New Hire (TG AP Sequence + Video)

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Nathan shouldn’t have been walking around this part of the city alone, but he’d heard his older brother talking with his friends about how great the Red Light District was. They talked about it like all their wishes came true in that part of town. Nathan had to see the place for himself, so he got off the bus a few stops early and made his way over. It didn’t take very long for him to get lost, and the business owners there were notorious for recruiting new “inventory” for their windows. All it took was one wrong turn down an alleyway and Nathan was knocked out cold. He woke up in a bed, chained down and panicking. He saw a mysterious man turn on a pink spotlight and shine it directly at him, bathing him in a strange warmth. The kid didn’t know it yet, but he was about to be the reason his brother and his friends visited the Red Light District every night. 

Nikki exhaled as she felt the new knowledge settling into her mature new mind. She loved what she did, but she really loved how much money she made. The men in this city were so rich and easy to please, especially with a body like hers. She stretched as the man undid her handcuffs, leaning forward and resting on her massive breasts. She signaled to the man that she was ready for her next customer. She was going to be “Employee of the Month” in no time…