Punked (TG AP Sequence)

Caleb didn’t want to be at the club with his older brother, but his parents were out of town and his brother was supposed to be watching him. He couldn’t wait to tell his parents when they got home that his older brother dragged him to a punk rock show, but until then, he decided to hide in the bathroom where it was at least a little quieter. He locked himself in one of the stalls to wait the show out, but as the music continued to flood his ears, he began to feel a bit different. It turns out this band had some magical songs that were guaranteed to get people dancing, cheering, and jumping around the mosh pit. Even if you didn’t like punk music, these songs would help you learn to like it. Poor Caleb never would get the chance to tattle on his brother, but he was going to enjoy the club a lot more in a few minutes, music and more…

Chloe could smell the stench of sex wafting through the club’s bathrooms. She suddenly remembered why she came in here and took her position by her favorite glory hole. She licked her lips as she heard a zipper pull down on the other side of the wall, a throbbing member poking through just aching to be sucked. Chloe happily obliged, her studding body flexing into position like she’d been doing this for years. She smirked as she teased the cock with her lips and teeth, tracing the shaft with her sharp nails and wondering if her’s would’ve looked like this when she was a boy. Playtime was over now, she wanted to go meet someone on the dancefloor, but first she had to swallow her load.


This is actually a slight remake of one of my old stories! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, but it was really hard to keep the hair style consistent. Will keep trying different prompts.

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