A Matter of Faith (TG/AP)

Matt pleaded with his older brother, Josh, to go with him to the comic convention. “Sorry, Matt,” Josh began, “but you’re just too young. Plus, all of my friends are cosplaying, and you don’t even have a costume.”

Matt folded his arms in defeat and ran to his room to pout. He slammed his head into his pillow and wished for a way to go to comic-con with his brother. As he lifted his head out of his pillow, he noticed something fall from his dresser. It was a red, fingerless glove. He looked at it curiously as he knew he didn’t own anything like that. He walked over and slipped it over his hand. It was too big for his childish hands, but that was about to change. With a jolt of energy, he suddenly felt his heart begin to pound. He looked at the glove again and noticed that his fingernails were beginning to lengthen. Suddenly, he felt soft cracks and pops coming from his hands as they grew longer and wider to fit the glove. The cracks continued up his arms as they elongated to adult proportions. He felt his arms tense as lean muscle began to form under his skin. He began to freak out as the changes continued across his shoulders, broadening them to that of a slim 20 year old. His torso expanded as he felt more pops coming from his spine, leaving him at a modest 5’6. He watched in terror as his ribs pressed up underneath his pale skin. He ran out of his room and onto his apartment’s balcony in an effort to hide his transformation from his brother.

As he ran, he could feel his cloths beginning to morph. His shorts grew into white khakis as he felt his legs lengthen. He dropped to one knee as his legs tensed up from the rapid muscle growth. He couldn’t move his legs, but beneath them he felt his feet shifting and popping as they adapted themselves for freerunning. His socks tickled his feet as they transformed into thin, red and black runners shoes. He reached his arms to the ground, still not used to their length, and looked over his now adult body. Before he could reason why these changes had happened, he felt a surge of alien pleasure emanate from his chest. He watched in shock as his shirt morphed into a black tanktop, giving him a perfect view of his growing cleavage. Two mounds of flesh began to push their way out from underneath the tanktop as the new sensations coming from his nipples sent shivers down his spine. At the same time, he felt his butt beginning to expand. His butt cheeks pressed tightly against his new pants, tightening the cloth around his crotch. As his breasts and ass finished growing, he suddenly felt an empty feeling in his abdomen. With a suddenly gush of pleasure, his groin folded into his body and transformed into a fully functioning womb.

Still reeling from the flood of new sensations, Matt hadn’t even noticed that his hair was now jet black and reached his neck. He instinctively reached his gloved hand up to his head, and as the glove made contact with his skull a rush of adrenaline coursed through him. His pupils dilated as his eyes took on an Asian slant. His facial structure became that of oriental descent, with light features and sharp cheekbones. As tattoos began to appear on his skin, the adrenaline was causing him to think of his most adventurous desires. He looked at the city and wanted to run. He was losing all memories of himself as he continued to think about what made his heart pound. Fighting. Running. Fucking. But then, as he looked over at his brother who had come out onto the balcony, he remembered who he was. At least, for a moment. He wanted to call out to his brother for help, but the longer he looked at his brother, the more a dull heat began to grow in his crotch. He tried to remember all the times he and his brother played together, but he could only find the memory of when Josh first asked him out. When he tried to think of his parents, he could only remember two Asian immigrants who had started a successful business in the city. The new Asian girl stared lustfully at Josh, fighting internally to remain his little brother.

“Hey, Yuki, are you ready to go to the con?” Josh asked. Upon hearing that name, the Matt lost control of the growing lust in his pants and leaped at Josh, wrapping her arms and legs around him and locking into a deep, passionate kiss with her boyfriend. She moaned lightly as Josh slipped his hand into her pants and began to slide his fingers in and out of her new clit. He moved faster as she moaned louder and higher until she lost herself in orgasm. The two lovers laid on their backs, basking in the afterglow and staring at each other. Without saying another word, they both knew that this was going to be a great convention.