Not 4 Kids TV (TG AP Sequence)

Luke was spending the Saturday afternoon in his living room, flipping through the channels and looking for new cartoons to watch. He’d slept in and missed the new episodes in the morning but was hoping to catch some reruns. Instead, he found a strange broadcast station, one that came with a mature content warning, but all it played was static and a pulsing noise. The changes started slow at first, but soon he felt the pulsing not only in his ears, but in his crotch. His whole body seemed to sync up to the channel, adapting and changing into the channel’s target audience. The poor boy tried to change the channel, but it was too late. It would later come out that the broadcast was an illegal hijacking of the TV signals by an unknown group with unknown motives, but households around the country suddenly found themselves with more beautiful woman in them than there were in the morning. 

Lacey smiled as she felt her new urges building. She didn’t know how or why this happened, but she knew that she wasn’t interested in cartoons anymore. She grabbed the remote again and flipped to something more…adult. She got comfortable on the couch and explored her new body, patiently awaiting her old family to get home so she could have some fun.