Mother’s Day (TG/AP)

school day had just ended, and I was rushing around town to try and find a gift
for my mom for Mother’s Day. I had completely forgotten it was today, and I was
desperate to find something to give her. I asked my friends at school for
ideas, and thankfully one of my buddies, Max, told me that his mom left a bunch
of jewelry behind when she divorced his dad, and that I could swing by and grab
a piece of it to give to my mom as a gift. He told me to wait in the living room
while he grabbed something that my mom would like. I sat on the couch and
started playing with my phone, wondering what was taking him so long. I hadn’t
even noticed him reenter the room until it was too late. He snuck up behind me
and snapped a necklace around my neck. I turned around in surprise and saw him
looking at me nervously.

thanks? You could just give me the necklace. I don’t have to wear it home…”

man,” he started saying, hesitantly. “My dad has been a wreck since my mom
left, and I’m not letting my family fall apart.”

you- whoa!” I gasped, feeling a wave of dizziness flow over me. I was lucky I
was already sitting down.

              “I took
one of my mom’s old necklaces to a gypsy and had it enchanted. She told me that
whoever wore it would become a copy of its owner.”

the hell…ugh.” I thought he was crazy. I tried to stand up, but my body was
quickly becoming tingly and numb. I held my hands up to my face, only to notice
my nails growing long and manicured. Suddenly, I felt the joints in my hands
pop as my fingers grew long and feminine. I thought I was hallucinating for a
second, but I looked back at Max and saw him staring at my changing hands too. “Max,
what’s going o- ack!” I grunted as the rest of my body started to grow. I felt
more pops under my skin as my arms and legs lengthened. I felt a few more
cracks in my spine as it extended, giving me a couple more inches in height. My
shoulders were slightly wider now, but my hips were really throwing me off.
They had widened with a loud crack, and I could feel my hip bones through my
pants now. I looked like an adult now, but I definitely didn’t look masculine.
I looked over my maturing body and quickly realized that this was actually
happening. I was changing, and I hoped to god that Max was lying about the
necklace, but judging by my rapidly softening skin and new, child-bearing hips,
I was becoming a woman. What scared me even more, though, was that Max said I
was becoming his mother.

              “Oh my
god, it’s actually working! You’re like thirty-something now!” Max said,

you!” I screamed, noticing how feminine my voice had become. I coughed as my
vocal chords tightened in my throat. “How could you do this? I thought we were

sound exactly like my mom…” he said in astonishment. He wasn’t wrong, and I was
growing increasingly disturbed by the new voice coming out of my mouth.

even if I look like your mom, you think I’ll just pretend to be your mo-
OOOOHHHHH” I moaned as I felt new sensations coming from my chest. My nipples
were suddenly calling for attention, growing more sensitive by the second and
rubbing against my t-shirt. I looked down just in time to see two globs of fat
welling up beneath my shirt. My shirt began to transform just as my breasts
started growing, becoming a pink blouse that opened up enough for me to watch
my new cleavage grow. The weight of my new breasts kept increasing as they got
bigger and bigger. It felt like they would never stop, but to my dismay, they
grew more sensitive the bigger they got. I had no idea how good it felt to have
breasts, and I couldn’t help but moan a little more as a bra materialized
beneath my blouse, rubbing against my sensitive new nipples and sending more
foreign pleasures through my body.

worry, you won’t have to pretend to be anything. You’ll just be my mom.” I
snapped back to attention as Max started speaking again, trying to ignore the
pleasures coming from my new breasts as they jiggled from my chest. I tried to
reach for the necklace, thinking that if I took it off I would go back to being
a kid, but I felt around the back of my neck and couldn’t find the latch. All I
felt was my hair running down my neck. I pulled a strand into view and examined
the gorgeous amber color it was becoming. It continued to grow through the
cracks of my fingers, eventually reaching my back. I didn’t want to admit it,
but the silky hair tickling my back and neck felt natural. I realized now that
my mind was beginning to change, but not before instinctively brushing my new
hair behind my ears. My face suddenly began to tingle, and as I felt it with my
feminine new hands, I could feel my facial features growing soft and mature. My
lips thinned out as my eyes widened. My jawline cracked, giving me a slightly
angular face, as my nose popped into a cute little shape in the center of my

mom, you look beautiful,” Max said as I lowered my hands from my face. Hearing
him call me ‘mom’ sent a shiver up my spine. It felt wrong, but familiar at the
same time. I tried to fight these new feelings entering my head by remembering
Max as my schoolmate, but the longer I stared at his face, the more it felt
like he was family.

              “No, no,
no…don’t call me that. I’ll never be your mom- AAAHHH FUCK!” I screamed as my
crotch was suddenly assaulted with sensations. It felt amazing, but I knew
exactly what was about to happen. My underwear tightened into a pair of
panties, pressing against my tingling cock. I wanted to fight what was coming,
but I had no idea how. Against my will, I moaned as I felt my member begin to
slip between my legs. I squirmed as I felt my internal organs shifting around,
making way for a female reproductive system as my dick continue to retract. My
ass began to inflate at the same time, sending orgasmic feelings coursing
through my body. I couldn’t help but quiver as the head of my dick slipped
between two tight pussy lips that had opened up between my legs. I continued to
moan in my new feminine voice as the rest of my junk slid up into my abdomen,
filling the spaced vacated by my organs with a uterus and ovaries. The pleasure
was unlike anything I had ever felt, considering that just a few minutes ago I
was a 12 year old kid. It felt like a whole new world of knowledge had been
opened for me. I didn’t want to become Max’s mother, but these feelings were so
intense that I nearly forgot what was happening. I was so lost in ecstasy that
I didn’t notice my pants vanish, nor did I notice a brown belt tighten around my
waist. I reached down beneath my skirt and felt my new sex, squealing meekly as
I poked my new pussy lips and sent more tingles of pleasure coursing through my
body. I was about to slid my fingers into it out of lust and curiosity, but
then I noticed Max standing there staring at me. I also noticed my alluring new
legs and feet, now that my pants were gone.

mom, I missed you so much!” Max screamed as he leaned in and hugged me. I
wanted to push him away and run, but his embrace triggered something in my
mind. It made me feel…good. I shouldn’t have, I wanted to be upset at him, but
as he pressed his body against my breasts, I felt a sense of protectiveness
over him. I knew that my mind was changing, and I tried to fight it, but I was distracted
by Max slowly lowering himself to his knees, caressing my new body has he went.

what the fuck?” I asked in his mother’s voice. I didn’t want to believe it, but
the new hormones coursing through my body filled my head with thoughts of Max
shirtless. I felt a wetness growing in my crotch. My new pussy cried for
attention, but I knew that I shouldn’t be feeling this way, especially around
Max. If I was supposed to be his mother, why did I feel like this? Suddenly, a
memory of getting fucked by Max’s father entered my mind. I tried to suppress
it, but the dampness in my crotch only grew more intense. I tried to think of
my family and friends, of my old life, but these new feelings were
overwhelming. I wanted to fuck Max and his father.

mom, I forgot to tell you. I had that gypsy make some adjustments to your
personality. You ran away last time because of my lust for you, but that
shouldn’t be a problem anymore,” he said with a smirk. I wanted to scream. This
was so fucked up, but as his head moved closer to my crotch, I felt my mind
warping more and more. I looked at him as he changed from my best friend into
my son. Memories of giving birth to him flooded my mind. I remembered nursing
him, and the image of something sucking on one of my tits only made me hornier.
I tried desperately to remember my old self. I didn’t want to be this fucked
up, incestuous mother of my best friend, but it was getting harder to think. I
was about to kick my son’s head away, but as I lifted my legs and showed my
dripping pussy to him, I felt something inside my mind snap. I wanted this, but
I could never tell anyone about it, especially not my husband. The taboo nature
of our relationship only made it hotter. I wrapped my delicate feel around his
head and pulled him towards my pussy. He immediately began eating me out, and
it felt like his tongue was wiping away my old self as it swirled around my
vagina. I quivered and moaned, relishing these new feelings as I let motherhood
take over me. My head was filled with a new life, a life of womanhood and
motherhood, as my son edged me closer to orgasm. With one last flick of his
tongue, I felt every muscle in my body tense up as my face contorted. I threw
my head back and screamed, cumming all over his face as I kicked him away and
smiled. The faintest memory of my old life faded as I basked in the afterglow
of my first orgasm. This was amazing, and my old life seemed to pathetic
compared to the experiences I now had in my head.

              “Oh my
god, Max, that was amazing,” I said between sensual huffs. “I’m so glad you
convinced mommy to let you do that to her.”

mom, thank you,” he said, wiping the juices from his face. “I’m just glad we’re
a family. I could never love anyone more than I love you”

sweetie, I love you too. But remember, you can’t tell anyone about our ‘playtime’

smiled and winked, letting me know that his lips were sealed. I waved him up to
his room to get cleaned up before his father got home. As he left, I sat there
alone on the couch and thought about my life. I thought about my husband and
immediately began to grow wet again. My son was amazing, but of course I’d
never let him actually fuck me. My husband’s dick is the only dick I want
inside me, and seeing as it’s Mother’s Day, I figure we could try for one more
kid tonight. I composed myself and stood up, looking at the beautiful necklace
that my son got me for Mother’s Day. I was glad to have such a good family, but
I was ready to make it a little bigger.