A Sister’s Wish (TG/AP)

It was around 10pm when Jacob’s father made Billy and Jacob begin getting ready for bed. Billy was spending the night at Jacob’s house while his parents went to go see a movie. The boys were no older than 12 and spent the majority of the night playing video games and drinking Mountain Dew. As the two boys began getting ready to go to sleep, they went into separate bathrooms to brush their teeth. Unbeknownst to them, Jacob’s little sister was sitting awake in her room fumbling with a small glowing rock she had found on her way home from school. The rock was warm in her hands, and as she looked at it, she felt something urging her to make a wish or two. Firstly, she wished that her older brother would spend less time with Billy and more time playing with her. Secondly, she wished that her recently divorced mother would be a part of her family again. The rock pulsed twice, then vanished into a puff of smoke. At the exact same moment, Billy felt a warm tingle emanate from his stomach.

Billy looked down, toothbrush in mouth, and put his hand over his stomach as the tingling began to get warmer. A jolt of energy suddenly ran through him as he heard some soft pops coming from his joints. He looked himself over to learn that he had rapidly grown nearly a foot in height. Before he could process his growth spurt, he felt the warmth spread across his upper body and down to his groin. He heard more slight pops and cracks as his arms and hands lengthened to adult proportions, though he noticed that his skin was becoming even softer than it was before. He moved his new limbs down to his crotch as he felt what could only be described as a vacuum in his lower abdomen. His genitals were quickly sucked inwards into his body, filling the void with new organs and leaving behind a tight, fleshy clit. Touching his new clit sent shivers up his spine and down his legs, and he began to coo in curiosity. As he felt his hair tumbling down his head and into his face, he suddenly remembered that he was a 12 year old boy sleeping over at his best friends’ house.

“Jacob! Something’s wro- ohhhhh…” he half-said/half-moaned from the bathroom. Jacob heard his friend saying something from the bathroom and walked up to the door to knock.

“Billy, are you alright?”

“Jacob, get help – ah!” Billy cried as he felt new sensations coming from his nipples. He put his hands over his chest in a vain attempt to keep his newly forming breasts from growing, only to stimulate his larger, more sensitive nipples and cause his breasts to grow even faster. His blue shirt began to loosen and grow longer, covering his mature new midriff and giving his new breasts room to move. His Batman underwear transformed into a white pair of women’s briefs, hugging his new clit tightly. As the new underwear rode up his ass, he felt his asscheeks expand to enviable proportions. Finally, Billy’s legs began to thicken around the thighs while his feel grew smooth and petite.

Billy looked down over his new body in shock. He wanted to call out to Jacob again, but was too stunned to say anything. Billy then looked himself over in the mirror in horror as his face began to morph. A few more small cracks and pops could be heard as Billy’s face morphed into that of Jacob’s mother. As Billy stared into the mirror, into the eyes of the adult woman he’d become, he felt alien thoughts growing in the back of his head.

“Billy, what’s happening?” Jacob called.

“Jacob, I…uh,” Billy stammered as his vocal chords tightened. “I need you to get James.”

Jacob looked at the door confused. He could’ve sworn that he heard Billy’s voice become that of his mother. Still, Jacob ran to get his father before trying to open the bathroom door. Billy stood and stared at his new reflection, trying desperately to retain his personality. He kept trying to think about video games, but every time the topic came up he instead thought about what video games to get her son for his birthday. He tried to think of all the times he and Jacob hung out, but instead could only remember the night Jacob was conceived. The silk sheets, the warm tropical breeze that blew threw their honeymoon suite, the sweaty, muscular man who was passionately locking lips with her while he moved her closer to climax with each thrust of his hips. Billy wanted to cry, he didn’t want to be his best friend’s mom, and yet the more he thought of Jacob and their family, the more her new motherly instincts took over.

Jacob and James walked to the bathroom and knocked quickly before opening the door. Inside, they only found Madeline, Jacob’s mother, brushing her teeth in her pajamas. Upon seeing James, Billy let himself be taken by lust and fully gave in to the motherly transformation. James greeted Madeline with a warm embrace and a kiss on the forehead. “Jacob, why did you want me to check on your mom in the bathroom?”

Jacob was speechless. He seemed to be the only one to remember that his parents got divorced and that Billy was brushing his teeth in the bathroom only minutes ago. Jacob wanted to say something, but for some reason he couldn’t. He wanted to call his mother Billy, but it just didn’t seem right. He shrugged towards his father and turned to go to his room and play some video games, but not before seeing his father subtly rub his mother’s clit behind his back. Madeline began to blush as James swept her off her feet, kissing her passionately and carrying her to the bedroom. Madeline laid flat on her back with her legs hanging off the edge of the bed, perching her new pussy right on the edge as James began to go down on her. She moaned in ecstasy as her two children drifted to sleep in silence.