Finding a Girlfriend (TG/AP)

Patrick had been desperately searching for a girlfriend for
a while now. He had little time to play the dating game, however, because he
constantly had to watch his little brother, Ryan. The two brothers were sitting
at home watching TV when Ryan pulled a coin out of his pocket.

Patrick, check out what I found on my way home from school today.” Patrick
ignored his little brother in favor of looking at the dating app he had on his
phone. Ryan, annoyed by Patrick’s indifference, threw the coin onto his brother’s
lap. Patrick picked up the coin and examined it. It was heavily faded, but it
had some words on it in a language he didn’t speak.

you’ve always been good at finding little trinkets like this.” Ryan smiled at
his brother’s compliment. “Heh, I wish you could help me find a girlfriend.”
The coin suddenly flashed a bright white before dissipating into dust in
Patrick’s hand. The dust began to float out of his hand and into Ryan’s hair,
turning it a light brown color.

was that?” the young boy asked.

              “I have
no idea, but- whoa. Your hair…it’s growing!”

reached a hand up and felt his lengthening hair. “What the…my hair is softer
too…” he said in a worried tone. Soon his hair had grown past his ears and down
to the back of his neck. “Patrick, I feel…weird- UGH!” Ryan hunched over
suddenly as his body began to violently expand. Patrick cringed at the sound of
his brother’s bones cracking and popping as Ryan’s body seemed to age 10 years
in a matter of seconds. Ryan’s shoulders widened as his spine extended, all while
his legs grew long and slender. His clothes grew tight around his maturing
body, but before they ripped they began to melt into more something more
fitting. Patrick watched in shock as his brother’s clothes transformed into a
loose black top and a disturbingly short pink skirt. Ryan’s boxers briefly
peaked out from under the skirt, but to the boys’ horror his boxers retracted
beneath the skirt as they transformed into a snug silk thong. Patrick couldn’t
help but notice how smooth his brother’s legs had become, but as he move his
gave up towards Ryan’s hips he noticed his brother’s ass beginning to inflate.
Ryan was lifted an inch off the couch as his buttcheeks expanded, leaving him
with a cute peach shaped behind.

What the FUCK is happening to me?!” he screamed in a feminine tone. Patrick
only responded with stunned silence. He had never heard Ryan cuss before, and
the way he said it was almost arousing. “Patrick?! What did you do to me? What
do I look like a gir- SHIT!” Ryan gasped as his hips cracked outwards, leaving
him with an attractive hourglass figure. “Ohhh fuuuuck…” Ryan moaned as he felt
a strange sensation coming from his crotch. He continued to moan as his member
was swallowed up by the flesh between his legs. He felt an alien emptiness
forming in his abdomen as his reproductive organs turned fully female. He
reached a hand under his skirt and felt the lips of his new pussy with his lengthening
fingernails. He pulled his hand back as a jolt of excitement shot through his
body. He let out another light moan as he shot through puberty in a matter of
seconds. His voice, and his sensual moans, now sounded like that of a horny
teenage girl.

What did you- are you okay?” Patrick asked in a panic.

              “I…I don’t
know. My, uh, boy parts are gone. There’s a weird opening between my legs now,
but it feels REALLY good when I touch it…” Ryan drifted off as he stared at his
crotch again. He wanted to touch it, but the look his brother was giving him
made him uncomfortable. “What’s happening to me?”

coin…I think that coin was magic! And I wished…I wished for you to help me find
a girlfriend. I think you’re becoming my girlfriend…”

Shit!” Ryan screamed as his eyes widened in realization. “No! I’m a boy! I like
video games and cars! And you’re my boyfriend- no! You’re my brother! Fuck, it’s
getting hard to think…” Ryan trailed off again as he felt another tinging
coming from his chest. “Pat, my nipples are getting…hard…” he said as he began
to rub his chest. Patrick continued to look in horror as his brother massaged
his chest. He soon saw two mounds of flesh begin to protrude under Ryan’s loose
black top. Ryan’s new breasts continued to grow larger, filling up his hands
with flesh and pushing his larger nipples up against the black fabric. Patrick
wanted to look away as Ryan’s nipples began to show through the fabric, but he
couldn’t bring himself to look anywhere else. He was growing reluctantly
aroused by his brother’s feminine moaning and breast groping. When his breasts
finally stopped growing, Ryan noticed how his brother was looking at him. To
his surprise, the look Patrick was giving him was actually making him excited
in ways he’d never been excited before. The more he looked at his brother, the
more he wanted him to touch him. “Patrick! Stop staring at me like that! You’re
making it worse!”

it’s just…you’re really hot.” Patrick and Ryan both recoiled at the statement. “I
didn’t mean to say that, I just…it’s getting hard for me to think too.”

you know it’s rude to stare at a woman’s breasts? Wait, no! I’m a boy! I like…uh…makeup…and…clothes…and
cock.” Ryan’s view moved down to his brother’s crotch against his will. He felt
his face cracking and shifting as his lips grew soft and feminine, but all he
could focus on was the growing bulge in his brother’s pants. He broke out in a
sweat as he fought the new desires that were flooding his mind. He didn’t want
to think about his brother’s hardening cock, but it was impossible for him to
avert his gaze. He licked his lips as he imagined putting his mouth around such
a nice cock. He tried one last time to cry out to Patrick for help, but as he
looked up at his brother again, he only saw his boyfriend.

I…I can’t…I can’t wait any longer!” Ryan screamed as he began to give in to his
new desires. “We’ve been dating for months now, but you still haven’t fucked
me. I can see it in your pants, and I want it too. If you want me to stay your
girlfriend, you better show me you’re worth it.”

stared at his brother…no, his girlfriend, Ruby, as his mind began to accept the
changes. For some reason, he still felt like having sex with her was wrong, but
his worries were put to rest when she rubbed a hand over his pants and teased
his throbbing cock. He stood up as she laid back on the couch, presenting
herself in a most arousing manner and moaning in anticipation. Patrick smiled
as the fog in his mind subsided. He sure was happy to have Ruby as a