t fight it. I promise I’ll be a good boyfriend…”

“I don’t want *cough* to be your fucking girlfriend!” Jacob wheezed as his vocal chords tightened. Both of them were shocked at Jacob’s new tone, but only Caleb smirked as he listened to Jacob’s voice become sultry and bitchy. He watched as the changing boy’s exposed midriff tightened into an athletic core, accentuating his wide new hips and growing fertile beneath the skin. Jacob began to moan like a porn star as he felt his boxers tighten into a thong, pressing his manhood uncomfortably between his legs. He squealed in reluctant relief as his cock began to slip between the gap in his milky thighs. Caleb began to blush as he watched his girlfriend-in-progress groan and grab his crotch, desperately trying to keep his junk from inverting and flowering into a throbbing, sensitive vagina. Jacob quivered as his feminine hands traced the lips of his new sex through his new garments, trying his best to hide his pleasure from the boy who did this to him. 

“You don’t have to be embarrassed, babe. I bet it feels amazing…” Caleb said, pressing his hand up against Jacob’s new sex. Jacob squealed and slapped him, shocking Caleb and causing him to step back. “I guess you’re not quite ready yet. No worries, any minute now you’ll be begging for me to touch you.”

“Ne…never…” Jacob mumbled, trying to resist the new desires coming from between his legs. He wanted to slap Caleb again, but was suddenly distracted by the pressure building in his chest. He looked down and grimaced as two breasts began to force their way out, his sensitive new nipples rubbing against his silky new bra as the jiggling flesh stretched his new top to its limit. He cupped his new boobs in disbelief, letting out more pleasurable sighs as they stopped growing and settled into his hands. He squeezed them curiously, stunned by how good fondling them felt. Combined with the sensations flooding his mind from his moistening pussy, he felt his libido kicking itself into overdrive. Estrogen flooded his body as he suddenly became aware of the womb growing in his abdomen. His new proportions, his new center of gravity, and his new stride all began to feel natural to him. He sauntered towards Caleb and grabbed his shoulders desperately, his hips swaying and ass inflating beneath his tiny skirt with every step.

“Please, Caleb, don’t do this. I thought we were friends? I dun wanna be a girl. God, I feel like such a slut. Please, change me back.”

“We were friends, but now, we’ll be even more than friends.” He said, running his hands down Jacob’s perfectly curvy body. Jacob grabbed his head as his hair began to tumble down past his shoulders, turning a dirty blonde as it cascaded around his breasts. His face began to crack and shift, growing older and sluttier against his will. His lips plumped up as his eyes took on an alluring slant. His nose shrunk into a cute button shape while his teeth straightened and whitened themselves. Makeup caked itself around his face, accentuating his sexy new visage as his eyelashes fluttered and grew. The once freshman stared at Caleb as his eyes turned a deep hazel, his brain and soul changing as Caleb’s spell approached its final stages. 

“No…I’m not a whore…” Jacob mumbled as his memories morphed before his very eyes. He remembered years of high school he hadn’t experienced yet. Boys throwing themselves at him, endless compliments on his body, flowers and booze to try and woo him. He remembered parties, drugs, and endless nights of sex. His muscles tensed as they gained innate skills to use in the bedroom, his mind filling with new positions and tricks that he hadn’t even seen in porn before. His pussy and asshole began to crave being filled, causing him to sweat in reluctance at the things he was imagining. “God…I’m such a fucking cumslut…” he mumbled, beginning to enjoy his new knowledge and memories. He began to remember every orgasm, quivering as his new body was wracked with pleasures forbidden to his old life. He pictured the jocks throwing him around the locker room and manhandling him. He remembered the druggies smoking him out in exchange for blowjobs. He smirked at the memory of the nerds helping him pass his classes for nothing more than a kiss. The boys in school would do anything for a chance to feel her…his body, and he knew it. His eyes rolled back and mouth dropped open as he felt the confidence of his new life flood his brain. Maybe…he didn’t want to go back?

“Almost ready, babe?” Caleb asked, seeing the expressions on Jacob’s face.

“I’m still Jacob…Jac…Jessica, duh. What’re you looking at?” The new girl said, embracing her bitchy new personality. “Think I’m gonna give you a stripshow or something, nerd?”

“Uh, babe, I just wanted to kiss you before class,” Caleb said, surprised by the girl’s attitude. 

Babe? Pfffft, as if I’d ever be your ‘babe’ you fuckin’ loser.” She said with a biting tone, twirling her hair and smirking at the increasingly nervous boy in front of her. 

“Wait, but I thought…I thought the spell said…” Caleb mumbled in denial, suddenly trying to hide his erect cock with his textbooks.

“Spell? So that’s what you did to me, huh? Hah. Well, I guess I should thank you because I feel fucking amazing now. I’d never go back to being that weird little ‘Jacob’ that you tried to turn into your personal sex doll. Ooooohhhh gawd, I can’t believe you thought you were going to sleep with me. Ew.”

Caleb began to slink away, hoping to hide in the bathroom and recenter his mind, but Jessica grabbed his shirt and pulled him in close enough to smell her flowery skin. 

“You still want a taste of this, don’t you?” She said, breathing right into his face as she ran a hand down her curves. “You want a taste of Jessica? Well, too fucking bad. You don’t deserve me.” Her words pierced his soul as he looked lustfully at her perfect body. She grabbed his dick, teasing it lightly and causing him to moan pathetically before she shoved him back and flung her hair to the side. She pulled her books out of her locker and shot him one last glare before walking off to class.

“If you come near me again, I’ll sick the entire football team on you. I’m out of your league now, bitch.”