Smoking Age (TG/AP

Brandon followed his older brother, Richard, into the gas station. “I’ll take a pack of Camels,” Richard said to the attendant, “and a lotto ticket.”

“Rich, don’t you know how bad cigarettes are for you?” Brandon said innocently.

“Look, Mom and Dad said I had to watch you after school today, but I’m still hanging out with my friends and my friends like cigarettes.” Rich and Brandon left the store and began to walk towards the park that Richard and his friends hung out at. Rich pulled a smoke out of the pack and lit it, inhaling deeply and blowing out a cloud of smoke. Brandon coughed a little at the stench and waved the smoke away from his face. Richard jokingly offered his 13 year old brother a smoke, though Brandon didn’t find the gesture that funny. Soon they were at the park and Richard went around greeting all of his friends. He handed each of them a cigarette and began to pass the lighter around.

“Stuck with your little bro, huh Rich?” said one of the boys as he exhaled smoke.

“Yeah, I got babysitting duty today.” Brandon looked around at the older boys nervously. He was clearly unwanted there, and he felt it. As the smoke thickened around him, he began to cough a little. The boys chuckled lightly at Brandon’s coughing fit.

“Hey,” another boy started, “at least you’ll be used to this smoke by the time you’re old enough to buy a pack.”

“Honestly,” Brandon said, “I wish I knew why you guys like this stuff.” As he continued to inhale the secondhand smoke, Brandon began to feel a little lightheaded. He hadn’t noticed yet, but he was slowly beginning to grow taller. He coughed again, but when he looked down at his pants, he noticed that they seemed shorter than usual. Curious, he looked at his shirt only to notice that his sleeves also seemed shorter than usual. He continued to grow unnoticed by anyone in the group. He tugged on his brother’s sleeve to get his attention, but Richard ignored him. “Richard, something doesn’t feel right.”

“You’re probably just tired,” Richard said as he blew another puff of smoke in Brandon’s direction. As Brandon inhaled again, the changes began to accelerate. Soon Brandon was he same height as his brother. As his shirt continued to tighten against his growing body, he felt a heat beginning to build under his skin. As he began to sweat, he removed his shirt completely. This caught the attention of the entire group.

“Hey, Rich, is your brother okay?” one of them asked.

“Yeah, he’s fine. Don’t worry about hi- Brandon!?” Richard exclaimed as he saw Brandon standing there, older and shirtless. “What the fuck happened to you?”

“I don’t know!” Brandon cried. “I suddenly started feeling really hot and the- oh!” he exclaimed as he grabbed his chest. “Fuck!” he yelled as two mounds of flesh began to grow from his chest. Richard was taken aback, both by his little brother’s sudden grown spurt and his language. Brandon had always been the golden child of the family, so hearing him swear told Richard that something was seriously off. Brandon began to moan as his new breasts continued to grow. When they finally stopped growing, he gave them a squeeze to see if they were real, and inadvertently send a surge of alien pleasure through his changing body. He tried to withhold another moan, but to no avail. His exposed midriff began to harden into a sexy core as his hips began to sway uncontrollably. The boys of the group, though horrified, were also becoming slightly aroused by Brandon’s rapidly maturing body. Brandon ran his hands down his midriff, feeling his smooth skin and widening hips. He reached behind and grabbed his ass as he felt a tingling sensation emanating from his butt cheeks. His butt grew until it took on a peach-like shape.

“Please,” Brandon half cried, half moaned, “someone help…” Richard could only look on in terror as his little brother grew older and more feminine. Brandon’s moaning grew higher pitched as he felt an emptiness begin to form in his lower abdomen. His internal organs soon made way for a womb as his penis folded into itself, leaving behind a rapidly moistening pussy. He felt an uncontrollable need to touch his new sex organ and was unable to stop himself from plunging a hand down his pants and sticking a finger between his new folds. He continued to moan as he pleasured himself in front of the group, much to the horror of his older brother. As he rubbed his clit, he felt his thighs thicken and his calves harden. Intoxicated by sensations he’d never felt before, he reached his free hand up to his head and ran his fingers through his now lengthening hair. He closed his eyes as his hair grew long and messy, covering his face entirely. As he screamed in orgasm, he felt a flood of estrogen enter his brain. His eyes rolled back into his skull as his face, covered by his hair, morphed into that of a 21 year old sex goddess.

The entire group watched in silence, except for Brandon’s heavy breathing, as he removed his hand from his pants and brushed his hair back to reveal his new face. “Brandon?” Richard asked hesitantly.

“Richard? What happened to me?!” Brandon exclaimed in his new voice. He was still reeling from his orgasm and it was difficult to think clearly. He looked around at all the boys and their awestruck faces. Suddenly, he felt a craving he’d never felt before. He wanted a cigarette. One of the boys got up and pulled a scarf from his backpack. He approached Brandon, cigarette still in mouth, and began to place the scarf around Brandon. As the boy approached, Brandon felt another new craving beginning to build. He blushed a little as the boy reached around his exposed body and laid the scarf over his nipples. He inhaled deeply as the burning cigarette got closer and closer to his face. He looked at the burning thing hanging out of the boy’s mouth and tried to remember how much he hated the smell, but was unable to remember a time when he didn’t want a smoke. He looked at Richard in a desperate attempt to keep his old self alive, but the longer he looked at his older brother, the more he began to forget about their relationship. It wasn’t long before the hormonal changes ran their course.

Without warning, Brandon grabbed the boy in front of her and passionately locked lips with him. He had given in to his transformation, and the kiss flooded the boy with new memories as well. The boy suddenly remembered that the two of them had been dating for a few months now as they continued to make out. As the girl pulled away, she plucked the lit cigarette from the boy’s mouth and took a drag. She exhaled smoke out her nose as she turned to look at Richard.

“Thanks for buying us all smokes, Rich.” she said in a sultry tone.

“Brandon, what are you doing?!” Richard said in shock.

“Brandon? C’mon man, I know we’ve only known each other for a few weeks now, but you could at least call me Brittany. Ya know, my real name?” the girl said sarcastically. She walked up to Richard and put her arms around his neck as she leaned in and whispered, “Listen, if you want to meet up with me later I could make it worth your time. You’re kinda cute. Don’t forget the smokes.” Brittany turned to the boy again and took another drag of the cigarette. “Come on, baby. We’ve spent enough time smoking cigs out here. There’s something else I want to put in my mouth now.”