Sex Ed (TG/AP)

Will had been waiting in the classroom for 10 minutes for
class to begin. The other students simply killed time through conversation, but
Will was actually intrigued by this class and wanted it to start as soon as
possible. The principal then walked in and announced to the class that the Sex
Ed teacher would be a substitute teacher today as their regular teacher had
fallen ill. The principal placed a textbook on the desk before leaving, telling
the students it would only be another few minutes before the substitute teacher
showed up. More time passed and Will continued to grow impatient. Eventually,
he got up and walked towards the desk. The other students paid little attention
to him, but as he opened the book and began to flip through it he felt a wave
of lightheadedness overtake him. He leaned against the desk as he continued to
flip through the book, looking at images of sexual acts and absorbing new information
about the act of mating. He suddenly stopped on a page about female anatomy as
he felt a tingle begin to spread across his body. With a lurch, he grabbed the
desk and braced himself against it as he began to grow.

looked at his arms as they grew longer, cracking at the joints. His fingers
elongated as his nails lengthened and became polished. His spine began to feel
like a snake beneath his skin, slithering and shifting as it expanded upwards.
His legs also lengthened with a crack, and soon he was standing at least a few
inches taller than he was before. He watched himself grow slightly taller still
as his sneakers morphed into a feminine pair of red heels. He felt his feet
shift and grow to fill his new shoes, but as he looked down at his changing
body he noticed that the rest of his clothes were beginning to morph. His jeans
tightened as they began to transform into a pair of fishnet leggings. The skin
beneath his new leggings became smooth and hairless as a tight, black skirt
materialized around his waist. As the new garment completed itself, he felt a
pressure beginning to build in his hips. With another loud crack, his hips
jutted outwards, leaving him with a figure ready for childbearing.

              As he
looked at his new hips, he began to notice how feminine his body was becoming.
He looked back at the textbook laying open on the desk and began to piece
together what was happening. He was becoming a woman, but he had no idea why.
With another look at the textbook, he realized what was coming next. He felt
his underwear transform into a tight fitting thong that pushed his member
against his thighs. It was extremely uncomfortable for a moment, but a sudden
pulse of pleasure came from his groin as it began to invert itself. He couldn’t
help but moan as his member was swallowed up by the flesh between his legs. He
looked at the diagram of the female reproductive system in the textbook as he
felt his internal organs beginning to shift. An alien cavern opened up between
his legs as a fertile womb materialized in his abdomen. He wanted to reach
between his legs and touch his new sex, but he was afraid of losing his balance
if he let go of the desk. His new clit began to tingle more as his thong rubbed
against his moistening pussy lips. As new ovaries began to pump hormones
through his system, he shot through puberty and began to have thoughts of
fucking cute guys at the club. He tried to fight his new desires, but it wasn’t
long before another wave of pleasure coursed through his body that came from
his chest. His shirt began to change into a revealing red top as two breasts
became visible beneath his changing clothes. He moaned in a deeper feminine
voice as a new bra tickled his enlarging nipples. He looked down at his new top
as it tightened around his growing breasts, pushing them together and revealing
some alluring cleavage. By the time his breasts stopped growing, the only thing
he could think of was a man groping his boobs and teasing his neck with kisses.

              He began
to sweat profusely as thoughts of sex made him more excited. He wanted to fight
his new thoughts, but the idea of a man overpowering him was becoming more and
more alluring. He looked down at his new body again and began to appreciate how
good he looked, but he also noticed strands of black hair beginning to enter
his field of view. His scalp tingled as his hair grew past his shoulders. A
wave of changes then overtook his face as it rapidly matured, leaving him with
a face that would make any guy lust after him. His ears tickled as two earrings
pierced his cartilage and weighed his earlobes down. Finally, a decorative
necklace materialized and sat perfectly between his new boobs. With the
physical changes finally slowing down, he let go of the desk and regained his
balance. Walking in heels felt natural to him, and he noticed how much his hips
swayed with each step now. He looked at the class, but it seemed that they were
completely oblivious to his transformation. He curiously touched the necklace on
his chest, but as his fingers made contact, a spark jumped between the necklace
and his fingers and send a surge of new memories into his mind. He suddenly
remembered getting his degree at university and meeting his boyfriend in
college. He remembered taking education classes and applying for a job as a substitute
teacher. He remembered learning about the sexual anatomy of men and women, and
he had suddenly memorized everything in that textbook. The most powerful
memories, however, were the new memories of her sexual adventures with all the
cute boys that chased her through school.  

              With a
sexy smirk, the new teacher turned around and began to draw on the chalkboard.
As she finished writing her notes for the class, she turned around and called
the class to attention. She felt a rush as the boys in the class began to ogle
her body, and even though she had a boyfriend already, she was exhilarated by
people lusting after her. She sat on the desk and opened her legs slightly,
teasing the boys in the class with a brief view of her crotch before crossing her
legs and pushing her cleavage forward. She knew the boys were drooling over
her, but she had a job to do.

class, pay attention. It’s time to open your books to chapter 1…”