Today’s the Day! (TG/AP)

Today was the big day. Suzy’s brother was getting married and everyone had already filled the church in preparation for the ceremony. Suzy’s 14 year old nephew, Greg, was sitting in one of the pews with his phone out. He tapped away at the keyboard, trying to pass the time until the ceremony, which should have started 15 minutes ago, to pass. After 20 minutes had passed, Greg decided to get up and go to the bathroom. At the same time, Suzy caught word of her brother’s fiance deciding to run away at the last second. Fearing her brother would never be able to live down the embarrassment of being stood up on his own wedding day, she ran out of the church to grab her purse in the reception area. As she was running, she bumped into Greg as we was walking out of the bathroom. Suzy blew past Greg without saying a word. Curious about his aunt’s hurry, Greg decided to follow her. Once they reached the reception room, Suzy reached into her purse and pulled out an old shriveled monkey’s paw.

“Aunt Suzy,” he said,“ what is that thing?” Suzy looked at Greg, not realizing he had followed her.

“Erhm…well, it’s a monkey’s paw. You know the old folktale that says they can grant wishes? I bought one from a Gypsy while I was in Europe.”

“You don’t actually believe in any of that, do you?” he questioned.

“No, but I started carrying it around with me just in case.” Hearing this, Greg began to look at his aunt like she was crazy. “Oh well, can’t hurt to try…” she said as she clasped both hands around the paw and held it up. “I wish for my brother’s wedding to not be ruined.”

Greg and Suzy both felt a pulse of energy come from the monkey’s paw as a decrepit finger curled. Greg then began to feel a tingling sensation spread across his body. The tingling intensified right before Greg felt his bones shift and pop as he grew about six inches. He looked over at his aunt, and she looked back in shock. “Auzy Suzy?! What just happened?!” She just stared in awe as her nephew continued to change. He held his longer arms out in front of his face as he watched his fingers grow. His hands tensed as his fingernails lengthened and grew manicured. Then, Greg watched in horror as a silver ring materialized around his ring finger.

“Aunt Suzy! Please, take your wish back! I don’t want to be a bride!” Suzy stood frozen as she realized what she’d done. Greg’s skin took on an olive tan as his clothes began to morph. His button-down shirt began to fuse with his khakis as they constricted around his changing body. The pant legs fused as they turned a pure white and began to sprout frills. The dress split open at the, giving him and his aunt a view of his changing legs. His thighs thickened as his calves grew toned. Greg watched in horror as his black dress shoes began to change into silver, open-faced high heels. He shot up another 4 inches in height as his heels extended. He grunted as the bones in his feet cracked and shifted themselves to fit his new shoes. His clothes finished their transformation into a flowing white gown as a variety of silver bracelets materialized around his wrists.

“Greg, I’m…I’m sorry. I didn’t know.” Suzy cried. Greg wanted to say something, but instead let out a soft moan as his genitals began to change. He put his hands over his crotch and tried to grab his dick. Without warning, he felt his member suddenly slip inside him, leaving behind a curiously warm clit. His boxers tightening and changing into silk panties tickled his new sex organ, sending alien feelings throughout his body. He groaned again as his hips expanded to childbearing proportions with a pop. His internal organs shifted around as a fertile new womb appeared within him. A flood of sensations suddenly assaulted his chest as his nipples began to grow. He reached up and grabbed his chest as globs of flesh began to fill his hands. He looked down at his growing cleavage as two beautiful breasts expanded and filled out the dress.

“Why…” Greg whimpered as he looked down at his nearly finished body. He coughed and grabbed his neck as his throat began to constrict. He gasped for and and inhaled deeply before exhaling, noticing that he sounded a lot more womanly now. “Please,” he cried in his new feminine voice, “I don’t want to marry my dad. Please stop this.”

“I don’t know how.” Suzy said. Greg felt another tingling coming from his earlobes as extravagant earrings appeared in his now pierced ears. He grabbed his head as he felt his hair begin to tumble down past his shoulders. Finally, his skull cracked and popped as his bone structure transformed into that of his dad’s fiance. As makeup applied itself to his face, Greg wanted to cry. He wanted to call for his dad, but as the thought of his father entered his head he suddenly found that he had new memories of his father. He remembered his father taking him on dates, buying him dinner, and proposing to him.

“NO!” Greg screamed, grabbing his head. “I don’t remember this things! I don’t want to be her!” Suddenly, the church organ began to play. As the music echoed in Greg’s head, it became harder to think back. Memories of hanging out after school slowly changed into memories of going on dates with all the jocks at school. His memories of shopping for video games turned into memories of her shopping for the perfect wedding dress. Greg tried thinking of his father again, only to think of how cute he was and how elated she was when he proposed to her.

“Please, help me – unf!” Greg moaned as he cut himself off. The church music continued to play as Greg’s eyes rolled into his head. Memories of passionate kisses in the rain began to entrench themselves into his mind. As he thought more about his father, he felt his nipples harden under the dress. As Greg gave fully in to Suzy’s wish, memories of sleepless nights with her fiance engulfed him.

Rose opened her eyes and stared at Suzy. “Oh my god! The day is finally here!” the new girl said with an excited tone. “I guess that music means it’s time for me to walk. I can’t wait to see my husband!” Suzy stared in shock as her former nephew twirled around in her dress and ran towards the church auditorium. As she watched the new woman walk down the aisle and passionately kiss her fiance, her former nephew’s own father, she shuddered at the thought of ever using the monkey’s paw again.