Stripped Away (Stripper TG AP Paycomic Preview)

Aaron and Terry are best friends hanging out one day after high school. Aaron sees a TikTok about strippers and decides to pester Terry’s older sister about why she started stripping. Fed up with Aaron’s condescending line of questioning, she leaves to get one of her friends to cast a life changing hex on the ignorant teen. Now, Aaron will have to perform his own strip show if he ever wants to become a boy again…

My longest comic yet again! This time coming in at 225+ pages! I really wanted to follow these characters after the transformation, so this comic spends a lot of time looking at how everyone reacts to the changes, not just the subject of the transformation. Don’t worry, though, there’s still plenty of sweaty clothes ripping, breast expansion, dripping orifices, and hot, steamy sex scenes!

I probably won’t do another comic this long for a while. I loved working on this, but it took quite a bit longer to finish than any other comic I’ve done. I like fleshing out these characters, but I also know plenty of folks come here and want to get right to the “good parts.”

Still, let me know if you like these longer stories!