Vacation Forever (TG/AP)

was on vacation with his family on the beach. They had been saving up for a
Hawaii vacation for a few years now, and they even pulled Mitch out of school
for a week to take this vacation. They had been staying in a beachside hotel for
a few days now, but Mitch was already thinking about having to go back to
school in a few days and he was growing depressed. One sunny day, while his
parents fell asleep tanning on the beach, he walked down the shoreline and
stared out at the ocean. He never wanted to leave this place, but short of
running away, he knew he would have to go back home eventually. While walking
along the beach, he came across a young man skipping seashells across the
ocean. He tried to walk by without being noticed, but the man turned and
beckoned Mitch over.

you lost?” he asked with a slight islander accent.

Mitch replied. “My family is back on the main beach, but I just wanted to be
alone for a while and appreciate this place. This is my first time seeing the
ocean. It’s beautiful.”

Yes it is.” He replied. “You’re not from here?”

Mitch said sadly. “I wish I was though. I wish I never had to leave this place.”

Maybe I can help with that,” the man said with a smirk. He pulled something out
of his pocket and tossed it at Mitch. Surprised, Mitch didn’t have time to
react and the object hooked itself into Mitch’s hair.

what is this?” he asked.

just a souvenir to help you remember the island…” the man said with a sinister
tone. Mitch reached up to pull it out of his hair, but as he raised his hand he
noticed that his hand looked far more tan than usual. The tan color quickly
spread across his body, covering him in smooth, olive skin.

the he- ack!” Mitch screamed as his body began to grow. His spine cracked
beneath his skin as he rapidly gained height. His shoulders popped outwards as
his hips expanded, growing into a mature feminine frame. He looked down at his
tan body as it continued to grow, becoming muscular and toned as it matured.
His legs extended as his thighs thickened, squeezing his boy parts and making
him uncomfortable. The man looked over Mitch’s changing body, impressed with
how the boy was turning out.  Mitch’s
spine cracked again as his chest was forced outwards, throwing him off balance
and causing cute dimples to appear right above his butt. He felt his nipples beginning
to change, growing larger and more sensitive as they darkened and protruded out
of his chest. The man splashed some ocean water on Mitch, causing him to let
out a feminine moan as the water ran down his changing chest. With a sudden
burst, two supple mounds of flesh grew out of his chest and hung freely,
jiggling as Mitch gasped in shock. He reached up to cup them with his hands and
cooed as they sent a ticklish pleasure through his body. He couldn’t help
giving his breasts another squeeze, moaning again at the feeling, but quickly
looked back at the man who was doing this to him.

what’s happening to me?” He said in a panicked female voice.

said you wanted to stay here forever. I live here, and I’m looking for a wife.
Sounds like a win-win to me, kid.” The man continued to ogle Mitch as his
transformation progressed. Mitch’s eyes widened in terror as the man spoke. He
didn’t want to give up his old life for this. He especially didn’t want to be a
girl, let alone some random guy’s wife. He wanted to scream, but as he looked
at the man again, he couldn’t help but notice how attractive the man looked. He
had long, flowing hair, and an extremely cut body. For some reason, Mitch
suddenly knew that the man was a professional surfer. Snapping out of it, Mitch
turned and tried to run back to his parents, but he felt the man grab his arm
before he could escape.

you’re not done yet,” the man said as he teased one of Mitch’s new breasts.
Mitched couldn’t help but moan, and as he did, he felt the man scoop him off
the ground and lay him onto the shore. The man was strong, and for some reason
feeling the man’s muscles against his body was making him excited in ways he’d
never been before. Mitch felt the waves roll up and break against his butt,
causing his butt to inflate and shape itself into an ass that would make any
woman jealous. The man lightly slapped Mitch’s growing ass, causing Mitch to
reluctantly blush. He knew this wasn’t right. He liked girls, he was a boy, and
this guy was a total stranger. As the ocean water rushed up his swimsuit and
covered his groin, he felt another strange sensation beginning to come from his
crotch. The waves continued to force water up his swim trunks, and with each
wave he felt his member retract further into his body. With one final crash,
his member shot upwards into his abdomen, leaving him with a fully female reproductive
system and a tight, soaking pussy. He moaned as his genital transformation completed,
his new sex sending alien pleasures coursing through his body. The man felt
Mitch shiver in ecstasy and knew that the transformation was almost complete.

              “Almost done,
honey.” He said, leaning in and brushing Mitch’s growing hair out of his face.
Mitch’s eyes widened as he made eye contact with the man, a look of fear
appearing on Mitch’s face as he tried to fight the final changes. He felt his
hair grow far past his shoulders and into the water. The tide swirled his lengthening
hair around his body, tickling his back as it danced. His face shifted and
cracked, becoming that of a native islander while growing both mature and

you go,” the man said alluringly as Mitch’s physical transformation completed. “Now,
let’s make this marriage official.”

this isn’t what I wante- whoa!” Mitch screamed as the man ripped off Mitch’s
swim trunks. Mitch looked down at his new vagina, admiring how smooth and tight
it was. He knew it was wrong, but memories of shaving and waxing his body began
to flood his mind. The man tore off his own shorts too, revealing a
surprisingly thick cock. Mitch watched the man’s cock engorge, mesmerized and
terrified by its growth. He knew what was coming next and almost welcomed it,
though parts of his mind were still trying to fight. He was about to scream one
last time for his parents, but as he opened his mouth the man thrust his
massive dick into Mitch’s pussy. Mitch screamed, but not in terror. A pleasure
unlike anything he had ever felt washed over his body like the ocean tide. He
closed his eyes and moaned as the man continued to thrust in and out, filling
him in ways that he didn’t know he wanted to be filled. As the man’s cock
filled his new sex, Mitch found it harder and harder to fight the new memories entering
his mind. This man was his husband, and they had just been married a few days
ago. He went to school and recently graduated from the University of Hawaii.
That’s where he met Brody, his husband. But, this was..wrong.

Please!” Mitch screamed between moans. “My…my family…my friends…”

we’re family now! Your friends all came to the wedding!” Brody said as he
continued to thrust.

Mitch said, struggling to remember who he was. Brody leaned in closed enough
for Mitch to feel his breath on his face. Brody was so cute and so nice, but he
was a boy, and Mitch was just a kid. Mitch moved his hands down his body, as if
he was going to push Brody off of him, but Brody just smiled and said:

              “Mai, I
love you.”

mind was flooded with the name Mai. Memories of a different childhood,
different parents, and a different life replaced his own. He tried to fight it,
but as Brody locked lips with him, he returned the favor and embraced his new
life. The new girl leaned in to the kiss and shot her tongue into his mouth,
passionately teasing his tongue as their lips rubbed against each other. He
pulled back as she moaned louder. “More!” she screamed, closing her eyes as she
approached her climax. With a few final thrusts, Brody and Mai both orgasmed
together. Mai moaned as she felt her lover’s cum explode into her, leaving a
warm, soothing feeling in her pussy. Brody pulled his dick out and quickly
washed it off in the ocean before laying next to his beautiful wife. The looked
each other in the eye as he brushed her hair out of her face. She smiled,
basking in the glow of both the sun and her lover’s embrace. She looked down
the beach and saw some tourists getting up to leave. She giggled at the thought
of them watching her and Brody fuck, but that’s what she loved about the beach.
She had never felt more free. After a few more minutes laying in the water, the
couple got up and began to walk back to Brody’s house. As they walked back to
the house, Mai thought about the bit of cum still dripping out of her pussy.
She rubbed her belly and smiled at Brody, wondering what kind of father Brody
would be, and what kind of mother she would be.