The Toy (TG/AP)

             Ben was home alone when he found the toy. He had no idea
what it was, but he found it while rummaging through his parents’ closet
looking for the 3DS his parents had taken away from him. It looked like a pink
egg with a cord at the bottom that connected it to a remote with a dial on it.
He took it into the living room and sat on the couch before he began to fiddle
with it. He flicked a switch on the remote and felt the egg suddenly start
vibrating. He stared at it for a bit before turning it off. “What a boring toy,”
he thought to himself. Just as he was about to stand up and put it back where
he found it, he felt a slight shock come from the remote and course through his
body. His entire body quickly began to tingle and heat up before starting to
grow. His shoulders widened while his spine extended, making his Star Wars
t-shirt tighten and lift high enough to expose his midriff. He looked down at
his body in shock as it continued to grow. His legs thickened and grew longer,
causing his pants to grow tight. In an effort to keep them from tearing, he
tore his pants off and kicked them away. He stared at his legs as they grew
smooth and feminine, indicating to him that he wasn’t growing up into an adult

               He felt
another rush of energy hit his butt as it too began to expand. His inflating
asscheeks swallowed up his tiny boxers, putting more pressure on his groin.
Before he could even reach for his underwear, his boxers transformed into a
pair of tight fitting white panties. He moaned as the new panties forced his prepubescent
member into his body, squirming at the sensation of his reproductive organs
moving around and becoming active. A flood of horniness washed over him as he shot
through puberty, and by the time his groin had finished transforming all that
was left was a moistening clit underneath his panties. He immediately wanted to
touch his new sex, but the sight of his family portrait in the living room
snapped him back to reality. He stood up, now at least a foot and a half taller
than he was previously. He wanted to run to the phone to call his parents, but
before he could move he felt his hips burst outwards to childbearing
proportions. He ran his mature feminine hands over his new curves, confirming
that he wasn’t dreaming. Another jolt came from his chest, and he lifted his
shirt just in time to see his nipples growing larger. He gently touched one out
of curiosity and moaned as it sent alien pleasures coursing through his rapidly
maturing body. The wave of pleasure caused an image of his father to pop into
his mind, and it was then that Ben realized exactly what was happening.

screamed in terror at the thought of becoming his mother, but the scream
quickly devolved into a groan of pleasure as his chest began to push outwards.
Two mounds of flesh pushed their way out from behind his nipples, and as he
groped one another image flashed into his mind. This time, the image was of a
baby suckling on one of her tits. Ben forced the image out of his head and
tried his best not to think about it, but the thought of his new nipples being
teased only made him more aroused. He glanced at the family portrait again,
this time noticing how toned his mother’s arms were. He looked back at his own
changing arms as an attractive layer of muscle formed under his skin. He had
more thoughts of going to the gym and going on a diet in order to look more
attractive for his father. He desperately tried to think of something else, but
the only thing he was able to conjure in his mind was an image of his father
caressing his ass. The thoughts he was having caused his new pussy to throb
uncontrollably, and eventually he couldn’t ignore it anymore. He looked at the
toy sitting on the couch and immediately knew that it was a vibrator. More
importantly, he knew that it was his vibrator. He didn’t want to give in, but
his new desires wouldn’t let him think of anything else. He picked it up,
flicked it on, and gently pressed the vibrating portion to his dripping pussy.

               He laid
back on the couch as more alien pleasures wracked his body. He wanted to stop,
but it felt too good, and he couldn’t help but see this through to the climax.
As he convulsed on the couch, memories of sex flooded his mind. Much to his
disdain, knowledge of how to please his father came to the forefront of his
mind. He suddenly knew how to give a blowjob, and knew exactly how good it felt
for his father’s facial hair to tickle her clit. As he edged closer and closer
to his first orgasm, he couldn’t help but picture his father throwing him on
the bed and thrusting his cock into him. His hand instinctively crept up to his
chest and began to massage one of his breasts, increasing the pleasure and
causing him to lose himself even further in masturbation. He felt his hair
tumble down to his shoulders as his face cracked and shifted, leaving him with
his own mother’s beautiful face. His checks grew flush as his face contorted
into a look of ecstasy. He began to sweat as the vibrating grew more intense.
He closed his eyes and moaned as his mother’s name began to replace his in his
own mind.

*huff* am *huff* Ben…” he spoke between gasps. “I- I am not my mothe- ohhhh
fuuuckkk!” He screamed as an orgasm exploded through his body. He felt his
panties soaking the juices flowing from his pussy as the stench of sex filled
the room. He had never felt pleasure like this before, and the intensity of it
cause his mind to morph. Memories of meeting his best friend in kindergarten
transformed into memories of meeting her husband in college. Thoughts of
playing video games became thoughts of watching movies with her husband on the
very couch she just came all over. His dream of getting a first kiss became a
memory of kissing her husband on her wedding day. Years of life flooded his
mind, and his youth was replaced with a sense of motherhood.

opened her eyes and looked at the mess she had made. She felt embarrassed, but
thankfully her son and husband were out of the house for enough time for her to
clean up. She stared at the family portrait and reminisced about giving birth
to her only child, Ben. She was filled with a maternal sense of accomplishment
as she remembered the difficulties of raising a child. Her eyes then drifted to
her husband, Richard. She felt her clit moisten again as she stared at the
handsome man she married. She grabbed the phone and dialed her husband. After
what she just experienced, she just had to thank him for buying her this new