Maturity Ring (TG/AP)

The country club was emptier than usual. Thirteen year old Thomas and his little sister, Lily, had been left by the pool to their own devices while their parents mingled with the other club members at the bar. The two kids had been swimming for a while now and were growing bored, seeing as how they were the only people in the pool section aside from the young lifeguard. Lily eventually resigned herself to sitting on the edge of the pool and dangling her feet into the water. Thomas, still looking for excitement, continued to dive deeper into the pool until he noticed a glint near the pool’s drain. He swam down and found what appeared to be a wedding ring near the bottom of the pool. Curious, Thomas grabbed the ring and swam back up to the surface. He sat on the steps leading into the pool and examined the ring, briefly showing it to his sister who had little interest in anything her brother showed her. He slipped it onto his ring finger and made a feminine gesture to his sister, like a newly engaged woman showing her friends an engagement ring. He chuckled, she scoffed and rolled her eyes. Strangely, though, when Thomas went to remove the ring he noticed that his fingers had thickened and lengthened, causing the ring to fit snugly.

He held his hand out in front of him only to see his arm rapidly growing too. But it wasn’t just his arm, it was his whole body. He fell onto his back and spread his limbs as his joints popped and cracked, extending his arms and legs to adult proportions. He grunted in pain and wondered what was happening to him as his sister looked at her aging brother in shock. She called for the lifeguard, who slowly rose out of his chair and began walking towards them. Thomas flexed and stretched his new hands and feet, testing to see if the changes were really happening to him.

“Thomas, what’s happening to you?!” his sister concernedly asked.

“I don’t kno – ah!” he gasped as he felt a pressure building in his chest. He looked down at his chest as his nipples grew larger and more pronounced. He reached up to touch them and let out another gasp as they hardened and sent tingles throughout his body. Lily watched in horror as two large mounds of flesh grew out of her brother’s chest.  

“Thomas! You’re making it worse!” she yelled.

“I didn’t mean to!” he replied. Soon his attention moved from his new bosom to his groin as another warm feeling began to grow in his abdomen. “Lily, I can feel something else chang – ooohhhh…” he cooed as his member folded inward on itself. He ran a hand down his stomach as new reproductive organs formed, eventually reaching a wet clit where the his penis had once been. He inadvertently stuck a finger into his new sex and let out another soft moan.

“Thomas! Stop!” Lily yelled as her brother uncontrollably quivered and moaned.

“I can’t…feels so…so…euphoric…” he sensually moaned as his voice took on a sultry, feminine tone. Lily grew even more concerned as she had never heard her brother use words like that. Thomas began to rub his new clit more vigorously as the changes continued to spread across his body. He arched his back and pulled his legs closer to him as his ass began to inflate. Soft pops could be heard as his hips jutted outwards to childbearing proportions. As the pleasure continued to build in his groin, he reached a hand up to his head and grabbed his hair, slightly tugging at it as if it added to the pleasure. He felt his hair grow longer and splay itself across the stone pool walkway. Finally, a few final cracks signaled the reshaping of his face into that of a 40 year old cougar. “Oh…ooohh….oh!” he screamed as he climaxed and came for the first time.

Thomas sat up, still reeling from that earthquake of an orgasm, and looked at his little sister.

“Thomas?” she asked meekly.

“Sorry, Lily, I couldn’t help myself…” he said in his sultry new voice. “I don’t know what happened. The ring I found began to change me, and suddenly I had all these weird new feelings and…desires…” he trailed off as the young, chiseled life guard approached. Lily saw her brother look over at the lifeguard as his eyes widened. “Lily, something feels wrong…I, uh…I feel like I want…no!” Thomas grunted as he put his hands on his forehead.

“Thomas, what’s going on? What do you feel?” she asked. Thomas tried to resist the new feminine urges coursing through his mind. He tried to remember the first girl he ever had a crush on, but could only think of young men and memories of sleeping with them. Fantasies of kissing older girls transformed into memories of sucking young cock. Thomas tried to fight it was all his might, but as the throbbing lust in his groin returned with a vengeance, he gave in to his rapid maturation.

“Thomas? Who the fuck is Thomas?” the new cougar snapped. Lily was taken aback by her brother’s sudden change in tone and language. He had never sworn in his life.

“Thomas…” she quietly whispered. The lifeguard came over and handed the naked woman a striped robe to cover herself with, seemingly oblivious to the young boy’s transformation.

“Thanks, hon,” she said sensually. “The name’s Tiffany. Why don’t you come into the pool with me? I promise to make it worth your while, if you make it worth mine.”

Lily looked on in terror as her brother, or at least what was once her brother, traced the muscles of the young life guard with her fingertips, and eventually her tongue. She was the only one who knew about his transformation, and she had no idea what to do about it. Tiffany, on the other hand, merely whispered to the lifeguard, “Don’t you think it’s time for this little girl to leave the pool? I think it’s time for an adult swim.”

Lily’s parents came to pick her up at the lifeguard’s behest, and Lily could only look back as her transformed brother fell deeper into the embrace of the lifeguard. Meanwhile, Tiffany looked at the ring on her finger and thought about her rich, stupid husband out playing golf with his buddies while she got to fuck young studs on his dime. Just the thought of cheating aroused her even more. She turned again to the lifeguard who was currently licking the crevice between her breasts. She grabbed the hair on the back of his head, pulled down so his eyes were looking up at hers, and whispered, “Fuck me. Now.”

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