Work From Home (TG/AP)

was stressed out. She was a single mother working a full time job at a
corporate office, and her boss was constantly flirting with her. He wasn’t ugly
or anything, but she just wasn’t ready for another relationship after her old
boyfriend left her. Her son, Jake, was thankfully old enough now to stay home
alone after he walked home from school. It was nearing the end of the workday
when Jenny received an email about a rush assignment she had to take care of.
She sighed as the read the assignment, knowing that this would take a few hours
at least and that she would be leaving work late again. She put her face into
her palms and thought about what her son was doing right now. He was probably
sitting in the living room and watching cartoons. She missed the days where she
could do nothing but read and watch TV all day. Thinking about how much she
just wanted to be home, she whispered, “I wish I was Jake right now.” She felt
a cool breeze rush through her office as she uttered the words. Suddenly, a
bright flash blinded her, and when she regained her vision she was sitting in
her living room with cartoons on the TV.

              Jake was
taken aback by the flash of light. One second, he was watching Cartoon Network
in his living room, the next he was in an office, staring at a computer monitor
with some emails and a spreadsheet open. He looked at the rest of the desk and
saw a nameplate with his mother’s name on it. Realizing he was in his mom’s
office, he was about to pick up the phone and try calling her cell, but as he
reached forward he felt his bones pop and snap as his arm lurched forward,
growing at an incredible rate. The changes ran down his arm and spread to the
rest of his body, aging him by about 16 years in a matter of seconds. He sat up
in the chair, shocked by his sudden growth spurt. With another crack, his hips
jutted outwards to childbearing proportions. He looked down at his clothes as
they began to morph from jeans and a t-shirt to a feminine business attire. A
nice black top covered a button down shirt while his jeans retracted up his
legs, becoming a tight, black business skirt. He felt a tingling in his groin
as his boxers tightened into a purple thong, squeezing his member and causing
him to squirm in the seat. With a sudden slurp, he felt his member retract into
his body, relieving the pressure on his groin and leaving him with a strange
feeling opening between his legs. He felt a weird gurgling come from his
stomach as his organs shifted around, making room for a rapidly maturing female
reproductive system. He looked down at his crotch and lifted up his new skirt,
revealing the purple thong hugging his tight new clit. Curious, he reached up
his skirt and poked his new sex, quivering as it sent unknown pleasures though
his body.

w- what’s happening to me?” Jake said, noticing how much his voice sounded like
his mother’s. He looked up at the desk and saw a picture of himself standing
with his mom and realized that his mom always wore the same outfit to work. The
clothes he was wearing now were his mother’s. He began to panic at the
realization, only to feel his ass begin to inflate. His growing butt cheeks
swallowed up the thong and made the skirt even tighter. He squeezed a cheek,
briefly admiring how supple it was, before regaining his mindset and standing
up. He was about to run for the door and try to find someone to help him, but a
sudden tingling on his chest stopped him in his tracks. His nipples were
suddenly rubbing against a silk bra that materialized beneath his shirt,
sending alien sensations through his maturing body. His new ovaries suddenly
released a flood of hormones into his body, causing him to shoot through
puberty as two massive breasts began to fill his bra. His spine cracked
inwards, giving him a feminine arch and helping him balance the new weight
hanging off his chest. He moaned reluctantly, disturbed by the sounds of his
mother’s moans coming out of his mouth. He looked down at his new cleavage and
wanted to cry. He didn’t want to be his mom, but everything about this body
felt so good. He began to feel a wetness growing in his panties as the hormones
continued to flood his body. He looked back at the picture of him and his
mother when he noticed some strands of blonde hair tumbling into his vision. He
brushed his hair back instinctively, shaping it behind his ears as it grew past
his neck. His face cracked and softened, and without needing a mirror, Jake
knew that his physical transformation was now complete. Trying to remain as
calm as possible, he grabbed his mom’s purse and began to look for her cell
phone. He noticed her wallet and saw her driver’s license poking out of it. He
picked it up and stared at it, looking at the picture of his mother and
realizing that it was him now. New memories began to enter his mind the longer
he stared at it, like the memory of taking the driving test to get the license,
then waiting in line for hours at the DMV to renew it. Jake quickly threw the
purse down, realizing that it was changing him mentally. He didn’t know what to
do. The thought of having his mother’s mind terrified him. He was a boy, a kid,
and he didn’t want to be an adult yet, let alone a woman. Suddenly, he heard a
knock on the office door. A middle-aged man walked in, and Jake immediately
knew that it was his mother’s boss. Jake stared at him, noticing his sharp
facial structure and the lightly greying hair on his head. Jake didn’t want to,
but he couldn’t help imagining what this man looked like with his shirt off.
Jake blushed and looked away, trying not to make eye contact with him.

Jenny. Looks like it’s just you and me tonight.” He spoke with a deep,
commanding voice. Jake felt the wetness in his crotch intensifying against his
will. He felt his heart beginning to beat faster, but he didn’t know why.

Jake said nervously. “I should, uh, get back to work.”

the rush? Nobody is going to check in on us. Plus, I see the way you’ve been
staring at me, and I know you’ve seen me staring at you.”

              “I don’t
know wha- what you’re t-talking about.” Jake was growing more nervous by the

on, Jenny. You’ve already blown me, and I hope you haven’t forgotten that time
I fingered you at the office party.”

you -oooh,” Jake began to feel woozy as more memories entered his mind. Images
flashed of him kneeling and sucking this man’s cock, and memories of this man
fingering him sent shivers up his spine. Jake was disgusted with himself, but
the pleasure that came with these new memories were causing him to feel weird.
Suddenly, he felt a desire to unzip this guy’s pants and shove his cock into
his mouth. The muscle memory of giving a blowjob forced its way into his head,
as did the need to satisfy his dripping pussy. He wanted to fight it, but the
hormones flooding his body continued to rewrite his personality. He began to
sweat as he thought about this handsome man, his boss, fucking him right in
this office.

              “I see
it on your face, Jenny. You want this as bad as I do.” The man unzipped his
pants and Jake watched in awe as his cock grew stiff.

              “I don’t
think you- I’m not who you think- whoa!” Jake screamed as the man grabbed him
and threw him against the wall. He reached around and began to undress Jake,
teasing his sensitive breasts and causing him to cry a bit. He knew this was
wrong, but it felt so good. The rougher this man was, the more Jake liked it.
He began to moan as the man teased his clit with his fingers. With an
aggressive motion, the man tore off Jake’s skirt and plunged his dick into
Jake’s soaking pussy. Jake screamed, lost in ecstasy as his new sex was filled.
He thought of his mother as the man continued to pound him, losing focus on his
old self and letting the thoughts of his mother take over. His entire life was
now hers, and with each thrust Jake’s memories became one of his mother’s.

Jenny, I’ve waited so long for this!” the man said between grunts. That name
echoed through Jake’s mind, forcing the name Jake to the back. She was Jenny,
and Jake was her son.

              “Me too!
You feel amazing…holy shit!” Jenny moaned, pressed up against the office wall.
“Oh, ooh, OOOOOOOH!” She screamed as she came. He grunted in pleasure at the
same time, shooting his load into her and squeezing her breasts. She looked
down and breathed deeply, watching the juices run down her thighs. “That was
amazing. I can’t believe we waiting this long.”

              “I know,
but let’s keep this a secret, okay? People around the office will get
suspicious if they know you’re fucking your boss,” the man said with a wink. “How’s
a raise sound, though? You could buy your son something nice.”

great,” Jenny said, buttoning her top. “I guess I’ll see you tomorrow night

bet,” he said as he walked out, closing the door behind him. She looked over
herself and smiled. It had been so long since she had sex ever since her ex
left her with a son. Still, she never blamed Jake for her life. She loved him,
and was excited to let him know that mommy got a raise at work. She heard a
buzz come from her purse as a text arrived on her phone. It read:

Mom, I know you’re working late again tonight, but do you think you could pick
dinner up on the way home? Love, Jake”

               She smiled as she finished putting her clothes
back on. She couldn’t wait to get home and spend some time with her son, but moreover
she couldn’t wait until her boss wanted to ravish her again tomorrow.

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